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Monday, January 30, 2023

The Winter Routine

"Comes the lightning of the sunOn bright unfocused eyesThe blue of yet another dayA springtime wet with sighsA hopeful candle lingers..."

We have lots of snow, so much it makes getting "out" difficult. Getting into town to collect our mail, which is now done weekly if possible. Grocery shopping are saved for the days between. Tuesday last was a glorious day, bright, sunny and just made you feel as light as could ever be. The sun so bright it blinded especially with that crisp white backdrop. Millions of stars filled the night's sky, until the clouds rolled in and the gray returned. 

We didn't waste any time, getting up that morning we showered and dressed quickly for the day. Master set to work clearing the driveway, while mouse prepared breakfast for everyone. Spinach omelette for Master and slave, oatmeal with dried fruit and frozen blueberries for the children. The breakfast table set, the morning music courtesy of Electric Light Orchestra -- Mr Blue Sky, had everyone tapping their feet. The slave slipped the pre-packed lunches into the girls book bags and then heard the horn of the school bus approach to its stop by the main road. 

No time for playing around (normally, after the house was empty, Master would have slave remove her bathrobe, suck His cock under the table and follow the instructions to rub vigorously her own clit but not to any conclusion for her). Master was grabbing the breakfast basket full of bread, rolls and whatever else mouse had made the precious days and pulled on His boots, saying He'd be back soon, hopefully with eggs. His sibling who lives quite close (roughly a half mile away-- maybe longer) and keeps chickens. Without a lot of fanfare, mouse murmured a quick "be careful on that footbridge Sir," and gave Him a quick kiss. Breakfast table was quickly cleared, dishes washed up, and tidied when He returned with 4 dozen eggs, which mouse divided by size. Smaller eggs are saved for meals, larger eggs are divided up for baking and the largest ones are usually hard-boiled. We know they were all recently collected so after they're washed up and placed in cartons we just reuse, mouse put on her coat and grabbed her extensive shopping list. 

He was finishing up His coffee but didn't linger over it, the way He'd normally do. He walked out to the SUV and started it up, warming it, while mouse double checked the list and freezer. This was going to be a huge haul since we haven't gotten out for a while. After deciding the best use of the time, Master drove to our first stop. After the third stop, we stopped for a quick lunch, before continuing. We had in all three boxes and 8 bags filled with groceries. We do not want to think about how much every item costs. 

Then when we returned home, came the unloading and then arranging into preparation groups. Fresh veggies are washed and prepped. Some are frozen for easy meals, others are prepped into containers in the fridge. Meats are portioned out, wrapped, labeled and put into the freezer. It usually takes a couple hours to get everything restocked and organized. Nothing is wasted anymore, bottoms of celery, herbs, whatever are tossed into a bag and used for stocks. Same with chicken bones, placed in a special bag and frozen until mouse needs more chicken stock or wants to make a soup.  

Notes are made about laundry to do (for the next day). Master went down to collect our mail and pay any bills. We accomplish much, and then time for a break before the school bus returns. Master in His chair motions for slave. who kneels and crawls to Him. Removing His boots, kissing His feet. Feeling her own want, as she makes her way up His legs to His cock and kissing its tip before sucking the head. Soon her mouth is full of Him, and she feels His hands guiding it further toward her throat. If she chokes, it's only because He wishes her to and He wants her to be slobbery, because there were lots of deep thrusts. Down there her pussy because wet and her clit throbs but this isn't about her. It's all about Master and somehow that just makes her want Him all the more. 

Eagerly she swallows the ropes of thick cum without the benefit of tasting or savoring Master's flavor. His cock is too far down her throat and she feels like a sword swallower in a circus. After mouse crawls off and get's a towel to clean off Master of her drool and washing His shaft with her tongue. Then she kneels before Him with her head lowered, awaiting a word. Dismissed, she rises and walks to the bathroom to clean herself up as she can hear the school bus. Within minutes the front door bursts open and the house is filled with noisy chatter. Suddenly, mouse regrets that she didn't beg Master to use the belt on her anything to quell the throbbing going on down below. Dinner is already prepped and it's an easy meal (Costco Chickens, mashed potatoes, fresh green beans, salad), so all that's left might be a treat for dessert. Master cuts up the chicken and mouse cooks everything else. After dinner the women folk clear the table, while Master enjoys a cup of coffee and cigar on the porch. The rest of the evening mouse is in the kitchen, either cleaning up, ironing, or knitting while the dishwasher runs. In the den area the girls are quietly reading until bedtime, as is Master. It's nice because the kitchen is also the warmest room in the house so mouse can remain in her bare feet. Before the girls go to bed, they say goodnight to mouse and we chat a little about their lunches for the next day. Left over chicken, garlic naan, hummus, veggies, fruit, and a thermos of soup are on their menu.  

The lunch boxes are placed in the fridge and finally the light is turned off.  At Master's feet, He instructs her to get ready for bed, so off she goes. Undressing, drawing a bath and washes trying to not pay any mind to her throbbing sex. Master enters just as she's nearly finished bathing. He inspects His slave quickly, surely making note of her clit and slick wetness. He rubs it with a finger and when He notes His slave becomes greedy He takes it away. In the bedroom, He has mouse present her hands and He binds them, then slips the dog collar around her neck, He said she was a bad girl for rubbing her sex on His fingers (no, He's not really mad, but never misses an opportunity to remind His slave where her place truly is). He tethers her to the wall, watches as she curls up on the huge dog cushion and covers her with a blanket. Hearing His footfalls and the sounds of bed as He climbs in, moving around the pillows. Sleep is complicated for her, as she contemplates gratitude. It seems odd. At some point during the night she feels Him uncovering her and unbinding her hands and then the collar is removed. Sleepily she waits, then she hears Him say, "come". In bed He uses her like a pillow, cautioning her to get all mischievous.


Roz said...

Hi Mouse,

It's great to hear from you, I enjoyed reading your update. Wow, it sounds like a very full on, but wonderful day. Chores together, fun together and family time.


little monkey said...

It sounds like the two of you have built a lovely life.