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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Rituals of Life

It's true that mouse loves rituals and has many, as a housewife and slave the rituals vary, but even embracing the most mundane task mouse finds herself thinking of it more as a ritual.  All seem to have importance to mouse, her waking ritual in the morning where she gently rouses Master from his own slumber by seeking the warmth of his cock and sucking it.  Then it's followed with other morning rituals, bathing, being bound in the corset of the day, plug inserted and bathrobe donned, mouse begins the more mundane ritual of rousing others in the house, making breakfast, making sure everyone is on time and out the door promptly.

However it's the evening ritual when Master returns home from a weary day of work that mouse finds herself most looking forward to.  Greeting him at the door most nights, taking his briefcase and coat, then leading him to his chair, where mouse removes his shoes, a cool drink is waiting on the small table beside the chair for him.  When she looks up at him from the kneeling position she feels complete.  It doesn't matter how dull the evening meal is or how ill-prepared mouse might be for that meal, the ritual helps center her.  It reminds her to do better and can serve as a reminder of areas she's failed.  In those few, almost sacred moments, the slavery to Master is felt the strongest.

Those moments throughout the evening, like bringing him something as he works in his study, they feel to mouse intimate and it brings pleasure to her.  There's a sense of worship that's held quietly. 


  1. These are wonderful rituals! I can feel the peace in your writing.

    1. They are nice and they're not difficult or complicated -- it's just a pleasure.

  2. Love your rituals Mouse, they definitely have their place :) Small acts actually aren't small at all.



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