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Monday, December 4, 2023

Look Around

 Look around

Leaves are brown

And the sky is a hazy shade of winter

We have a family rule, when or if the weather is good, we are not in the house often. We take walks, go for drives, do all the usual things but outside a bunch. Sure, cooking, cleaning and all those things are accomplished as needed. When Master retired and we moved here, He decided that since last winter was so hard (yet cozy) we would take advantage of the good or even decent months. Most weekends we are out and about. 

This weekend signaled the change, last weekend we were still enjoying the outdoors (and decorating the indoors), finishing the big shopping and preparing for the next few months. Getting out of "gumdrop mountain" can be dodgy even dangerous. This weekend poor (not yet terrible) weather hit keeping us sequestered indoors. The winds blew, snow flurries mixed with rain and sleet blotted our landscape. Inside Master set up the two card tables, one will be for puzzles the other for board games (when the power goes out as it will eventually do). 

We are prepared, as well as we can be for such eventuality -- a small generator will keep our food cold and frozen -- along with phones, albeit, one at a time charged. Heat, lights and other comforts are not included in that -- but we do have a wood burning fireplace (not the greatest for heating, but it's better than nothing), plenty of blankets and candles. Keeping water boiling on the stove (we have gas), helps add a bit of humidity and is perfect for also washing dishes (or even ourselves). If last winter is an indication, when the power goes we're stuck for at least a few days (depending on the reason).

If we're lucky this winter we won't have too many days of bitter cold temperatures (crossing fingers) so if the power does go out, we shouldn't need to worry about frozen pipes. 

As Master's slave it's up to her to be open to whatever He desires. The anticipating of being useful to Him is almost as great as being used by Him.  In preparation, mouse bathed in the tub, carefully washing and shaving whatever needed. Then drying off, she made her way to the spot on the floor and waited, kneeling, bent forward, ass up, breasts buried in carpet, arms outstretched in subjugation. Oh, she hoped He would use her and hoped He would allow her to orgasm. The cool air swirled around her feeling the gentle gust of air around her when He breezed into the bedroom, closing and locking the door behind Him. He made His own way to the bathroom and heard Him shrugging off His clothing and brushing His teeth. He seemed to pause briefly but mouse couldn't say where He was but she hoped the closet where the box of stuff was stored, high on a shelf with a lock that only He could reach and open. The music turned on, filling the room she was in with sounds. Nothing too exciting some  jazz (Thelonious Monk, perhaps).  

Louder might indicate heavier noisy use, softer could mean reading, funny how well she understands the routines. He ordered her to get onto the bed and present herself there. He was in no mood to bend down to her level on the floor, so she scrambled onto the bed, and assumed the same position. He probed her open legs and chuckled at her neediness. Heat rose in a flush of her face, feeling a bit humiliated and resigned to the fact there would likely be no orgasm for her, He would take her for His lingering pleasures. 

He had applied a tiny portion of lubricant to His cock, and began to push against her tight asshole, rarely trained with plugs anymore. To remain silent mouse stuffed blanket into her mouth and whimpered until His head pushed through and began the laborious process of stretching her ass, but soon those painful whimpers shifted to moans of pleasure that surprise her, repeated thrusts of backing completely out and ramming His length back inside brought sensations and delights to her. Perhaps orgasm wasn't off the table? He took His time, each thrust nearly propelling her forcefully forward. He came with a groan and removed His cock almost unceremoniously, rubbing it on her ass cheeks, before slipping a large glass plug into her asshole. From the orange juicer size mouse gleaned it was the one that doesn't allow for sitting, as it protrudes with a ring, which He attached to a length of rope and tethering her to the bed or to Him, she cannot be certain. He pulled her head to His cock and she kissed it, in thanks. He offered no words or instruction or otherwise, simply laid upon the bed, picking up a book to begin reading, while mouse not feeling tired or completed snuggled behind her head resting low on His abdomen. Almost absentmindedly, He petted her on occasion, much like a dog. Eventually He put the book aside, switched off the music and lights and rolled over, leaving her feeling unneeded, aroused and all points between.  

Sleep (albeit uncomfortable) did find her, but soon she felt Him stirring, His cock hard again, and He pulled her around first to use her mouth, forcing her down on the long length making her gag and choke, then stopped, instead pushing her legs open. In the dark room, His disembodied voice told her to spread her legs and warned this would hurt a lot. The plug still buried in her ass He pressed His cock against her opening, grazing the clit, toying with it, drawing it out of its hiding space before abandoning it and shoving quickly into her extra tiny pussy. This did make her whimper with real tears spilling from her eyes. Honestly mouse tried to scoot herself away from the invader but to no avail, as He curtly slapped her face, reminding her to not do that. The pain was intense, the pressure from the huge plug in her ass, and the distinct lack of space in her pussy made her cry. He murmured how good it felt to use her this way. He pulled Himself out and barked at her to move onto her knees, as He positioned her and took her from behind, which hurt even more. Softly pleading now for mercy as He rutted her from behind. Then He said, "rub your clit" and that was truly the last thing she wanted to do when her hand didn't move fast enough she got smacked hard on the rear and quickly began following His instructions to rub it or pinch it or even hurt it at His command. 

He called her a sloppy messy slut and she blushed thoroughly, knowing it was true suddenly feeling ashamed that the heady mix of sleepiness and pain had somehow shifted into pleasure. When He pulled out of her suddenly and she felt spurts of His seed on her back she knew she was in trouble. He roughly flipped her over onto her back, and slapped her hand away from her clit and He rubbed at it, until that tiny nub began to show itself and then was pinched hard. He hand dug into her thighs as His fingers continued to torture the hapless clit, cautioning her to not make a sound, until He forced an orgasm out of her, and then immediately began torturing the now incredibly tender thing all over again until she came twice more. Then He rather harshly pulled the plug from her bottom with a plop and dragged her to the shower where He roughly washed her off and then told her to strip the bed and change all the bedding. 

Before she was barely finished with the bed remaking, fresh clean everything and herself feeling clean He had climbed back in, and told her to lay beside Him. Using her body much like a pillow, He snaked Himself around her and told her to not move. There we stayed until the morning alarm. 


Roz said...

Hi Mouse,

Sounds like you are well prepared for winter. Hopefully the power won't go out too often.

That sounded quite intense, but a nice, satisfying ending:)


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness well hope you are having a nice winter!

Best Fleur41