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Monday, April 3, 2017


Saturday morning, bright and early we departed with a thermos of coffee and car filled with animals and kids, for a week at the lake. Yes, the trip was painful for mouse, as Master smirked noting her discomfort. He didn't allow a plug to be worn until we arrived, so mouse also had that empty feeling. Even her nipples were still bruised, but he had already inserted the nipple rings which accentuated the pain. All this made mouse exceptionally quiet and rather lost in her own thoughts of the pleasure of the orgasms she'd had just a couple days earlier. Even if she had little active memory of them. Master intimated it would be a while before she'd be allowed to cum again but somehow it didn't bother mouse.

The drive had felt longer than mouse recalled, but that was probably more due to her own discomfort than anything else. Even the seatbelt slowly tortured one of her nipples, as mouse stared ahead at the road, only coming back to the reality of the drive when the children spoke. We made, several stops, for the bathroom and food, but those were short and again Master smirked watching mouse's discomfort. At one point he even whispered that he was hard thinking about the way she must be suffering, which made mouse blush and sharply inhale. The idea rather excited her also but found that difficult to put into words.

We stopped in the late afternoon at an area motel that's clean and pet friendly, partially unloading the vehicle. Master suggested that mouse take a bath, while he took the kids out (we can't really leave the animals alone in the room anyway) after taking the watch dog for a quick walk to the dog potty area. We had two adjoining rooms, so Master and mouse might get some privacy.

After her bath, mouse did feel a little less achy, slipping into her bathrobe, waiting for Master to return with the kids. He returned with some food for mouse, a burger with a side salad and watched while mouse ate. In the other room the kids were noisily arguing over the TV and Master poked his head into the room to tell them to settle down or he'd pick the show.

They were wound up from sitting so long, but after a while they all settled and fell asleep. Master checked mouse's welts and toyed with her still sore nipples, causing her to twitch and whimper softly, which was like music he said. In the morning his cell phone rang early to confirm delivery of the beds we'd ordered and he roused everyone, including mouse to hurry. He went out to get coffee while mouse focused on the kids and animals. Sooner than she'd like, we were again on the road making good time to the lake.

The bedroom stuff arrived a couple hours after we arrived, and the men set to work setting it all up, while mouse dragged out the new bedding she purchased. It felt odd being back, yet not. Other furniture arrived the following day -- the lake house remains a bit sparse but comfortable. Looking at the lake mouse did feel that sense of calm and mindfulness but it wasn't any different than the feelings she'd had recently at home. In any event, it was very nice getting everything ready for the summer months and our much longer return then.

The week flew passed, with long walks alone in the evening and together during the day as a family. The evening walks were far more exciting for mouse though she'd have to admit and forgotten how nice it was to be somewhat secluded. The potting shed, Master checked her marks daily and added a few more, but nothing too terrible. Meditating came surprisingly with ease there, of course successful mediation for mouse means that she's only considering three things instead of fifty.

There was traffic in town one day as mouse made her way to the market place area, was quite heavy and usually the drivers weaving in and out would cause mouse to yell or at the very least silently seethe. Not that anyone can hear, unless her window is down, but she'd say them anyway.  Even Master remarked on that the last few times she's driven somewhere with him but that's rare and mouse never thought much about it. Maybe it's more than music on the radio, although she finds that it does play a part in all that. Classical music tens to calm her while the local classic rock station seems to make her feel differently now. Jazz isn't so bad but that station doesn't always comes in well.

It's all these little things that seems have added up to whole lot of other things that mouse hasn't realized. Maybe the whole moving back thing was a good thing, because it made mouse realize that she was so imperfect and her slavery incomplete? Now, it feels differently like a light came on and it hasn't dimmed.


Roz said...

Hi Mouse, sounds like a wonderful week and a week of realisations. Did it feel a little strange or different being back there under different circumstances?


mostly mouse said...

In many ways returning was a little bittersweet -- a reminder of all that went wrong. Master said we shouldn't dwell on that, but rather just move forward. It is all we can really do. Hopefully this summer when we return, we will begin to feel better about it.