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Friday, February 5, 2016

Moon River

Despite it downright being freezing outside mouse caught a glimpse from her kitchen window at the moonlight dancing on the river way below. Of course in her head she could hear Audtrey Hepburn and imagining her on the fire escape in the film Breakfast at Tiffany's.

That morning Daddy had left for a meeting and wouldn't be expected until the next day. Still, before he left he used the cane on her bottom and it was smarting awful. It made mouse not want to sit at all, so she spent the day gladly cleaning. Anything was better than sitting. Sleep that evening was difficult, but that was expected.

At night mouse had a terrible time falling asleep.

In the morning mouse did all the things that she knew Daddy would require (shaving all the body-parts) and getting the house in order for dinner. We had extended family for dinner that evening, so mouse wanted everything extra special. By the time he walked through the door, quite honestly mouse was completely ready for a nap. The roast came out great and we had a few hours of laughter and fun.

At bedtime, Daddy looked over his slave's body, then used it. Saturday was similar, he was very stealthily objectifying mouse a good deal. It made her feel warm and useful. It's odd how she feels that way at times. His seemingly indifference toward her, makes her feel useful. Weird.

Sunday morning we lingered in bed too long, with mouse pleasuring Daddy with her mouth. Then we had to play "catch up" breakfast getting things settled. Daddy had some work to do, and mouse wanted to get dinner finished (yes it was still morning or very early afternoon). Threw a chicken into the oven with a pan of vegetables.

Then we dressed for a open house party. Good friends bought a new house and we guess decided to throw an open house party to show it off. It was really lovely. Very nicely decorated (they don't have kids), everything looked crisp and fresh. The family room was exceptionally nice, bright and sunny (despite being dreary outside) with a wall of windows. Their kitchen is simply to die for,(complete with lovely butler's pantry) pity neither of them cook

It made our home look and feel just meh.

Our floors, while fairly clean (mouse says fairly because they're impossible to keep really clean), they're scratched from kids and animals and mared from being walked on. Our house looks used. Their house looked all new...

Sure our house is older construction, and we haven't lived here long -- it just felt dated. Like the wallpaper we didn't bother to remove when we moved into the house. It's looking very tacky. The walls are looking tired too. The sunroom isn't looking sunny, it's become overrun with toys.

Yeah mouse has a case of house envy.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Maybe it's Writer's Block?

Daddy said, "Why don't you journal today?" Not in the you must do it way, just as maybe a suggestion. So, mouse went into his study, lifted the shade and looked around. Stared at the laptop, and noticed a cobweb. In the corner, there was also some dust in the corner.

Who can write with such distractions? Such filth?

So she cleaned the study. Then a very short time later sat again and stared...

Was it lunch time yet?

Snack time?

Did Daddy call her?

Maybe a load of clothes were sitting in the dryer? Or worse the washer?

Nope, both were empty.

Oh, maybe some wash needed to be done?

No, she should sit and write and fun.

Or maybe write about how she completely came undone recently during a maintenance spanking.

It wasn't such a thing, mouse probably just needed a good cry anyway. So when he lifted her skirt, her nose began to sting, before he can really begin, mouse was already in tears. He didn't stop but continued, until her tears began to slow. When he stopped he held her for a while and suggested that she take a shower. He cooked breakfast, while mouse got dressed and fixed her hair.

We didn't talk about it, and even now mouse can't explain what happened.

Maybe this is why she hasn't been able to blog?

Monday, January 25, 2016

Let's Dance

Over the weekend we were invited to a dinner thing, or so we thought. Daddy felt it was important to go, so mouse wore a simple black cocktail dress, with her red shoes. The dinner thing that mouse thought would be a dull business thing, turned out to be a surprise wedding.

They wanted a wedding, but didn't want a lot of pesky gifts so they just invited who they liked. When we walked in and saw a few people completely overdressed it should have been a clue. When they fired up a big disco ball,everyone started dancing.

Sunday, while the guys watched football, the few of us who didn't care watched the classic Casablanca. It was so much fun.

Later after our friends left and everyone was settled for the night, we went to our bedroom for some alone time. He spent time torturng mouse's body and loved it when she cried and whimpered. It was nice to take the time. After Daddy watched as mouse took a long hot bath.

A very nice ending to a busy weekend.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

World Won't Get No Better...

...if we just let it be...

It's been a difficult start to 2016. Daddy phoned mouse and said, "Honey are you sitting down?" Then he related the news that David Bowie died. Then Alan Rickman, but that was followed by the completely devastating news about Glenn Frey.

How many posts have been inspired by Bowie and the Eagles? Is it possible to relay how important their music is to mouse?

These are people she'd never know, never met, save for sitting in a concert, yet are so very much part of her soundtrack of her life.

And ever since watching Sense and Sensibility, mouse was completely in love with Alan Rickman and will never be able to read the book again without seeing him in her head.

Other than that, things here have been ok -- our house it seems has never thoroughly recovered from the holiday season, so finally mouse decided it was time to dig into those corners and give the house a total overhaul. Our housekeeper has been away for several weeks and mouse was terrified that she'd walk into the house, look around and promptly leave. To suggest that things went a bit lax is a serious understatement. We both have been hideously busy, with recently many nights we simply pass out from exhaustion.

Yet, when mouse has been least connected to this blog, she feels even more connected to Daddy and her slavery to him.

Hopefully soon, things will naturally settle and she'll again feel the connection to our blog.


Friday, January 1, 2016


Happy New Year! Can you believe it's now 2016? Our celebration was simple this year. Small bites, some cocktails, a few friends and lots of laughter. When the last guest had finally left, and the last glass was loaded into the dishwasher, Daddy whispered to mouse that this would be a year of exciting changes for us.

Then he led his slave upstairs, undressed her, he thoroughly examined her body and used her, taking his time. He took out his strap and marked her body as his. It felt complete, almost surreal. Everything mouse could ever ask for. It's like he's the answer to the question that mouse never really thought to ask.

It was made very clear that mouse's body is solely for his enjoyment. As he spoke the words, out loud, direct, without beating around the bush, made her warm and wet. He expressed perfectly his desires and knew that mouse agreed. How could she not?

We've been moving slowly in this direction for a long time now, looking backward it seems clear. Evident. Simple. The past few months he's observed a calm, secure, completely at ease mouse and it's all because of him. The comfort and mental freedom of slavery. The lack of fear and worry that something is wrong.

The mindfulness, the keeping on task and finding pleasure in all those dull things we all must do each day. A renewal.

All this has been said many times before, with him slowly pushing mouse forward on our journey. Each time, was left thinking, 'well this is's all perfect now.' Perfection of this kind is never achieved. He will forever ask more of our relationship, he will change things at his whim and he knows that mouse will always follow him.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Olden Times and Ancient Rhymes

Our family is rather secular, the holidays aren't, to us, a time of dogma or debate about which coffee shop has the most festive cup. To us, it's simply an excuse to gather. Despite feeling harried and fretting over what might be the perfect gift, we have come to realize, at least philosophically, the best gift to share is time.

The first night of Chanukah, we gathered one and all at a relative of Daddy's, there were candles, dreidels, laughter and food. We exchanged stories as often as gifts were passed around. The evening ended a little early, or we were simply too wired from sugar, Daddy decided to take a drive around to look at holiday lights.

Playfully, we "judged" homes in our neighborhood, who did the most tasteful design, who's home looked silly, or over-done. There's one house around the corner from us that's completely over the top. If it blows up, lights up, twinkles, plays music and sparkles, it's in their yard with little order to it. Still each time we drive passed we notice something different. It's like a where's Waldo.

Sadly the outside of our home remains dark, well save for the lights that are always on at night. It's not high on our priority list. Inside our home, mouse has pared back the decorations. The stairs are decorated with garland snd twinkle lights. Daddy said we'll only have a real tree or none at all, he loves the smell of a fresh tree. The mantel is decorated with stockings, one for each member of our family.

Daddy has stepped up his maintenance of mouse and loses no opportunity to objectify her while we're alone together. It's really the place where mouse has into and feels the most comfortable. Yet, as it's written out, mouse finds it possibly sounds odd. Maybe not. Yet, when he takes her from behind, it makes her tremble and when he tells her that he doesn't care in the least if she orgasms or not, it actually makes feel satisfied and content. He gives her purpose and stilled the thoughts of what others think a relationship should be about.

Maybe things have happened while the blog was silent? Or maybe it's just us moving forward, evolving and finding peace.

Happy Holidays!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Commenting on a Comment

Early Saturday morning, Daddy said there was a new comment on our blog that she might want to see and address.

The anonymous person wrote: "I'm in training right now and I was wondering if your Master ever does anything that makes you feel like your being emotionally abused. Do you have an emotional safe word?"

It's an awkward question for mouse, no Daddy has never made mouse feel like she's being emotionally abused, nor does she have an emotional safe word. In fact through the years he's done much to help mouse move beyond and heal the emotional wounds of the past.

It's troubling to mouse because of some of the chosen terms used, "in training" and "Emotional abuse" both are incredibly broad terms that require context. Also, if one looks up emotional abuse online, the examples used often don't apply to bdsm styled dynamics, because of barriers placed by society, it's hard to say what's abuse. For example, often there are issues that people reading The Expectstions that have given readers pause or caused issues with those of a more liberal mindset. Especially those surrounding what she might or might not discuss at public events. Yes Daddy prefers that she not engage political talk. However if you knew mouse personally you might understand why he prefers it. The Expectations he has for mouse aren't just for her blog life but for what he expects from her all the time. Do they hamper her? Sometimes yes, but often not, because she accepts them, just as she accepts Daddy as her Master. Yes, she does refer to him as Daddy on these pages, but really it's because he has nurtured her in a way that makes her feel quite comfortable. He doesn't spoil or indulge mouse, nor does he easily forgive when she does break a expectation. No, she's held accountable for her errors. In that way he's Master. In other ways he might be more Daddy-like.

It can come down to "feels" which honestly mouse doesn't like to do. But if you anonymous, feel your Master is emotionally abusuve then it's possible he is. But mouse cannot presume from a few words left on a journal if this is the case.

Now there are things in the bdsm world that involve humiliation, sometimes Daddy will use mouse like a peice of furniture or go further in objectifying her than she would like, but it's always followed up with him showing that he does care. Usually it's not demonstrative, but perhaps more subtle. Like when he knows she's been busy working on something, he will make certain she eats or takes a break. He knows that life can be demanding on his slave at times. There's a nice balance to that thing we do that for us works.

Having said that this lifestyle is rarely a one size fits most thing, what sounds disturbing to some might seem like heaven on earth to another. Just like what might feel like routine to some, might be thrilling to others or even too much to some.

Bottom line is this lifestyle dynamic should lift you up and not make you feel down most of the time.