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Saturday, May 27, 2017


Only time for a quickie, but hopefully soonish a proper update will happen.

After his morning oral service Master gave a contented sigh...mouse had been extra pleasing that morning to him. He mused briefly and said, "Good morning slave."

Still swallowing mouse smiled up at him. 

"I am feeling extra sadistic this morning, maybe I will take the day and torture you." 

"Your daughter threw up this morning."

"Of course she did. Well, I'd better shower and head to work." 

Giggling mouse jumped from the bed and fetched his towel. 

"Does she have a fever? Any discomfort?" He asked of our daughter. 

"No, fever, a bit tired, but not happy about missing school and dance after school today. The teacher sent a note home that she seemed off yesterday that there's a stomach bug going around." Then after a pause mouse asked, "What did you have planned?" 

"All sorts of nasty things." 


Over breakfast Master continued giving mouse luring looks -- He needed to know mouse would be suffering.  Pretending to look for something in. his study, he called for mouse.  

"Unbutton that blouse and show me." 

Quickly mouse unbuttoned and lifted her arms, lacing her fingers behind her neck. Master moved the fabric aside and tugged the nipple rings. He made mouse whimper as he kneaded the tissue. His free hand moved down to that area between her legs and touched her clit. He rubbed it toying with her, getting her ramped up, and she knew he'd stop but hoped she was wrong. 

He paused for a moment and kissed mouse, he said he deeply sorry for what he was about to do then he quickly edged mouse to orgasm and as predicted left her hanging. And not soon after that she began to feel the burning sensation. 


Roz said...

Hi Mouse, well, that was some start to the day lol. What a pity plans were interrupted. Hope your daughter is feeling better and that noone else succumbs.


Bleue D'âme said...

Love this post so much, mouse.