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Monday, December 26, 2016

No Place Like Home for the Holidays

It's still bittersweet for us, but we're together trying to celebrate as best as we can.  Faithful friends have dropped by to wish us all Christmakah Greetings.  Daddy is coping much better and the stress has diminished somewhat since we all returned.  Santa came bringing presents (someone was worried he wouldn't know we moved).  Daddy assured that Santa would find us and he was right as usual.

Too bad the elf on the shelf seemed to have vanished in the move.  Perhaps it went to the North Pole to inform Santa of the move and just never returned?  (Good riddance).

We're celebrating Hanukkah, and lighting candles each night but it really feels like something we feel we should do rather than wanting and enjoying doing it.  It'll be easier next year, we hope.  The Menorah sits on a smallish table in the otherwise empty dining room, Daddy moved it there to prevent people from walking and bumping into the chandelier.

Not too much in the way of kinky fun going on around here, not that it's expected.  Daddy did have mouse resume her morning oral service to him.  He also asked that she review her list of expectations with a stern warning all apply.  Corsets are back (bah humbug), and so are weekly enemas and the daily plug that does soothe mouse.  Also he's again banned all processed and junk foods, so if mouse wants a tortilla chip, she'd better figure out how to make tortillas and go from there.  He also intimated that he's going to start putting mouse on an exercise schedule.  Oh joy.  Yes, during our time apart mouse has gained a little weight -- too little exercise and too much time eating the wrong foods.

Thank you friends!  Merriest of Merries and here's hoping for a wonderful and welcoming 2017.


  1. mouse,
    Your family is in my thoughts during what is obviously an extremely trying time for y'all. I am glad that you are all in the same home now and can strengthen each other.

  2. Hi Mouse, I'm so glad you are all together again and that the stress is diminishing and things are slowly returning to normal. Thinking of you and hoping the new year brings nothing but good things to your family.


  3. Happy Holidays, sunshine(s)! ;-p


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