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Monday, February 6, 2017


The past couple weeks have been wrought with struggles. Pesky annoying colds and weather has been testing everyone in the house's patience. Finally the last person who got sick was Master so hopefully we'll be through it and the cycle won't continue.  

In the meantime, mouse is working on her list on expectations and pondering the line by line meaning of each.  


Roz said...

Hi Mouse, sorry you have been through a rough couple of weeks. Hope everyone feels better soon.


mostly mouse said...

Thanks Roz, hopefully the last sick one is finally on the mend. It just hit and kept hitting, one person down, then another and so on..Then once we were through that, the colds started and again one person, then another and another..Omega must have insane immunity to keep from succumbing. Oh that's right, he hid in the spare bedroom and tacked a "keep out" sign on the door. ;-)