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Monday, May 13, 2019

If You Wake Up with the Sunrise

And all your dreams are still as new
And happiness is what you need so bad
Girl, the answer lies with you

Illness passed, but the cough lingered longer, then we got slammed with non-holiday holidays (St. Patrick's Day) and Master had to attend a conference so that left His slave feeling very adrift without His daily guidance. It's just not the same when He's away, yet somehow we muddle through it. Sure tasks are completed, meals prepared, clothing laundered, shopping accomplished but it feels rote, as though one is on autopilot until His return. Thankfully, the trip was short, and He returned exhausted from the travel. Three flights, He sardonically quipped that driving might have been faster.

While Master was away, the house went through its traditional spring/Passover cleaning rituals and He returned to a spotless home, even though we weren't hosting. It really just felt good to just give the whole home a good once over. Soon we had resettled into a comfortable routine, albeit a busy one, with mouse often waiting to be useful. During those times, she would occupy herself with lists or tidying, but nothing that hold her attention away from His needs. One evening He did call her to pleasure Him orally as He worked at His desk. Quickly mouse became lost in her mind as she attentively worshipped His cock.

During the day, either while Master travels or is just away at work, routine rules each day for mouse. The family home is cleaned, laundry is done (which is endless) and shopping, meals prepped each afternoon for the evening meal. Snacks prepared for after school to be brought along to activities or for at home. The plug each morning is inserted by Master after the enema. When He travels, while mouse is allowed to enema on her own, the plug is not inserted by her, unless He prefers it, which so far while Master has contemplated the idea -- He has yet to allow that.

After several days of going plug (and corset) free, the feeling when it is back feels so right to mouse and this calmness comes over her like a warm wave. The corset, tightly bound reminds her that she's owned and not free to just move about as she might like. While there is a profoundly different mindset that has slowly evolved over the course of our relationship, always problem free, it is not. Errors are sometimes made, corrections are still necessary and mouse strives to be more careful with her words or actions. Normally her quick mouth is most likely to bring her trouble, occasionally her inattention does as well. As Master will put it, distracted by shiny things, or lost in a thought, steps are missed. The idea of multitasking that everyone says is go great, is for the birds Master says. You cannot properly do 5 things at once, or even two, effectively; something always suffers.

It's already May and while there's plenty of year left, time seems to moving quickly. Don't blink you might miss it. Mother's Day happened and we accepted an invite to celebrate with some of Master's family, which turned out to be one of those expensive hotel brunches.

Back at home, mouse finally was allowed to kick off her shoes and get into the kitchen to prep dinner that evening for the family. A very light meal of chicken breasts with a pesto sauce and salad full of fresh veggies and fresh baked bread (the bread was slightly disappointing this time). The day ended just the way mouse wanted! 

Monday, March 4, 2019


Yes, mouse has the flu (confirmed by doctor) and after getting the flu shot last fall, so far Master has her quarantined and not allowing much around her. Missing the old man dog so much it hurts. 

Monday, February 25, 2019

Let's Go Shoot a Hole in the Moon

You draw the curtains and one thing's for certain
Your cozy in your little room
Your carpet's all paid for, god bless the TV -- Bernie Toupin/Elton John

As mentioned in a post last month, we've been watching TV more in the evening. By TV we mean streaming or renting movies, and occasionally a network that shows old movies. Master really loves old movies from what's often called the Golden Age of Hollywood. Recently we watched High Noon, a movie mouse saw many years ago as a child. Master isn't a huge western movie fan but will watch one on occasion, nor are "war" movies a favorite. There are a few of each Master does enjoy watching. 

Recently, while during High Noon, mouse was lost in servicing Him for most of the film. It's a game He sometimes like to play with His slave, keeping her mouth occupied on His cock. It keeps her useful to Him. One evening just a few nights ago, He noticed that the film Bridge Over the River Kwai was on. Now, He had intended on playing the similar game until mouse said that she'd never seen that movie. 

"How could you have never seen it -- it is a classic movie." He replied somewhat aghast.

So, we watched the film, which stars Alec Guinness and William Holden. It's a good film, based on several stories and not really completely fact or fiction. We were snuggled on the sofa, with mouse beside Master. It gets a little slow in the middle, but the toward the end the tension mounts. Soon, mouse was yelling at the TV....

"Just blow up the damn bridge!"

"You can't be that dumb, blow it up!!!"

Then suddenly out of blue, mouse screamed, "USE the force!"

At that moment Master cocked His head and arched His eyebrow to His slave, "The force?"

Yeah, no words, it was a moment where she opened her mouth to speak and closed it, then just shrugged. 

Monday, February 18, 2019

When Illusion Spin her Net

I'm never where I want to be
And liberty she pirouette
When I think that I am free
Watched by empty silhouettes
Who close their eyes but still can see
No one taught them etiquette
I will show another me

We held our breath, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Tuesday Master returned to His office outside the home. It was Thursday before the rest of the house returned to any semblance of normal. 

The floors were filthy from the snow, paw prints, foot prints, mud, rain so donning the work clothing and apron, the floor was scrubbed. Years of trying to find the proper tool to take the drudgery out of doing the floors, and finally admitting the only way to really properly clean them is on your hands and knees. There is something about humbling yourself and admitting the Shark device, the Swiffer and all the gadgets just aren't as good as good old fashioned elbow grease. Naturally, just as the floor was clean, the rains picked up and those (Shark or Swiffer) are perfect for spot cleaning. It was already beyond the  mid-week point and there was much to do before Shabbat rolled around again. 

Valentines day Dinner was steak for Master, with mushrooms in a rosemary, shallot and garlic port reduction with some roasted asparagus and salad. The kids had heart-shaped pizza (whole wheat crust, red sauce, cheese with bell peppers). Dessert was very simple just a chocolate bundt cake (made from scratch), sprinkled with a bit of powdered sugar. 

Bright and early yesterday morning right after waking Master, He announced we were going out for the day, He'd already arranged for the kids a sitter and in a short time, we were on the road. It's rare that we go anywhere without the children, so mouse was enjoying the silence of the car and with Master behind the wheel she could also enjoy the passing winter scenery. Passing trees that looked like sticks in a painting by Bob Ross. Even Master noticed it and remarked that mouse seemed almost unusually quiet. Smiling back at Him and reassured Him that she was just enjoying the drive. 

Part of her wanted to explain it further but He responded with, "I understand." and she felt there was nothing needed to add to that. Like an oasis in the desert, we came to the destination an Indian gaming casino. While sill inside the car, Master slipped mouse a $100 dollar bill and then escorted her inside. Master, a table man, made His way to the craps table, while mouse went to walk around the variety of slot machines, until one spoke to her. Lady luck was on her side, so after nearly tripling her money, mouse walked around a little and checked on Master at the Crap table. He acknowledged her, but the look He gave said that she shouldn't pester Him aside from bringing Him a beverage. 

Carefully putting aside the original $100 with another $100 beside it, mouse played a little with the remaining money. The casino had become quite busy by then, and the machines had stopped speaking to her, or maybe it became so loud she couldn't hear them. Playing a little here and there she stayed and walked, checking again on Master, occasionally dropping a little into a machine but her luck had definitely turned. Master on the other hand, seemed to be doing well. At one point when she brought Him some water, He offered her some more money (assuming she had lost) and she politely refused.

A few more hours of now mostly walking she was feeling very cramped, the smell of smoke was annoying her (which is almost odd since she still smokes on occasion cigarettes). Snippets of conversation could be heard, like a rapid flipping of channels on TV and much of it political. Outside she walked through the manicured garden area that surrounded the casino, finding some measure of solace from the noisy interior. There was a nervousness though that couldn't be shook away, a feeling that this was wrong to be so far from Master. Inside the noise and smoke she became lost in the throng of people until she found Master, who was cashing in His chips. 

After making sure mouse had no tickets remaining to cash in, we departed, His hand steadying her and guiding her through the now very busy place. Only in the car did He ask how she did. 

"Won two hundred Master, it was fun for a while." 

"And how much did you put back slave?" Master asked with a grin. 

"Still have $250 give or take," mouse replied, but admitted she did put aside the $200 but wasn't sure how much of the other hundred was left, since she did gamble a little and had bought Him a few bottles of water and a snack for Him.

He remarked that wasn't bad, and said that she could keep the money for the upcoming grocery shopping trip. Once a month we do a larger shopping trip to get all the expensive meats and such for the month, so mouse thanked Him. It made sense really, why hand Him the money just to be handed it back? He did check to make sure later but that was to be expected, since she wasn't sure anyway about the final amount. Master also never offered how He had done, but we did stop on the way home at a nice restaurant.

It was dark by the time we returned home but the house was alive with activity and noise but soon settled and Master did check the purse and found mouse was close in her estimations. As we relaxed a little, mouse on the floor beside Him on the sofa, there was a moment of reflection. In the past she might have tried to hide the money or been at the worst careless with what she won. Sometimes when gambling you just blow through a hundred dollars like that, even with the most conservative betting. Other times -- that $100 can last for 5 hours and she might even leave with a little money. No big wins but enough to just keep playing. It's fun. The other side was the way mouse used to be, the side that would hide that money, not telling Master about it. Sure if He checked her wallet, He would see that she lied to Him. If He had, He never said.

It's odd the way things used to be, the ideals that mouse took for granted as being part of the game that was being played. The game taught to her by hours of endless television and other women she'd come to know. The idea that certain lies didn't count in a relationship. The feedback loop of female thinking was standardly applied to more than a few topics. The idea that men were something to be convinced or cajoled into thinking they held some control when it truth they were impotent to the women in their lives. Like, in the past when she'd pass by Master at the Craps table, and He'd just hand her money figuring she was unlucky that day, when the reality was quite different and was adding the extra cash given by Him to her "winnings" but said nothing about it and if asked she'd lie.

The more you lie, the easier it is to lie about anything -- until you're caught up in the net of your own creation that was spun by your own illusions. Then, you may be forced to take a mental inventory of your misdeeds and flawed thinking -- but usually that only happens if you're caught. This isn't to suggest that Men are instantly perfect and without any blame all of the time, but mouse, for now, is focusing on herself. Really she can't know if Master has taken any advantage of her or used His male wiles to alter her thinking the way she's tried to do in the distant past with Him? Somehow she doesn't really think so.

So, here we are again a Monday, and it's a holiday. 

Monday, February 11, 2019


We should be used to it by now, but it never ceases to create some sort of havoc on our lives. Each year we do get a bit of snow, what could be described as a dusting, which makes everything look like it's covered with powdered sugar. Earlier in the week we heard the warnings, significant snow possible for our area. Shopping was done, supplies, and yes those included plenty of wine and some scotch. Friday morning it didn't look too terrible, so when the buses for school came around the kids went to their various schools. Then the cleaning began for Shabbat and looking forward to unplugging from the world for 25 hours. 

Master sent a text just as flurries were beginning to fall, He had gotten the same text that schools were closing early. An hour later the children were all home safe and sound, noses pressed against the window watching the snow fall rather eagerly. Master was leaving work early, and got home around 2 and half hours later. Traffic was miserable and the commute was very slow, but He made it safely. Being the nervous Nellie that mouse can be, when He did finally make it home, mouse gushed and kissed His shoes as she removed them. 

He barely had time to shower before it was time to light the candles. In the end by His estimation we got nearly a foot of snow. Once the children were in bed, He had mouse pleasure Him as He read from a book. Then He had mouse remain at His feet, holding His evening beverage with her blouse open, waiting rather attentively for Him to want it. It felt both sexy and natural to do this. Eventually, He announced that it was time for bed, so mouse followed Him, helped Him undress, folded His clothing and it should be noted that He didn't ask for any of this but instead, it was mouse feeling compelled to serve Him in this way, which He graciously allowed. After He unbound the corset, He did have mouse bend to remove the plug in her bottom. He slid into her with a groan and fucked her ass, while His fingers tormented the nipple rings with tugging, pulling and twisting them. Before too long there was a cry from mouse as the orgasm that seemed to be building since He came home from work, finally was realized. He chuckled as He continued pounding her with her real Master, His cock. When He finished He returned the plug, plopping it back into place. Then mouse knelt before and cleaned His cock gently with her tongue. 

After she finished her own bedtime routine, mouse got into position in front of the bed. lowering herself to the carpet, extending her arms, stretching, eager to hear His voice to come to bed, or really whatever He wished. Had He said to sleep on the floor, she would have. It's like the brain was disconnected from everything else, the only NEED was to please Him. His voice cut through the night, and she clamored into bed, not realizing how cold she was. 

Saturday is family time, mouse in the kitchen cooking because we couldn't really all go out anywhere. Sugar cookies and decorating them, seemed to be ok with a fun valentines day theme. Since we don't need hundreds of cookies laying around, the children bundled them up, and delivered them to neighbors and we took the dog for a long walk. Then we returned home and watched movies, popped popcorn, nibbled on left overs from Friday night's meal. When bedtime came, Master had to carry the little one upstairs. We were all tired, so after our bedtime routines Master told mouse to just come into bed before she kneeled. Sunday morning He did enjoy using His property a little, which for her included a few marks across her backside just for fun. Enema and shower, cum swallowing were part of the morning, and of course coffee.

Sunday we had chicken soup and fresh bread with cold meat sandwiches. One surprise was a call from our area butcher, who was having issues at the shop. Rather than throw away thousands of dollars of meat, he personally went around delivering to customers like us (it was all still safe), all the things we usually buy and threw in some bones for the dog. He said the shop will be closed until next week likely. He was grateful to his very regular and loyal customers. Master said as He handed the box to mouse to sort through and put away, it pays to be friends with your butcher. He was right. We won't have to shop for a few weeks and the roast was gorgeous. There was also household duties to be done and other things that needed to be done for Monday. The weather report came in that there would be more snow. Sure enough it began falling. Then came the text messages that schools would be closed on Monday. We, since we were already beginning the nighttime routine, decided it was best to not tell them.

After kids were in bed Master again had mouse act as His beverage and remote holder, later upstairs. He used His slave's mouth and throat, which made her gag. He loves that, when she gets all weepy after His harsh use. He also mentioned that He really likes the plug that protrudes, which makes sitting very uncomfortable. He has found that mouse is happiest with little idle time. Too much idle time and she begins to think often about things she shouldn't be thinking about. Well, not really shouldn't be thinking about, but how things used to be. That endless of loop of comparing and contrasting the past that Master says needs to stop. We're good and happy now, and that's all that matters. He has the slave in mouse He always knew she could be and mouse is at last content with being just what He wants. 

Now we wait to see how bad this latest round of snow will be, Master has already set up His work station in His study and said that since the kids will be home today they'll have to keep the noise level down. His memory of His Friday commute is strong, and proclaimed nothing is worth that. Through the closed door of His study mouse can hear Him working hard for our family. Sharing the snow day news with the kids can wait until later. 

Monday, February 4, 2019

Afternoon Delight

My motto's always been when it's right, it's right
Why wait until the middle of a cold dark night?

So Master had a day off after He returned from His work trip was feeling a bit lazy (not to mention jet-lagged) so He spent some extra time in bed, probably snoozing or listening to the morning noises, like "mommy can you..." Then there was the quick errands to run, returning to pick up a few things they were out of before. Hurrying home to Him, put everything away, poured a cup of coffee and realized it was cold, contemplated just warming it up, but then remembered that Master was home, upstairs sleeping and quickly decided on a fresh pot. It was a good choice because just a short while later, He could be heard moving around two floors up. 

Quickly arranging a tray and carefully carried it upstairs and could hear Him on the phone -- it took a second of eavesdropping not entirely on purpose because if it were a business call, the protocol is to wait and not disturb Him. As it was, He was on the phone with the housekeeper and letting her know that she could have the day off with pay (because it was short notice). Setting the tray beside the bed carefully mouse knelt on the floor waiting for further instructions. Tuesdays are usually lighter cleaning days with real cleaning happening later in the week in preparation for Shabbat.

"Did you enema this morning slave?"

"Yes Master."

"Plug inserted?"

To this, mouse turned around and lifted her dress skirt bending forward slightly in what used to be an embarrassing display, to show the plug was indeed in place.

He slapped the side of the bed, and simply said, "up" and took His time examining the now faded marks He had graciously left before His trip. His tongue clucked that this wouldn't do, and sent the slave to get the leather strap. In an almost animal way, she climbed off the bed, crawled to the bathroom and retrieved the leather strap in her mouth and in truth, felt like a dog asking for a walk.

The first blow of the strap fell across with such a sting and force that a long scream was heard. There was no gentle play or warming up or even a stark warning this would hurt, just the sudden whiz of air and the wallop. The next blows stung but didn't carry that shock of the first. No part of her body was left unmarked by the strap by the time He tossed it aside and for a brief moment mouse considered this punishment for something she was unaware of. Then the feeling of His cock pushing into the cunt and again a gasp that more sounded like a soft scream. He groaned as His cock filled the cramped area, then pulled out, reached with His fingers and yanked the plug out, before shoving His back in. At this point, He surely could have done anything. The slave was nothing if compliant, and when He again pulled out, moved her around and shoved the cock into her mouth; she didn't complain as He roughly fucked her mouth. It felt wonderful to be used and useful to Him.

Then He told her to change and wash the sheets on the bed, while he sipped coffee that had since gone cold and told her to reheat it too. When she returned with the hot coffee, He returned the plug to its home in her ass and watched a little as she did the tasks He'd instructed. When He showered mouse warmed His towel and dried Him off when He was finished. Since He did have some work to do, and couldn't waste the whole day on more carnal pleasures He sent the slave to work on performing all the tasks for the day (including those that the housekeeper would perform). Eventually, when the time had come, the tasks completed, and the children were due to return, Master allowed the slave to dress. There was something about performing all the tasks in the nude, it seemed to have an affect, maybe coupled with the beating and fucking -- but it felt quite natural to be like that for Him if only for a few hours. 

Monday, January 28, 2019

Ain't No Sunshine

And this house just ain't no home....

Ok, so we took a little poetic license and used a song that you have to switch she to He, meh, it fits the mood around here. Master has been away on business and won't be returning until later this evening (that is if His flight isn't cancelled). Despite keeping to the daily routine cleaning, some extra spring cleaning things, wearing the plug He commanded be worn, it's been a struggle. Especially at nighttime. Little things that are missing like the taste of His cock, the sound of voice -- the feeling of Him in the bed. 

When Master used to travel years ago, often mouse looked at it like a vacation from her slavery to Him. That is not the case anymore, but there were things done a little differently, like her old man dog, would lay across His side of the bed (even often putting his dog head on Master's pillow). It was comforting though, like she wasn't alone. When the old man dog passed away, mouse has tried various methods to make the bed feel not quite so lonely. Like bunching up the pillows under the covers or even inviting the big baby-girl into our bed for a night of movies -- slumber party. It's sort of different now, the big baby-girl would rather have a real sleep over party with her girlfriends at school than keep mom company. 

When Master is gone the house feels empty, yet full of the usual people doing the usual things. At night, after undressing, mouse will kneel in front of the bed, imagining Him there watching her, waiting for His command -- which doesn't come, but she waits anyway before climbing into the bed and sighing. The last thing she does is send Him a goodnight text message, which He never responds to because He's already asleep and we've already exchanged our goodnight text messages. He makes sure her phone is silenced at night, so in the morning when she does wake (usually early) there's a text from Him waiting for her. Our day moves along that way with little messages back and forth, being careful to not gush about how much she misses Him at every turn. Master knows He is missed and loved. 

Counting down the hours, 8, if all goes according to plan...then it'll be minutes...seconds...