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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wheels Go Round and Round


Good morning, cannot express how lucky mouse is to be kept indoors today, chained to the oven. At least in a figurative way, as she's baking sweets for our Chanukah celebration with some close friends and family. Outside it's just yucky out, cold, damp and dark. This is the perfect activity since it will keep mouse awake, otherwise she'd certainly be napping at some point. It should be mentioned this might be the last post of the year or at least until after Christmas -- since Chanukah ends right before Christmas eve and we've got lots of things going on. We hope everyone has a happy holiday.

Daddy has always said if mouse is going to insist on placing candles in our bedroom, they might be used for something other than illumination. The other night he tied mouse, bound her arms behind her back and then made her lay on them, her legs parted wide, at his insistence. He dripped hot wax on her tender bits and that was exciting and stingy.

Then he vanished for a moment. Daddy returned helping mouse up, repositioning her arms, so they were pulled out to match her legs. Spread eagle, which always makes mouse feel very embarrassed. The room was so brightly lit and every flaw exposed, pulled taut for his amusement or deviant pleasure.

He whispered in that breathy tone, he wouldn't blindfold mouse or gag her, but she would have to keep still. Yes, the response was to tug at the restraints. He flicked a nipple. Not too hard, but mouse took as a warning to keep still. Then he pulled something out of pocket, he just touched her inner thigh, and she began to really pull against the restraints. Panic had filled her. Anxiety just went through the roof. While mouse tolerates well and thoroughly enjoys the kinky stuff we frequently do, the Wartenberg Wheel just freaks mouse out. It makes her skin crawl. Loathe isn't strong enough to describe how that meat tenderizer wheel from hell makes her feel.

He raked it slowly along her inner thigh, moving it up slowly toward her most tender of tender spots. If we used a safe word, mouse would have said it when she saw it. The sobs did nothing to stop or cease his activity ("Give me your tears slave") and his words just pissed her off.

Tugging against restraints, fighting the experience, fighting him. If she could get a leg free she would have kicked him in the face. Still he wouldn't stop. slowly up and down, never hitting the same spot it seemed to mouse, twice. Tears flooding her eyes, feeling the quiet pull, and then he moved it to her breasts, then back down, teasing every part of her body.

When he tugged on her nipple ring and touched her soft spot he pronounced she was drenched. Once again her body betrays her, the inner slut screams for more despite the mind's sound protests. The tugging stopped and the mind just settled and eventually floated in spite of herself. It wasn't a subspace float where she's quiet and unaware, this was quite different. In that moment, mouse had given up and just submitted focusing on each second clicking forward. Her tears, quiet chokes of capitulation. Surrendering fully to him. So lost in those seconds, she hadn't noticed him freeing her legs from the restraints, until she felt the soft, almost electic caress of his sex against her tenderized flesh.

The moment of hate is replaced with a stunning sensation, her whole body rises to meet him, silently begging to be fucked. Wrapping her legs around him willing him to enter her. "Beg for it slave." and like that, before she can think she's begging, pleading, cajoling him for his cock. Anything to stop the torture of the gentle rubbing of that area that feels electrified.

Eventually he obliges mouse, entering her quickly and pounding her, his weight pressing and holding her fast with her arms still outstretched unable to hold him and frustrated by the rope's tug. Again capitulation occurs and mouse surrenders to him. So alert is her body she can feel his juices spilled as he orgasms. Ringing in her ears is the raspy sound of his voice forbidding mouse to orgasm.

In his mouth he captures a nipple, with his teeth he tugs shamelessly at the ring, and she's unable to form words, like 'stop that' or 'ouch'. Then she feels the blasted wheel, and forgets herself as it inches slowly again toward her exposed raw and inflamed clit. The sensations overwhelm her, tears again fall but he asked for them.

"Give me your tears slave." his voice, commands her and her body just obeys. Arms pull against the restraints as he finally commands her to orgasm. Trembling, quivering, a molten mix of something breaks free and her body releases for him. At last he releases her arms and gathers her up, he brushes her hair with his large hands and plants kisses on her face.

His voice sings to her a quiet song of bliss, surrender and love, he loves her suffering, just as much as loves her tears of anger and frustration. Yet now, the only tears falling are the quiet blissful murmurs, the gentle fire he carefully built smolders until his touch later reignites the flame.

Searching with her mouth she finds him, feels his hardness pressing against her throat, his hands grabbing a fist full of hair, commanding her to suck. Forcing her down his length, into her throat shocking her for a moment into gagging and gasping for breath. He releases only to plunge her again to the murky depth of him. The action repeats as he relents, causing her to retreat, only to her press down again further. Fingers claw at the bedding, but she knows to never touch him. This is his time to use her mouth. Fresh tears well filling him with pleasure as they drip against his skin. All she feels is the weight of his hands controlling her movements, her speed and the tension builds until he pushes her head far down, breathing cut off and she feels his salty seed stream down the back of her throat.

His large hands pull her head off as she gasps for breath, and he strokes her hair. It pleased him,

"Give me your tears."

Convulsing softly beside him, snaking around, holding onto him with all she has, her body quakes again at the sound of his voice, trembles as she orgasm without so much as a touch from him.

Finally stilled by the power of her own surrender, she finds him stroking tenderly her cheek, whispering that she should sleep now. Feeling the pilow under her head, almost dutifully with her quiet, empty head, she submits again, but this time to sleep.


Monday, December 15, 2014

Pretty Please

Good morning! Today's agenda has lots of errands for mouse. Our weather has been quite cold with a bit of wind that makes everything seem more cold. It was certainly the type of morning one would love to spend snuggling in bed. The blasted alarm won't wait, a constant reminder that the day must begin. This morning, mouse was so fuzzy-headed that she simply wandered around the kitchen -- at a complete loss of what to do. The morning routine is completely a rote activity -- not this morning, mouse had to think about what needed to be done.

Daddy allows mouse to set our social calendar, naturally he has final approval but, it's the holiday season and our dance card is over extended. During the day on Friday, however he sent a text message saying to be ready and dressed up when he got home. He added the note for mouse to put her hair up. It was so odd, because this was the only weekend we've nothing going on.

At the appointed time mouse was ready and shortly after he got home and changed he was ushering mouse out the door. We ended up at a quiet restaurant just the two of us, and it was horribly romantic. Daddy ordered for mouse, we whispered, giggled...Daddy ordered for mouse the most delicious petite steak, that melted in her mouth.

When we finally got home, the house was quiet. Daddy without saying a word, pushed mouse over the arm of the sofa and fucked her hard. The dinner had nothing on that. It was amazing. As much as mouse appreciated the romantic stuff -- really it was nice -- but this was different, raw and nasty.

Saturday we all went to the mall and in the evening since the weather was ok, we stayed downtown, looked at the twinkly lights and went for a drive past decorated homes. We even stopped at a coffee place and got festive holiday coffees. It was so much fun.

Sunday Daddy decided to untangle some lights and put them up in the bushes and trees surrounding our home. We did escape for few moments for a quick spank and fuck session while dinner bubbled on the stove (mouse made stew) and it was a lovely way to spend the day.


Friday, December 12, 2014

Dream of a Lifetime

Good morning friends, coffee is poured and it's warm at least inside the kitchen where there is a batch of cranberry muffins. Our weather is completely schizophrenic,  with temps shooting up to the 50s with lots of wind yesterday. Not at all sure what today will bring, but it's a little cooler and wet.  

Last night Daddy punished mouse -- essentially for the exact same things as last week. It began earlier in the day in fact, before discussion, he told mouse to write out all the expectations, using her very best penmanship. When he finally got home from work that evening, the book she writes in was on his desk -- along with the mail. All was put aside until after dinner was over, the kitchen tidied and the house was quiet.

Now, mouse knew this would be a bad punishment. Maybe he regretted letting mouse off a little light last week? Whatever, mouse was still snappy and rude to him several times last week and it can't all be blamed on holiday angst we all feel this time of the year. Yes, mouse has many excuses but none of them are valid reasons for her behavior.

This time, unlike times before the remorse just bubbled up; it had started as she wrote out her expectations when she got to the part "mouse understands that all punishments or corrections are for her own good so that she will continue to improve and grow."

When Daddy made her kiss the cane. It was as though a dam burst and the tears turned from quiet whimpers to choking sobs. The mental release was beyond cathartic for mouse, who was trembling and struggling to stand. Daddy simply stopped and scooped mouse up into his arms and held her. Once she finally calmed, he continued with the punishment and held her longer after it was done. Later in bed, Daddy kept holding mouse.

How many times has this happened? How many times has she ignored or held herself back from him? Why is it she rarely realizes it until after the damn breaks and suddenly she understands how much she was holding back from him? This morning her optimism is still bubbling over and all she wants is to please Daddy.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Great Online Cookie Exchange Extravaganza

You can find mouse's entry here.

No post for today because it's all about cookies and cocktails.

A very special thanks to Jz for organizing this event!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Rainy Days and Mondays

Good morning friends, it's a blustery day again with a bit of rain here, all our snow seems to have vanished but Jack Frost assures mouse he'll be back soon.

Friday afternoon Daddy came home from work just mentally drained, and as timing had it, we were supposed to go out to dinner with friends. He dragged himself upstairs, showered quickly and was ready to go still before mouse was. Nothing new there. He did take a moment to inspect mouse and check her marks from the previous nights punishment. He knew sitting would be uncomfortable so he decided to add a plug to mouse. Yes, she actually pouted a little, but slid it into place as Daddy watched.

He said no to the slightly larger purse too. In the car as mouse squirmed, he laughed and said if he was going to suffer, so would mouse. At the party, Daddy was in good spirits, things were fine until he got home and opened the mail. He found out his newspaper would no longer be home delivered to our area.

Oh yes, it's the end of the world mouse chided him. Yes, he scolded and lectured her on why physically holding a newspaper was far superior than reading it online. His whole breakfast routine would be ruined. A well established routine for him. Still squirming from the plug, mouse offered that he couid sleep a bit longer or we could certainly fill the time doing something else.

His solution was for mouse to suck him then and there. Funny how the whole discomfort she felt ebbed away as she sucked him and quickly returned as she finished. Finally upstairs, mouse removed the plug, washed it and put it away. Daddy watched, and told mouse to lay on the bed and spread her legs wide. His fingers toyed and played with her, making her pant like a whore for him, then she felt the cool sensation of lube, and shivered.

Yelping, replaced the moans as his fist filed her, stretching and twisting, making her mind drift far from him. Far and away mouse traveled, lost in the bliss of pain and pleasure. Eventually floating back and curled up beside him, whimpering softly.

Saturday and Sunday were spent quietly, mouse wrapping packages, putting together gifts and baking cookies. Sunday snow fell, then later turned to a mix before eventually turining to rain. It was bittersweet for mouse seeing the small amount of snow just melt away. Daddy brooded a little over the newspaper, but watched football and in the evening played with mouse.

There is so much yet to do for Chanukah, then Christmas...then new years eve. On the 10th is Jz's awesome cookie exchange and it's not too late to sign up. Still despite being busy there is so many reasons to feel blessed, even without a morning paper.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Thoughts on Being Corrected and Punishments

Good Morning, it's bitter cold outside today and we woke to a powdered sugar dusting of snow. Somehow, as mouse looked through the day's agenda she thought about last night and her demerits. At times mouse will become annoyed with the idea and wishes he'd do away with it.

Daddy doesn't punish mouse without careful considerations, this became very clear last evening in his study when Daddy went through some of the more notable demerits mouse had been awarded. He asked questions, which are more or less rote, "Do you understand why, mouse" comes up frequently. He doesn't do this because mouse is incapable of comprehending him, Daddy does it so he understands. He wants to be sure mouse isn't overwhelmed or requires extra help or assistance.  For this reason the discussion part can go on longer than the punishment.  

He needs to know (probably as much as mouse) the demerits are because she planned poorly. Lately, they've had more to do with her attitude, being snappish or hyper sensitive to what she feels are criticisms. Not only with him, but others as well. This all ties into the poor planning part. At times mouse will put off doing something, because she doesn't want to and then something else goes wrong or something unplanned happens and there's a freak out. But had mouse stuck to what she should be doing there wouldn't be a freakout.  This will all come out during the discussion portion -- unless mouse knows there are no valid reasons for her behavior.  

It's a good thing Daddy does this, because there have been times when mouse was really making herself crazy trying to stay on top of everything and failing miserably. When he looked at what was happening he realized this and made adjustments. It helped mouse profoundly. Kneeling before him in the study, with mouse resting her head against his leg she realized its not about being punished. It's more about him holding himself and mouse accountable.

We don't need punishments to be an excuse to play -- this is really punishment for mouse. Play, is fun (especially when Daddy pretends to punish mouse), but punishments or even lighter corrections aren't. If he didn't really care about how mouse sometimes speaks to him, why bother with a punishment? It matters to him and that should be reason enough for mouse.

Lately, Daddy has had mouse write out some of her expectations as part of her punishment, and at first mouse thought it to be busy work, or a way to keep mouse occupied. Last night it occurred to mouse that it does remind her of why we have them to begin with. They didn't fall from the sky but came from Daddy, so that mouse will better understand her purpose with him.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Alternative post title: How to rack up a million demerits...

Good morning, its currently 32 degrees outside with some wind blowing (winter hasn't even officially started and mouse already wants it over).  

So, mouse is in the car driving and listening music when she got behind someone...while its not word for word what mouse said, it's close. The problem was Daddy was beside her. He looked amused, shocked and not sure what all else. But his little black book came out and he was busy writing away with his pen.

Very briefly mouse considered how satisfying it would feel to snatch the pen from his hand and toss it out the window. Daddy must have read her expression because he tucked the pen into his pocket. The next car who cut mouse off, Daddy placed his hand on mouse's shoulder as if to say, "Don't think about it." 

The reason he was in the car was he'd dropped his car for service at the mechanic, and needed a lift to work.  At first it was nice the idea of driving him to work, except that he hates the way mouse drives.  Alright, that's not fair.  He thinks mouse is a good driver, he just feels more comfortable driving himself and it doesn't matter if he's in a cab or riding with a friend or mouse...We could just say it's his way.  

So, mouse's outburst on the freeway wasn't completely unexpected for him and yes mouse swears like a sailor when she's driving at times.  He's tried ways to get mouse more zen about driving, classical music on the radio but it doesn't matter. In front of building as he was getting out he told mouse we'd discuss it later and she hates that.  

He sent a text later in the morning saying his day was light, so if mouse could manage it, we could meet for lunch and then pick up his car, so mouse rearranged the errands and met him for lunch.  When mouse saw him, he had her scoot over so he could drive.  We drove to the restaurant and he didn't say much, just that work for him was finished for the day.  

Lunch was nice, but he didn't mention the morning incident and mouse thought briefly she was in the clear.  Silly mouse.  

We ran a few errands in the city -- since it's not often mouse goes there and then went to collect his car and she followed him home. Everything seemed very normal until after dinner.  Then he punished mouse.  Still it was good that he did it, because she still has all day today and most of tomorrow before he closes the books on her week and she'll be punished again.