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Monday, May 1, 2017

One of Those Things

"Mouse, come here and bring your laptop," Master called from his study. 

There was a marked hesitation from mouse, who was at that moment sending a text message to Lucy, "Oh dear" mouse wrote to her friend, "He wants to see the laptop...Gulp." Master is quite meticulous about his things, as mouse is well aware of. Last year, he gave mouse his older laptop that he used for work, after upgrading to newer one. He cleaned and gave it to mouse with it looking like brand new, with the expectation that it would stay that way.  

Naturally when the screen becomes  dirty mouse will clean it and has a couple times since he's given it to her. It's just not something that she does very often, so this surprise inspection had mouse quaking. The screen was a mess. He opened it up, looked at the screen, shut it down. He got a soft towel and small dish of water, and instructed mouse again on how to properly clean it. He remarked several times that it's not a touch screen, why would there be fingerprints?  

To that mouse had no answer. It wasn't so filthy that it took forever to clean, but still it was embarrassing that she was careless with something Master had entrusted to her care. At the heart that is what he did. 

"Strip, position number one" 

With her head lowered, mouse undressed slowly, stepping out of her skirt, unbuttoning her blouse, until all she was left was the corset, which he unfastened and removed. Raising her arms and clasped behind her neck, she adjusted her stance the way Master expects.  Legs apart, somewhat even with the shoulders. It's a vulnerable position to be in, without anything to hide yourself. 

His fingers grabbed the nipple rings and guided her to the computer and asked if this is how she cares for gifts? 

"No Master." 

He again closed the laptop. He added weight to the nipple rings, then had mouse bend forward, the weights jostled and tugged in that rip the flesh feeling mouse hates,  he then pushed her feet further apart. Soon she felt the riding crop against her backside, and then against the area between her legs, which really caught her attention. Tears fell, her nose ran, and it was all she could to do not to scream.  

Then he stopped, handed her a handkerchief, and used the remaining water in the dish, to wash her face. 

"Now slave, bring me your purse." 

"You might as well just beat mouse now and get it over with -- it'll save us some steps." 

He smirked, and gave mouse 10 minutes to tidy it up, which turned out to be just enough time. 


Anonymous said...

Could you describe your various positions. I use
ony a standing and kneeling position for my slave.
It may be time to add a few more. Thanks.

Roz said...

Hi Mouse, sounds like he sent a very clear message, ouch! Glad he gave you time to clean out your purse :)


ancilla_ksst said...

Hmmm, I should probably clean my purse... though I never get such inspections. It's always a mess.

John in Michigan said...

First, Thank you for sharing yourself in your blog. My question: You have often talked about your abuse at the hands of Alpha in the blog However, although you've talked about Alpha's family, I don't believe you've ever talked about your own family. Where were they when the abuse was going on and why didn't they help you?

mostly mouse said...

Position One is standing with hands clasped behind the neck, hair moved to one side, and legs apart, little more than shoulder width. Sometimes he will have mouse grab her ankles bending at the waist. Position two is kneeling, generally on pillow, with legs apart, hands resting on the floor, head lowered. Third position begins like position two, except the body is lowered to the ground, legs parted wide, hips up, head resting to one side hair pulled to the opposite side the face rests, arms outstretched. The fourth is more a downward dog yoga position.

The fifth position is kneeling, but with wrists presented to Master for binding, the sixth is similar except mouse's hands cup her breasts in offering to him. The seventh is reserved for harsh punishments, where mouse is to strip and kneel before Master, eyes lowered -- it can involve any other position.

The eighth is usually a punishment where mouse has corner time. Panty or undergarments are lowered (pants if she's wearing them), dress or skirt is hiked up and blouse opened, then she faces the corner contemplating her errors.

Hope that helps and sorry it's taken so long to reply.

mostly mouse said...

Thank you Roz! The extra minutes to clean out the purse was most appreciated. Really can't begin to understand how gets so messy but it's a constant struggle.

mostly mouse said...

No idea how it happens but it surely does happen and often with mouse. Even now, just now. mouse took a few minutes to tidy it up -- just in case.


mostly mouse said...

That's easy to answer, there wasn't anyone left by that time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! The challenge is to get the right amount of positions for different situations without getting too complex. Looks like you and your Master got it right.