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Master doesn't believe in giving mouse a lot of hard or convoluted rules to follow, really there's only one: Obey.
Aside from the obvious, there is a quite lengthy list of Expectations. This is a touchstone to her slavery to Him
General Expectaions:
  1. mouse is a consensual slave and her actions are a direct reflection on Master.
  2. mouse when alone with Daddy, will refer to him as Master and keep her eyes respectfully lowered.
  3. If mouse is concerned she must deviate from or fail to meet an expectation she must inform Master at once. Preferably before.
  4. mouse will accept all punishments and corrections.
  5. mouse understands that all punishments or corrections are for her own good so that she will continue to improve and grow.
  6. mouse will text Master requests and if no reply is forthcoming, she may send a second text after five (5) minutes have passed and then wait no less than 20 minutes before assuming permission is granted.
  7. Should an emergent situation occur, mouse has no judgment whatsoever and will keep Master duly informed as possible.
  8. mouse should speak with a formal overtone and keep to third person speech when possible and appropriate.
  9. mouse will never sit for any amount of time, except to drive, eat, or journal, without obtaining permission. She may sit on a pillow on the floor between tasks. It is preferred she keep herself occupied menatally and physically throughout the day.
Sexual Expectations
  1. mouse is never to touch herself in sexually gratifying or pleasing way outside of Master's presence or unless she has obtained his consent.
  2. If consent is offered mouse will only masturbate by applying her fingers to her clitoris alone.
  3. mouse will never penetrate her sex or anus with anything unless Master is present and instructs her to do so.
  4. mouse will never touch a toy, whip, implement or other equipment unless instructed to.
  5. mouse will submit to physical inspections.
  6. mouse will never close or cross her legs when alone with Master
  7. mouse will remember her purpose is to serve.
  8. mouse will never touch Master with her fingers or hands unless permission is granted.
  9. mouse will offer her body for use by Master
  10. mouse will thank Master after, play, sexual use, etc.
  11. mouse will not refrain from orgasming unless ordered otherwise by Master.
  12. mouse understands she has no right to orgasms
Personal Grooming Expectations:
  1. mouse will only wear approved clothing styles.
  2. mouse will never touch the strings of her corset.
  3. mouse has no choice in what she wears.
  4. mouse will not bathe alone unless allowed by Master
  5. mouse will refrain from wearing shoes inside the home.
  6. mouse will never wear clothing to bed unless instructed by Master
  7. mouse shall keep her hair nicely coiffed.
  8. mouse shall keep her nails an "active length" that in no way impede her ability to perform tasks, and nicely polished.
  9. mouse will keep her feet pedicured.
  10. mouse will keep her nether region, legs, underarms free from hair.
  11. mouse will wear makeup and lipstick
  12. mouse will bathe with Master and keep her arms above her head.
  13. mouse has no control over the temperature of the water.
  14. mouse will obtain permission to take a bath.
  15. mouse will obtain permission to dry off with a towel.
  16. mouse will practice yoga and mindfulness daily.
  17. mouse will meditate with Master each evening.
  18. mouse will maintain a healthy weight and secure permission before consuming food that falls outside a healthful diet.
  19. mouse will maintain good posture and wear a corset daily.
  20. mouse will learn to keep her verbal tones even and low.
Home Expectations:
  1. mouse will inform Master if she fails to meet a known expectation.
  2. mouse will call or text Master if she needs to deviate from the set agenda.
  3. mouse will respond to messages from Master within a reasonable time frame and if delayed will explain why, i.e., driving, tending the baby, etc.
  4. mouse will never touch things Master uses on her; i.e., toys, whips, floggers, vibes, clamps, plugs, furniture etc.
  5. mouse will keep the family home clean.
  6. mouse will follow daily lists of what she is to do in order as listed and practice her mindfulness while doing them.
  7. mouse will continue to improve her cooking skills.
  8. mouse will never leave the family home without permission.
  9. mouse will not watch television or movies without permission.
  10. mouse will remain still when inside Master's personal study unless there to serve or clean.
  11. mouse is responsible for meal preparation and will make detailed lists before shopping and will not leave the home without the list.
  12. mouse will only use reusuable bags for shopping.
Mental Expectations:
  1. mouse will practice mindfulness when doing any task.
  2. mouse will never presume to know Master's thoughts.
  3. mouse will never speak unless spoken to.
  4. mouse will refrain from using words unbecoming a lady unless...
  5. mouse will talk dirty when instructed or led to by Master.
  6. mouse will do her best to keep her mind empty or devoid of minutia.
  7. mouse will apologize whenever she erred.
  8. mouse will always thank Master cheerfully
  9. mouse will refer to her expectations and duty lists for comfort when stressed
  10. mouse will never hide her tears from Master
  11. mouse will not "borrow trouble" and will refrain from worries beyond her control.
Social Expectations and Etiquette:
  1. mouse will always maintain excellent posture.
  2. mouse will be gracious and smile
  3. mouse will keep to only feminine topics, such as gardening, housekeeping, others health, children, fashion etc
  4. mouse will politely excuse herself from unapproved or masculine topics.
  5. mouse will always demure to Master.
  6. mouse will admit she does not watch news or keep up with current events.
  7. mouse has no opinion of politics, religion and will ask Master for his thoughts before accepting the thoughts of others.
  8. mouse will always keep her hands, when dining within Master's view
  9. mouse will chew her food slowly
  10. mouse will never become intoxicated, or behave slovenly.
  11. mouse will not be loud and will speak in a measured tone.
  12. mouse will serve Master when or where appropriate and trust him.
Protocol Expectations:
  1. mouse will when alone with Master, will beg permission to speak or to ask a question and accept the answer given.
  2. When chained, mouse will make no effort to release herself unless presented with an emergency.
  3. When punished, mouse will listen carefully to Master then answer his questions truthfully. She will then offer the part of her body he requests without question or hesitation. She will count off and Thank Master then she will kiss Master's hand when finished and thank him again. After mouse will offer suggestions as to what she will do next time.
  4. mouse will learn something from her errors and mistakes or face a more harsh consequence.
  5. mouse will accept being blindfolded or hooded without hesitation.
  6. While being marked mouse will refrain from tightening her muscles.
  7. mouse will honestly tell Master if her knees are bothering her to avoid injury.


mc kitten said...

hey mouse, I was interested in how nos 3 and 7 of Social Expectations and Etiquette came about - do you have no interest in these things anyway or is a real task to submit and not get to talk about them?

monkey girl said...

no. 11 under mental expectations would be soooooo hard for me I tend to be a worrier. what does "borrow trouble" mean? just curious.
I find this new tab/page of expectations, comforting.

mostly mouse said...

When Daddy found mouse once at a party actively engaged in a heated debate on religion and abortion, in relation to an election.

He was truly mortified. While he didn't exactly disagree, he made the rule to avoid conflict. He would prefer mouse discuss such matters with him alone -- we often debate certain subjects.

Honestly there isn't a lot of interest these days -- nothing really changes -- but it's still hard to bite her tongue on a few button issues in public settings.

mostly mouse said...

It means to not be so concerned with all "what if's" and be concerned only of the what if becomes real...because as he points out...most times they don't.

Honestly, mouse used to always borrow trouble but has become much better about things like that.

c said...

Why was he mortified? Do you know? Did he think it was inappropriate in any way, or did it bother him that you didn't say what he would have said?

And I guess the two of you know what you mean, but what in the world is "masculine" subjects?

I think Mistress could absolutely make such a rule for me, in a similar situation, simply because I can get very agitated and intense about things, and if I tended to get worked up about certain issues in social settings she would probably ban them. But it's not an issue at this time, because we don't have time for very much social life. If we had, it would probably be another matter.

c said...

Two of the expectations, about keeping the eyes lowered and not speaking without spoken two, seems really far-reaching and effecting daily interactions a lot. Do they, or is that just my imagination? Isn't it awkward and a bit impractical, looking down and not speaking? How does that work in an on going conversation, at the dinner table or when out and about doing stuff? How does it work out if you're working together, cooperating around something, or fixing things together?

Do you seamlessly adjust to different situations, so that you both know what behaviour is appropriate in each setting, or is it always the same? I know you've written blogpost where you've described yourself as talking a lot, and I can't make that mesh with not speak unless spoken to - but maybe I'm missing something?

mostly mouse said...

He was mortified by what mouse said, again, while he didn't completely disagree -- he does support "choice" he felt mouse should have kept her thoughts to herself. We travel in very conservative circles. Most are anti-choice and quite religious and mouse is quite opposite of that.

"Masculine subjects" would probably include money, politics, business. economy...maybe other stuff that mouse hasn't given much thought to. Although mouse hasn't heard anyone discussing anything along those lines, save for in passing. He just wouldn't want mouse to chime in.

It sounds terrible on the surface, doesn't it? That mouse isn't free to voice her opinion on certain subjects but she must remember Daddy must work with these people. There are at times, in the car on the way home, mouse will complain a little.

mostly mouse said...

Thanks C for such a great question. Honestly mouse didn't give it much thought before but can totally see where it might seem confusing.

It's very situational and something mouse is more supposed to keep tucked into the back of her mind like all the mental expectations because they're (with a few exceptions) more about controlling thoughts than actually controlling speech or behavior.

So, yes there is a rather seamless adjustment made depending on the situation. Keeping ones eyes lowered while doing certain tasks like shopping however has proven quite useful. The only reason mouse can think is that she probably seems less approachable than the person looking at everyone in the eye...

Now, also it's probably worth mentioning that it's completely impolite to not look someone in the eye while you're talking with them. It's also considered bad form (according to Daddy and Emily Post) for a lady to walk up to people (especially men) she doesn't know and strike up a conversation without having been introduced. Weird social thing that mouse knew nothing about (probably because things are so different today it seems).

When we host a party then it is mouse's job more or less to handle introductions, especially if guests aren't too acquainted. Around the dinner table mouse will prompt kiddo especially.

Hugs <3

mc kitten said...

i had to go away and think about this, because it does sort of sound a little bit terrible maybe, on the surface. But then again.. this smacks to me, of a discovery I made some years ago- before we were consciously aware of and exploring TTWD. That, whether I liked it or not, what I did and said and how I carried myself reflected upon him and that there was no point arguing that it shouldn't be so, really there was no point doing anything other than accepting it and getting on with it and because I loved and respected him, from that point on I have often changed my behaviour in ways I wouldn't otherwise have done so and sometimes resent, if I'm honest.

I shared this discovery (my behaviour reflecting on my husband I mean, NOT TTWD!) with my mum and she absolutely got it too.

Annelle said...

"mouse has no opinion of politics, religion and will ask Master for his thoughts before accepting the thoughts of others."

Could you elaborate on this, please? Particularly the "accepting the thoughts of others" bit. It initially reads something like "if someone gives me their opinion on one of these subjects , or tells me something about a religious or political group, I can't accept it without Master's permission". And that confuses me because you can accept that a person has a certain view without adopting that view yourself.

Or do you mean that if they offer to share their views with you, you cannot accept their offer without checking first?

Anonymous said...

Oh the whole "never presume to know Master's thoughts." hit home for me.

I worry so about saying anything, from fear of what he'll think or what if he thinks I'm using what I think to try to control him or elicit a response.

Thanks for this,

mostly mouse said...

Sorry, it's taken mouse too long to get back to you on this question.

The expectation is that if someone offers an opinion, but makes it seem as fact, mouse is to ask Daddy before repeating...whatever it might be.

Hope that helps,

mostly mouse said...

We all do that at times, we'll make assumptions about what their thoughts are, only to discover we had it cmpetely wrong.

Sure sometimes we do get it right, but if mouse is honest with herself, she's gotten wrong more times. :)