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Friday, January 14, 2022

It Goes to Show, You Don't Ever Know


Since it cost a lot to win 

And even more to lose

You and me bound to spend some time

Wondering what to choose -- Deal; Robert Hunter, Jerry Garcia 

It was warm today, like short sleeve warm. Just stealing a few moments as mouse sits looking out the picture window into the bleak winter backyard. During the winter months we can see clear to the other side of the canyon and creek beyond it. During the remaining months, which amounts to most of them, the view is only trees teeming with wildlife, squirrels, rabbits, possums, raccoons all find their way into our yard, birds fill the trees, crows caw and even the pair of ravens with the gravely tones. We see owls when the weather is decent, hawks and even eagles. 

The house is loud today, not with music but with the sounds of disgruntled people who are angry about chores. While we try to remind them, we need to be kind to each other, as we are all we have...Well, as they say in the car commercials "Your mileage may vary." Off they go ago, on to the next squabble. 

Don't misunderstand there are moments where they cooperate, even are helpful so we suppose that hope springs eternal. At least that's what we would think, once the shock wore off. This morning was typical, the alarm woke Master and He pulled mouse's head to His cock for some morning attention, we showered together, Master having slave hold her arms above her head most of the time as He inspected and washed her body, He turned the water to cold, as He exited to give mouse the opportunity to wash her hair. Warm water is His privilege that He shares often with His slave, as are showers. Drying off with His discarded damp towel mouse hurries to get ahead of Him, pulling on her bathrobe and quickly brushing her teeth, before heading to the kitchen to rattle those pots and pans. 

We grind our coffee beans, recently switched to a crank machine (yes coffee we determined is too important) loading into the french press. We've had power issues in the past, but the gas range can be lit with a match if needed. This morning the breakfast consisted of eggs, oatmeal and fresh fruit (oranges, apples, banana and blueberries). Honestly, these past couple years, mouse has gotten pretty darn good at wielding a knife and the fruit is cut up in no time at all. Likewise the oatmeal is done, that gets some dried fruits, nuts and seeds. One child takes all the fruit and dumps it into the bowl with the oatmeal and other just likes the nuts and eats the fruit on the side. Everyone gets a cup of fruit, growing kids get oatmeal (and often slave) Master gets an omelet, usually with cheese and whatever meat is left over. He's really not very picky. Everyone sits together at the breakfast table (that's a rule). The day is discussed, chores divvied up, arguments thwarted (about the aforementioned chores) and then after thanking mouse for breakfast, they depart to begin their day. Master remains and He goes over the agenda for mouse. 

While mouse was just about to write that there's not been very much BDSMy fun of late, that just isn't true, since every moment of mouse's day is dictated by Him. From start to finish, what is done, when and even how is outlined by Him. Now, this isn't as daunting as it seems. The tasks are more or less rote. One thing mouse must do daily is get at least 30 minutes of exercise. That began as outdoor walks with Master and when the weather turned miserable, changed to mouse just walking on the treadmill.

It helps to clear her head and help her to concentrate, and as a bonus she can watch something on Netflix as she exercises.Mental health wise, mouse has been much better. The world infringes on our home more than we'd like. We added a resolution that we're going to try to waste less food. The most expensive food is the one you throw away, so we're trying to buy only what we'll use. Nighttime, we watch a little, very little TV, usually something kid friendly at least somewhat (they're growing up). After they go to bed, Master and slave retreat to our room, and mouse undresses and prepares to be useful to Him. Master might discuss issues that mouse needs to keep working on and might punish her if truly needed. 

Most evenings He will watch something on TV in our room, or work in His study. If He's working mouse remains in the family room within earshot if He needs something. In our bedroom, mouse undresses and remains nude and will wait to be useful to Him or whatever else He needs. If semi-retired means working less, then mouse doesn't see the point but He's thrilled with this. The pandemic is unending and we're just doing what we need to do to keep ourselves safe. If that means hiding in our cave for a while we'll gladly do this. 

We hope everyone is healthy and doing well.  


Roz said...

Hi Mouse,

Loved reading this glimpse into your day:) your view and wildlife around you sound wonderful.

It seems semi-retirement is working well for both of you. Glad you are all keeping safe.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mouse!

I feel so happy when I see you've made a new post. I did enjoy your daily routine description, and as always just so happy to hear you are doing well.

Part of me loves having the excuse not to go out when invited (oh I can't possibly.... the Covid positivity is too high)....but there are OTHER things I WOULD like....a little trip to the Cape or a dinner out with my husband. I can't imagine things ever being truly normal again....but the hermit in me is enjoying what CAN be enjoyed.

I'm able to work mostly from home (bookkeeping) and when I go to the office attendance is staggered to minimize contact and I'm so grateful for this.

Well best to you all, I will think of you all at breakfast sound like an amazing short order cook!


Jz said...

I'm really glad to hear you're all doing well.
I *wish* my work would let me stay in my cave but that is just not to be.
(I console myself that this keeps me from becoming even more of a social gnome!)