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Friday, March 24, 2017

It's Been Such a Long Time

It's really been forever since Master let his Sadist out to play and last night he had something special in mind for mouse. Timing was perfect, days before we departed for the lake, and no kids in the house, which is rare but they wanted their sleep-over time with friends.

After assuring mouse that she hadn't done anything wrong but he felt she needed to suffer. Eyes widened as she listened to his words. This wasn't punishment but for his pleasure. it's been who knows how long since we've even had time, so when he had mouse undress, she did hesitate a little. When the ball gag came out she didn't balk, but didn't exactly open her mouth as quickly as she probably should have. The sting of his hand caught her off guard. His fingers fumbled with the nipple rings, saying they wouldn't be needed for this. Inside her chest, mouse's heart was pounding so fiercely she's convinced he must have heard it. 

Under the window of his study, he's got bookshelf, on top of that he rested a small mirror and had mouse bend over with her chin resting on the shelf and her legs parted wide.  

"Open your eyes and look only at your eyes in your refection," Master said. For a moment mouse's eyes shifted to see his large hand rifling through this drawer and then return to toy with a nipple, causing her to moan briefly and then gasp as she caught a glimpse of the black and silver file clamp biting down on her nipple. Softly mouse began to whimper as Master again instructed her to stare only into her own now terror filled eyes.  

His hand resting on her back, holding her in place as it traveled down to her rear and between her legs, feeling the wetness there and causing mouse to briefly curse herself. To the other breast he attached an alligator clamp which bit shamelessly into her nipple sending sparks of pain and torment. Then he pulled her up and pulled her close to him in an embrace that lasted way too long.  This was huge torment. The crushing sensation of his chest against her nipples pressing into her was too much and again she whimpered. 

He had her lower herself to her knees with some vigor rubbed herself as he commanded her to. The feeling of torment was overpowering, and if she dares to admit it, intoxicating.  

Master had his mouse crawl to the newly positioned chaise lounge there in his study, and slowly fondled squeezing her breasts making her try vainly to pull away and shield herself from the pain. Useless of course, but it didn't stop her from trying. Slowly he removed the alligator clamp and mouse nearly screamed, when the file clamp came off she did into the gag. Large tears that he demanded streaked her face that burned and heavy sobs of mercy were uttered, although they only vaguely resembled words. 

He gave her a minute to catch her breath before positioning her over the chaise, her nipples now dragging against the fabric, which was almost as painful as wearing the clamps as she felt his hand touching her backside and removing the plug. His fingers probed her inside parts and then were quickly replaced with himself. As mouse struggled to keep her senses about her, but felt herself slipping away into the warm embrace of subspace. The rutting continued until he was satisfied and came. When she felt the tap of cane and was told to keep silent, she was again crying for mercy. The first thwack wasn't so terrible but the second and third had her struggling to keep her mind clear, by the fourth and sixth mouse had begun to float away. As always her tears are the only payment he wants for this trip.

Two or maybe three time more she floated back to him only to be returned to the bliss she hasn't felt in such a long time her body falling hard under his spell. He allowed himself to travel too into that Dom-space, where he said later he felt the power of his sadism flowing into mouse and overtaking her.  Hours later, she was wrapped in a blanket and he was watching her -- his voice surrounding her as he read to her from a book.  He remarked that she looked lovely twitching as she continued to drift far from him. The marks he left were deep, the welts angry painful and in some areas the skin broken (he took care of those). When he pulled her close her nipples still had a bite of pain from the bruises left from the horrid clamps and her jaw hurt a little from the gag, but didn't recall it being removed, but could taste him still on her tongue.

Sometimes she wishes she could recall it all in vivid detail. Maybe it will infect her dreams in all its technicolor splendor? When Master at last commanded that she sleep, she drifted off surprisingly fast.

This morning everything aches, not really in that good way, but not in a horrible way either. Now the only thing mouse is concerned about is making that long drive to lake. How will she manage to sit for so long? Master checked her marks and isn't too concerned.


Roz said...

Wow Mouse, this sounds awesome...but ouch! lol. Glad you are getting back in the swing of things :)


heidipie said...

Totally hot. And a surprise to this reader, who's been enjoying your blog for some time, but obviously not long enough to have caught up on your history. Thanks for sharing so much with us.

DelFonte said...

Wow! You know, if I wrote that kind of scene into one of my books, the publisher would... thank goodness for self-publishing.
It has been some time. Do you feel like you're going back to something or moving into something new with it?

Anonymous said...

Yippee! I'm hoping that this is going to lead to the creation of a new and improved dynamic for y'all.


Ava Penniman said...

Hi mouse,

Since you mentioned it is Q&A month, a question has been developing in my mind. If for any reason you would prefer not to answer it though, that is perfectly fine.

I am a married woman, older than you, who has been in a TTWD relationship a little more than two years. I find I am curious about why you desire to be a slave. Are you simply a completely selfless person? Is there a joy that you find in completely sublimating your own desires? My husband and I have found a wonderful reviving of our sexual attraction since starting TTWD, so I wonder if in a slave relationship that would be even more magnified? I see you as a spiritual person as I am as well. Is there a spiritual component to your slavery? It seems to me that a slave would be almost like a nun in her complete abandon of her “own” life! Is this something you are doing for love? Is there some sort of corresponding freedom you gain through this?

These are some of my wonderings. I would be very interested in your thoughts on this subject!



Anonymous said...

Mouse, you should write literary erotica. Heck, you should publish a full personal memoir. Your writing is so tangible and evocative, and you bring the emotions involved in TTYD to life so beautifully--I always feel that I'm actually living the moments you transcribe. You truly have a gift.

mostly mouse said...

Thank you!

mostly mouse said...

LOL DelFonte -- it's been such a long's been forever since we did anything even close to that. Master was in particularly good mood that day. Not sure if going back to a place we were before, because mouse doesn't recall ever really being in this place. Think it's more moving into a new place we probably should have been a long time ago.


mostly mouse said...

thanks Isabel, and yes, think that's where we're headed. It's a good place for us.

mostly mouse said...

Instead of trying to answer all this in a comment mouse will sit with it a few days and reply with a post sometime next week. Thank you for reading and commenting.


mostly mouse said...

Thank you! Not sure how effective mouse would be in that though. When writing about feelings or things we do, it's easier for mouse to convey what she feels in that moment. Really mouse has the utmost respect for people who write, like DelFonte and others who can come up with stories that move, entertain and are erotic. It can't be easy.


mostly mouse said...

Thank Roz and always thank you for reading! <3