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Friday, October 31, 2014

Move Along, Nothing to See Here...

Around once a month Daddy has a dinner meeting that always ends up running long.  This means he doesn't usually get home much before 11pm but midnight is normal and is never later than that.  How does mouse know or how can she be so sure when Daddy sets the bedtime at 10:30?  Well it's not like the TV turns into a pumpkin.  Last evening, mouse became mired in a movie and completely lost all sense of time.  Didn't feel a bit tired and started looking for something else to watch.  At some point, a bit later she wandered into the kitchen for a water refill, and glanced at the clock on the oven, it read 12.  No, that couldn't be possible!  

At this point mouse ran back into the family turned off the TV quickly and bolted back up the stairs to our bedroom.  Upstairs she quickly undressed, brushed her teeth, removed her makeup and jumped (yes quite literally jumped) into bed just as his key hit the lock.  Just as mouse really was drifting off to sleep Daddy entered the bedroom.  

"I know you are awake." He announced to the dark room.  

For some oddball reason, mouse thought she could just ignore him.  

The covers were thrown back and she felt a slap on her bare bottom.  

"Hi Daddy.  How was the meeting?" mouse finally spoke trying to sound pleasant.  

"Naughty slave," Daddy clucked, "I saw the bathroom light as I drove up the road." 

"Oh," ok, mouse didn't really think about that.  "Sorry Daddy." 

He tugged on a nipple ring and she could hear the sound of his belt coming off. Maybe he was just undressing?  He led mouse, out of the bed and along by pulling the nipple ring.  Then he sat and pulled her over his knee.  The belt struck and she yelped.  

He continued until the tears of remorse satisfied him.  

Just when mouse thought it was all over, he brought up demerits.  

The ones for last week, and the additional ones mouse accrued during this week and added up to 20.   

He had mouse stand as he recounted the infractions (the more serious ones), and then told her to bend over the bed.  Beside where she was, she clearly saw the crop and cane beside her.  He must have assumed all this when he came home and stopped by the study.  Daddy usually makes it a point to not punish mouse for demerits inside our bedroom.  

Since he was still holding the belt she felt him continue with that and she counted off the blows.  Then it was time for the cane, which he ran through quickly.  By the time he finished her ass and backs of her thighs had enough so he had her stand and remove the nipple rings.   Then he had her lift her hands and link them behind her head.  

The hard taps stung as they fell across her breasts and mouse counted out the blows and thanked him when he finally finished.  He expressed how disappointed he was and announced that there would be no maintenance done Friday but the house better be completely ready by sundown.   

Since he hadn't given her permission to move, mouse was still standing with her hands linked behind her head and her body feeling like it was on fire -- not at all in that good way.  The only reply she could come up with was "Yes Sir." 

He undressed, brushed his teeth and got into bed, while mouse was still standing and then told her to kneel at the bed and beg him to enter it.  

After she was in the bed, having begged him appropriately, he said that for the next several weeks she would have to beg him to enter the bed and to leave it, to begin her day.  

The problem was that he was still annoyed with mouse, usually by the time we go to bed, after a punishment we have a buffer time for him to cool off thoroughly.  This time was completely different.  

This morning, the alarm went off, way too early, and mouse was still very tired as she moved her mouth to wake him, as she sucked him, when she knew he was nearly ready to orgasm, he pulled her head from him and told her to ask him to swallow his cum.  Being incredibly fuzzy mouse must have hesitated, because he moved away from her and jerked himself to orgasm on the sheets and told her to lick it up.  

Remembering his annoyance just a few hours earlier mouse did ask him for permission to begin her day, which he granted by telling her to run the shower. He stepped into it, and told mouse to wait until he called for her enter.  He opened the shower door called for her (the water was several degrees cooler), and he washed her body.  Then he left to let her finish washing her hair.  

When she got out, the only towel was the one he'd used so mouse dried off using that.  The corset was out too.  He told her to lift her arms and slid it over her body, now mouse was nearly in tears.  He told her to quit complaining, and then looked at her marks left behind from the punishment.  

This is going to be an interesting weekend.  

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Under His thumb

Earlier this week Daddy returned to daily maintenance for mouse.  It could be that the upcoming holiday season has mouse a bit scattered.  Or it could be this whole orgasm control has mouse feeling off balance (because quite honestly it's all she think about).  Whatever the reason, Daddy again called mouse to the chaise lounge early this morning in our bedroom.  After the good paddling and a very red bottom he told mouse to be a good girl.  It felt to mouse like the most intimate thing we've done all week.  The closeness it brings is hard to explain.  It does bring about a distinct change in mouse, albeit temporary it seems.  

The biggest thing it seems to do, is quiet mouse's mind.  All the internal chatter is silent.  Mindfulness seems to have returned.  Over the summer, with so few distractions that mindful feeling came rather easy.   Also Daddy was around so much of the time.  It was like a buoy, bobbing in the ocean -- he was there. Having all those weeks with him, when he left although difficult it was manageable, centered mouse and she returned to her purpose.  Now, we've slipped into a new routine (guided by lists and alarms) and honestly, mouse is struggling again.  There are too many days where she just doesn't want to deal with it all -- while the alarms cannot be ignored, the lists seem to be pushed back. 

Too many days where mouse just blew off things she knew she should do, in favor of things that should be done during spare time (and there NEVER seems to be enough of that).  It's been going on since maybe the middle of September, and sure everything gets done eventually but that's not the point.  The point is that mouse feels badly that she let this slide so much that Daddy had no choice but to step in and make it right again.  Now, he's very generous and quick to point out its all not mouse's fault -- he accepts the blame in letting mouse slide too.   It doesn't really help mouse though because she feels that she should be held to a higher standard -- a standard that doesn't require him to step in and do anything extra.  

It also makes mouse wonder if there isn't something subconscious going on that she's not aware making her do these thing to begin with?  

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Newbie Tuesday: Balancing Act

A while back, mouse asked for questions people might have had about the relationship she has with Daddy.  

Foxy Canidae asked: 
Hi mouse! Was there a time when you also worked outside of your home while in a 24/7? My biggest struggle seems to be with being submissive after I get home from work and have been dominant all day. Did you ever have this problem? If so, how did Omega help you get through it?
This was one of those questions that isn't at all easy to explain.  In fact, it's very hard to string together the words.  For years mouse was an analyst and researcher, and yes, we did spend years working together.  But we weren't technically together at that time, so it wasn't much of an issue.  Personal note: It should also be mentioned that going from submissive to being responsible or in charge, has its own challenges and often requires a transition or change in mindset.  

When we did finally combine households, it suddenly did become an issue and a complication.  What helped that was he knew what mouse was doing.  He was a floor above her (almost directly), so he understood when mouse was squirreled away in her office that she was working hard to finish something.  Or directing others, checking their work, etc.

We often must be assertive in our daily jobs, whatever they might be -- really at times mouse feels there's really little difference between being a submissive wife who cares for kids all day and being a consensual slave who works outside the home. It's really hard to just shut that part off.  What helps mouse is time.  When she worked, it started usually during the drive home, she could begin to let go the day and get into the mindset she needed for Daddy.  There needs to be a transition time, if only mentally.  

Imagine that for work you wear a specific hat, being a mother, you have a different but specific hat for that, being submissive might involve taking the hats off and leaving them off for a period of time.  It doesn't mean the "mom hat" or "work hat" doesn't reappear but for the most part they stay in a drawer or tucked into the closet.  

One of our more unwritten rules was for the first hour we were home together, we'd be very quiet. Even when mouse was home hours before him, we'd maintain that quiet period. A glass of wine, relax a little, cook dinner, something to transition from being in control to not being in control, or maybe just having limited control for mouse.  Often doing a rote activity, throwing a load of wash into the washer, or loading the dishwasher helped immensely to clear her mind from what she called the work fog.  

It was (and still is) a segue for Daddy too.  He went from being boss at work to being Daddy at home, because he can't really speak to mouse the way he would an employee or fire her for not doing something right -- his reactions must be tempered.  Sure he can punish or add a demerit but it has to be dealt with differently -- if he spoke to her as he would an employee who totally fucked something up, it would crush mouse. That's only because our relationship is completely different -- and mouse takes things like that to heart so he has to be a bit different.  Just like he can't spank his secretary for forgetting about a meeting.  Now, because of his work hours shifting, we're more or less back to that hour of quiet before dinnertime.  

One thing mouse has continued to do, since we've been together is to change her clothing.  When she worked, she would come home, go upstairs and change out of her work clothing (female business attire) into something more comfortable -- really terrible days she'd become anti-girl, in sweatpants, no makeup and hair up in a ponytail -- a look mouse later learned Daddy hated.  Even now, on days where mouse is endlessly running errands, she will take time to change her blouse or even her dress -- throw a little lipstick on -- nothing elaborate.  It's part of that mental shift. 

What we wear to work or to do work is our 'uniform', stepping out of that would often help mouse.  It doesn't need to be huge either -- it's not like you're getting dressed up for a night on the town.  Taking your shoes off can part of that. Daddy prefers mouse not wear shoes inside the house, but knows that she's running in and out a lot during the day.  So, in the evening when mouse isn't running so much she will take her shoes off and keep them off.  Just like she will kneel before him when he does get home from work, remove his shoes and put his slippers on his feet.  It sounds silly, or 1950s TV show (trust mouse would NEVER share this with her girlfriends)...but it's actually part of that mental changeover.  Little itty-bitty things that reinforce submission.  

You probably already have a few rituals in place already that you never thought as being part of that period of restoring your inner balance.  Adding a few other tips that hopefully were inspired by this post (or spurred by) can't hurt.

Please let mouse know your thoughts.   

Monday, October 27, 2014


After a few nights of some very dirty dreams featuring mouse being spanked during a fancy dinner party Daddy became completely unhinged with mouse. He pulled her into the house, pushed her into his study, whipped off his belt and beat mouse's ass red. After the very rough fuck across the desk, mouse orgasmed. A huge squirty orgasm that after she stopped panting led mouse to say, whoops.

Daddy was amused truly but again clucked that mouse was in deep trouble, while remarking about the mess on his desk. No, he didn't allow a towel. It was so damn hot, being used this way, with him being all forceful making mouse lick the mess off the desk. It was somewhere during that, mouse woke up. Yes, it was all a wonderful dream and what can only be described as a Wizard of Oz moment (and you were there) mouse recounted the dream within the dream. It's weird when your dreams begin with you recounting a dream.

Daddy kissed mouse, the kiss totally unexpected and disarming, if he were wearing a belt, he would have taken if off. We had incredible weak-kneed sex, that was just amazing and he allowed mouse to orgasm. And a wonderful way to begin the day.


Friday, October 24, 2014

Cruel to be Kind

Last evening, surprisingly mouse had few demerits, so Daddy decided to forgo punishment. Instead, he used the time to toy with mouse. Ramping her up, until she was ready to burst and then abruptly stopped the play saying she had enough. Noooooooo! Ok, she was a little too loud in her lamenting about him being mean. He told her to go read.

He removed all the Jane Austen, Christopher Hitchens and replaced them with trashy, sexy stories on her reader. He knows mouse gets off on words way more than a visual will do. It was cruel of him. Later on in bed he decided because mouse couldn't be trusted, to cuff her wrists. It's all making mouse crazy and she's constantly aroused. The frustration comes out. First the slut, then the frustration.

Daddy likes it when mouse becomes completely slutty. Especially if it involves her crawling toward him. Usually. But this time, he patted her head and gave her a task. Later mouse tried again, clearly obsessed. Again, he rebuffed the advance. A nice swat on her backside warned and thwarted other advances from mouse. At bedtime, Daddy kept mouse nude, pulled her into bed, up on her knees, grabbing a fistful of hair, he took her from behind. After he cuffed her wrists and looped some rope which he held onto.

Now, for some odd reason mouse actually liked the idea of that, being really tied to him. Physically bound and despite feeling frustrated, mouse slept wonderfully. It makes mouse wonder a little, what this weekend will bring?


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Whispers of Quiet Conversation

There are countless posts where mouse has mentioned Daddy saying, "I understand" and it ends up being a conversation stopper.  Anything else mouse would say would just be repeating herself, leaving him to repeat that he understands and on and on.  It's something that we do almost without thinking about, so when mouse does sit and ponder it, it's kind of odd.  

For example, recently at a cocktail party, we arrived at the appointed time Daddy took mouse's coat, as is our custom.  He asked simply if mouse wanted a drink (he believes it's the man's responsibility to wait in the drink line) and mouse replied with, "Only if you do." Meaning yes, she would like a cocktail (it had been a super long day).  If for some reason she didn't want one, she would reply, "not unless you do."  It seems silly to word things that way, but mouse does try to keep to her ambiguous way of speaking in public settings.  

It's a way of pushing mouse out of the conversation and inserting something or someone else into it.  An example might be, if someone mentions a fabulous vacation, mouse might mention someone else who has traveled to same spot but never herself or directly.  It might be "we have plans to visit" or "Omega isn't fond of that area."  

The party we attended had a sort of buffet set up, with various finger foods, cheeses, crackers and the like.  While Daddy waited for drinks mouse gathered some tasty bits of foods he'd enjoy before circulating and making the requisite small talk that always happens.  Often we end up separated during these parties unless Daddy has fear of becoming bored and wants mouse close by him.   His code for "It's time to move on" is looking to mouse and saying, "Dear, you must incredibly bored by this conversation." 

Make no mistake it means he's bored.  

But mouse demurs, smiles in that shy way and we move on.   If mouse is actively engaged in a conversation about window coverings (for example) he'll just move on but if mouse shows the slightest disinterest by tilting her head a certain way and gazing up toward the ceiling Daddy will often rescue her.  

Oddly we can't explain how this all began, probably years ago when we worked together and mouse found him cornered and rescued him.  

Going back to the beginning and the 'only if you do" or however mouse words it at that moment, it probably is best to also say that mouse is a consensual slave to him, and makes no demand.   The decision if she has a cocktail is up to him to decide and it's just a sly way of letting him know that it's preferred.  

If there aren't any foods that mouse knows that Daddy would like, she will simply ask him if he tried the bacon-wrapped shrimp (or something else he's sure to dislike).  This way we're not embarrassing the host or hostess.  Daddy will cull the alcohol, we'll eat a few crackers and depart early.  Same is said if mouse returns with just some various cheeses.  Sometimes the party itself is fine but the food offerings are less than stellar.  In that case he'll cut out the alcohol, switching to water and we'll just mingle for a while.  

Monday, October 20, 2014


Daddy called mouse to her knees, her body still wet from the shower. He placed around her neck a collar with a chain attached. The rings through her nipples were attached to the collar, which if mouse moved her head a certain way, pulled horribly. He was amused at mouse's discomfort and tugged at the rings. Then he forced her to her knees and stuffed himself into her mouth, bending her head backward. Oh the pain was intense but honestly delicious.

He was kind enough to withdraw, and removed the chain from the rings, before returning mouse to task and a good mouth fucking he wanted her to endure. When he finished he wiped himself on her face and forbid her to move. He returned with the cane, bending mouse over the chaise and went to work on her rear. Then he chained mouse to the chaise as he went to work on the soft area all drippy with some serious need.

Daddy worked the area between her legs bringing her to orgasm, drawing many thank you's from mouse. Then he said something but mouse was too foggy and didn't hear him, soon she was asleep. When she woke, her arms were cuffed. Legs splayed open, with him touching and licking her down there. As she writhed, he bit her, not hard but in a getting attention kind of way. Whimpers came from her as she edged closer. Then he stopped. The neediness mouse felt was huge and just wanted him to fuck her.

He moved around slowly and she felt something tugging and her legs being secured. He's awful sometimes and loves to edge mouse without really allowing her to orgasm. When she did finally he clucked that she'd now need to be corrected. Pegs came out on her breasts and other tender areas. With a sharp pull, her legs went up. He spanked her bottom red, while she moaned. He still forbid her to orgasm, even as he continued to edge her endlessly until mouse finally slipped into subspace.

Then he stepped up his own brand of torture. Much later mouse felt herself coming back to him, ironically it was as he was fucking her. A while later, he repeated things that mouse kind of recalled but didn't realize she agreed to not orgasm without permission for the next four weeks. Yes, mouse blinked.

A month without orgasm? He never does that.

And why the hell is it, the moment he says you can't, all mouse wants is to have one? Seriously mouse can go weeks without giving the idea of orgasm a thought. He's never selfish about it. Except when Daddy wants to be like now.

The moment he says, "no you cannot have one," it's the only thing mouse can think about?

Did mouse mention he's taking notes about this? And Daddy wants mouse to discuss her thoughts here?

Did mouse mention this is one of those times she hates him just a little?