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Friday, October 24, 2014

Cruel to be Kind

Last evening, surprisingly mouse had few demerits, so Daddy decided to forgo punishment. Instead, he used the time to toy with mouse. Ramping her up, until she was ready to burst and then abruptly stopped the play saying she had enough. Noooooooo! Ok, she was a little too loud in her lamenting about him being mean. He told her to go read.

He removed all the Jane Austen, Christopher Hitchens and replaced them with trashy, sexy stories on her reader. He knows mouse gets off on words way more than a visual will do. It was cruel of him. Later on in bed he decided because mouse couldn't be trusted, to cuff her wrists. It's all making mouse crazy and she's constantly aroused. The frustration comes out. First the slut, then the frustration.

Daddy likes it when mouse becomes completely slutty. Especially if it involves her crawling toward him. Usually. But this time, he patted her head and gave her a task. Later mouse tried again, clearly obsessed. Again, he rebuffed the advance. A nice swat on her backside warned and thwarted other advances from mouse. At bedtime, Daddy kept mouse nude, pulled her into bed, up on her knees, grabbing a fistful of hair, he took her from behind. After he cuffed her wrists and looped some rope which he held onto.

Now, for some odd reason mouse actually liked the idea of that, being really tied to him. Physically bound and despite feeling frustrated, mouse slept wonderfully. It makes mouse wonder a little, what this weekend will bring?


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Whispers of Quiet Conversation

There are countless posts where mouse has mentioned Daddy saying, "I understand" and it ends up being a conversation stopper.  Anything else mouse would say would just be repeating herself, leaving him to repeat that he understands and on and on.  It's something that we do almost without thinking about, so when mouse does sit and ponder it, it's kind of odd.  

For example, recently at a cocktail party, we arrived at the appointed time Daddy took mouse's coat, as is our custom.  He asked simply if mouse wanted a drink (he believes it's the man's responsibility to wait in the drink line) and mouse replied with, "Only if you do." Meaning yes, she would like a cocktail (it had been a super long day).  If for some reason she didn't want one, she would reply, "not unless you do."  It seems silly to word things that way, but mouse does try to keep to her ambiguous way of speaking in public settings.  

It's a way of pushing mouse out of the conversation and inserting something or someone else into it.  An example might be, if someone mentions a fabulous vacation, mouse might mention someone else who has traveled to same spot but never herself or directly.  It might be "we have plans to visit" or "Omega isn't fond of that area."  

The party we attended had a sort of buffet set up, with various finger foods, cheeses, crackers and the like.  While Daddy waited for drinks mouse gathered some tasty bits of foods he'd enjoy before circulating and making the requisite small talk that always happens.  Often we end up separated during these parties unless Daddy has fear of becoming bored and wants mouse close by him.   His code for "It's time to move on" is looking to mouse and saying, "Dear, you must incredibly bored by this conversation." 

Make no mistake it means he's bored.  

But mouse demurs, smiles in that shy way and we move on.   If mouse is actively engaged in a conversation about window coverings (for example) he'll just move on but if mouse shows the slightest disinterest by tilting her head a certain way and gazing up toward the ceiling Daddy will often rescue her.  

Oddly we can't explain how this all began, probably years ago when we worked together and mouse found him cornered and rescued him.  

Going back to the beginning and the 'only if you do" or however mouse words it at that moment, it probably is best to also say that mouse is a consensual slave to him, and makes no demand.   The decision if she has a cocktail is up to him to decide and it's just a sly way of letting him know that it's preferred.  

If there aren't any foods that mouse knows that Daddy would like, she will simply ask him if he tried the bacon-wrapped shrimp (or something else he's sure to dislike).  This way we're not embarrassing the host or hostess.  Daddy will cull the alcohol, we'll eat a few crackers and depart early.  Same is said if mouse returns with just some various cheeses.  Sometimes the party itself is fine but the food offerings are less than stellar.  In that case he'll cut out the alcohol, switching to water and we'll just mingle for a while.  

Monday, October 20, 2014


Daddy called mouse to her knees, her body still wet from the shower. He placed around her neck a collar with a chain attached. The rings through her nipples were attached to the collar, which if mouse moved her head a certain way, pulled horribly. He was amused at mouse's discomfort and tugged at the rings. Then he forced her to her knees and stuffed himself into her mouth, bending her head backward. Oh the pain was intense but honestly delicious.

He was kind enough to withdraw, and removed the chain from the rings, before returning mouse to task and a good mouth fucking he wanted her to endure. When he finished he wiped himself on her face and forbid her to move. He returned with the cane, bending mouse over the chaise and went to work on her rear. Then he chained mouse to the chaise as he went to work on the soft area all drippy with some serious need.

Daddy worked the area between her legs bringing her to orgasm, drawing many thank you's from mouse. Then he said something but mouse was too foggy and didn't hear him, soon she was asleep. When she woke, her arms were cuffed. Legs splayed open, with him touching and licking her down there. As she writhed, he bit her, not hard but in a getting attention kind of way. Whimpers came from her as she edged closer. Then he stopped. The neediness mouse felt was huge and just wanted him to fuck her.

He moved around slowly and she felt something tugging and her legs being secured. He's awful sometimes and loves to edge mouse without really allowing her to orgasm. When she did finally he clucked that she'd now need to be corrected. Pegs came out on her breasts and other tender areas. With a sharp pull, her legs went up. He spanked her bottom red, while she moaned. He still forbid her to orgasm, even as he continued to edge her endlessly until mouse finally slipped into subspace.

Then he stepped up his own brand of torture. Much later mouse felt herself coming back to him, ironically it was as he was fucking her. A while later, he repeated things that mouse kind of recalled but didn't realize she agreed to not orgasm without permission for the next four weeks. Yes, mouse blinked.

A month without orgasm? He never does that.

And why the hell is it, the moment he says you can't, all mouse wants is to have one? Seriously mouse can go weeks without giving the idea of orgasm a thought. He's never selfish about it. Except when Daddy wants to be like now.

The moment he says, "no you cannot have one," it's the only thing mouse can think about?

Did mouse mention he's taking notes about this? And Daddy wants mouse to discuss her thoughts here?

Did mouse mention this is one of those times she hates him just a little?


Friday, October 17, 2014

The Sounds of Silence

A funny thing happened a few weeks ago that still has mouse quietly pondering. We had driven, just the two of us Daddy and mouse to close up the summer house for the season.  In final week of summer we just didn't have the time to close it properly and Daddy suggested that he and mouse return a few weeks later and do it then.  

It's not a lot of work, but it's quite the drive, since we won't be returning until maybe the Christmas season this year, we wanted to make sure things would be ready in case we did -- or at least locked down in the event we decide not to.  It's all the usual stuff, clearing out the fridge, gathering up toys left behind, moving outdoor plants -- no washing just a general getting things in order for our return, whenever that might be.  Daddy did arrange to have the fireplace inspected and some wood delivered which all had to be moved.  

Anyway, during the long drive there, mouse felt the need to fill the silence with her voice, just an endless sentence almost.  Daddy couldn't get word in, it he wanted to.  It's reading road signs, talking about this or that, and mouse can't even begin to recount it all. It started with him saying something under his breath, when mouse mentioned we were getting closer.   When mouse asked what he said, he replied, "You talk too much; you need to shut up."  

Vesta wrote a wonderful piece recently that everyone should read about being corrected.  

Back to mouse's story,  there's something odd that happens when mouse is corrected by Daddy, it can lead to one of two things, with one option being she'll become feisty about it -- arguing back that he's being unfair.  The other side is to be the good girl that mouse imagines herself to be and totally overcompensate in an effort to correct the problem, all while feeling wounded.  

The problem wasn't that mouse was talking or even talking too much, the problem was that he couldn't get a word in.  There was no free flowing of conversation, just a prattle coming from mouse.  Honestly, the line of thought was she was being helpful during the long drive by filling the silence and failed to notice that Daddy was weary of it after the first hundred miles.  

Nothing was said even after we arrived at the house.  It wasn't until that evening that Daddy spoke about it.  He was careful in words, saying he wasn't upset but explained that it was mentally exhausting for him.  He likes conversation but mouse wasn't conversing she was talking to him not with him.  It didn't mean that she couldn't talk now, or speak her mind but it was to be an exchange.  

The art of conversation?   Oh dear, mouse was finally letting it sink in  and she wasn't coming off very well.  Nobody wants to be the by the person that makes the endless stream of small talk.  For a moment mouse became that person.  It hurt however, being corrected by Daddy in this case because honestly mouse meant no harm by it and believed she was being helpful.  For him, it was different and really not a huge thing at all.  Just something he wanted mouse aware of and surrender to the silence.  Still it has taken mouse a while to write about this in a public way at least.  

It seems to be about the sting of the correction that still reverberates within her and much like an echo continues to replay itself.  The desire to be the "good girl" is perplexing at times.  Daddy said at the time "Do not take this to mean I do not welcome your thoughts or expressions, I only only wish to cull the meaningless, idle chatter."  

Maybe it's more about balancing and not going over-board with silence or chatter?  The ride home mouse overcompensated and was dreadfully quiet, and in part it was a bit of childish, "i'll show him." After a while Daddy drew her out into a conversation and we had a wonderful talk but then mouse remembered that she was hurt by him and went back to be overly quiet.  Petulance runs deep at times.  None of this was lost on Daddy but at the same time, he did enjoy the ride home.  One thing mouse did notice time didn't seem to go any faster without her chatter, but when we both talked about something, then it seemed to fly.  

And secretly at times, she hates him a little when he's right.  

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

More on Dreams and Television

On Monday, mouse wrote about watching TV shows and having odd dreams because of it.  It has dawned on mouse that many don't know or understand why. So, first mouse guesses she must explain that we don't watch TV.  Seriously, if it wasn't for Twitter, mouse wouldn't have known that the season premier of The Walking Dead was even on.  Daddy will watch sports, the news and maybe some late night TV (Tonight show or whatever).  For the most part, we can't stand all the commercial breaks.  We watched the History Channel Houdini movie they did toward the end of summer and turned it off, not because it was terrible or anything but because of the commercials.  Toward the end of the first part, you'd get around 8 minutes of movie and 2 minutes of commercials.  
What we do, is we will watch things on Amazon Prime or Netflix streaming -- which has full seasons of TV shows, we might have missed out on.  For example, the ABC hit Lost, for the longest time mouse tried to watch the show when it was on TV.   Several people she knew told her that she had to watch it, but whenever she tried (having not seen the first few episodes) but it's not the kind of show you can come into out of order.  So nothing made sense and mouse quickly 'lost' interest.  Then came a rainy day and Netflix.  The show had recently been added to the streaming service and mouse began watching the pilot episode.  Daddy came in, and we began watching together.  When that episode was over mouse started the next; by the third episode we were both hooked.  The good thing was the show was finished and all seasons were available.  

No commercials, no interruptions just LOST.  For those unaware, the seasons are HUGE at around 22-24, 45 minute episodes each.  And you must sit and watch every single one.  It's not like some shows where you can kinda pay attention...maybe while doing something else.  The show Bones is kinda like that, you can half pay attention to an episode and not really miss anything.  The X-Files too many of their episodes were just "one off" story lines.  It's not like there's a quiz or anything. The Sopranos was also a bit like that as well -- you didn't need to pay attention to every single moment of an episode but the characters made you want to.  Lost, conversely was completely different, each episode was packed with information and most came up later, it required immersion.  

Mad Men, Downton Abby are different serial type of shows.  You watch to pay attention to the characters and individual drama as well as the costumes and sets. It can be intense but completely different in that in that intensity.  These are also the kinds of shows mouse doesn't mind waiting for the new season.  

Some shows, like Greys Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and probably a few others, go for punctuated times of intense must watch drama.  For Grey's Anatomy, for example, you watch the first two or maybe three episodes of the season, then you can miss everything until February and miss out again until the last 4 episodes at the end of the season.  You'll catch up nicely on what happened to individual characters when they do the "previously on," bit.  Or you can go online.  

The Following is different.  Kevin Bacon is incredible in it.  It's intense in that bad freaky kind of way.  Cult members showing up on a subway and randomly killing people, leaving one person alive enough, to tell police what they said and why.  That kind of shit just freaks mouse out -- because quite honestly you don't know who can be trusted and the twists in the first season were spectacular.  And it's another show, much like Lost and Walking Dead that does require emersion.  

Which brings mouse to The Walking Dead.  It's intense in that "yell at the TV" sort of way for mouse, and incredibly gross...after a while tho the zombie bits become like..hmm another zombie battle, fast forward until it's over...See who survives.  But the overall story, the villains (who aren't zombies) is completely compelling to mouse.  Each night mouse can effectively watch between 9-11pm four episodes since there isn't commercials.  You can really get into it, a lot more than if you're stuck watching just one episode a week.  

But that can also ruin a probably good show, like 24, mouse had never watched it, so began watching it on Netflix.  The first couple seasons were amazing, chillingly intense, but then it got old fast.  After the fourth season mouse began watching the "previously on 24" and the last 5 minutes of the episode and skipping over everything in between.  The repetition became fast annoying -- perhaps watching each show weekly would have been better.  Daddy pointed out that mouse must not be enjoying the show much.  

If mouse watches too much of any show, like when she went on a Star Trek DS9 bender over the summer, watching every single episode on DVD, the dreams started a week or so after.  Not bad dreams, but dreams about the characters and more or less the kinds of dreams when you know you are dreaming.  Walking Dead dreams aren't good ones.

American Horror Story, well that's just fucked up shit.  Daddy loves that show, but seriously, fucked up shit.  

Monday, October 13, 2014


Daddy always warns mouse not to watch intense or scary shows in a rapid fire order. The reason is after watching so many shows, mouse begins to dream about it. This has happened countless times. When mouse went on a Sopranos bender a year or so ago, watching all six seasons in rather quick succession and within a day or so the dreams began. Odd dreams.

Then there was another time mouse became hooked on Lost (which is available on Netflix streaming). Cannot begin to explain the weird sideways dreams mouse has had. Some shows like American Horror Story, Daddy put his foot down refusing to let mouse watch any of it that way. Recently a friend mentioned they started watching The Following, which mouse watched in quick succession, and ended up having dreams about cult members. Watching Mad Men though led to some very sexy dreams.

Then there's The Walking Dead, a show mouse hasn't ever watched. Until now and it's super intense, gross and scary, like mouse has jumped a few times. Then the nightmares began, which also somehow got twisted into something devilishly kinky. Yes, only mouse can do that! But that show had been placed on the back burner.
  • Well, there's always plenty of books to read, quite frankly too many of those of late. Still about half way through Victorian guides to managing maids and servants (no, there's no spanking mentioned).
  • Then there is this book, Daddy asked mouse to read when she has the time and it's written by reader of our blog! It's a collection of short kinky stories, written for her Master. It's not very expensive to purchase and it would help the writer through a difficult time.
  • Then there's several free etiquette books mouse is forever reading and rereading. It's what also sparked Interest in the whole Victorian maid, butler thing...because, what exactly does a footman do anyway?
  • Finally, Fiona asked Daddy in an email about the App we use to coordinate to do lists. It's the reminder app bundled into our iOS and came with his laptop, which is now linked to mouse's phone, iPad, with his computer and his phone. It doesn't always update really well, there has been times where mouse has looked, saw nothing and closed the app, thinking nothing new. Later mouse opens it again, it's loaded with stuff.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Everybody's Talkin'

"mouse has no opinion of politics, religion and will ask Master for his thoughts before accepting the thoughts of others."

Could you elaborate on this, please? Particularly the "accepting the thoughts of others" bit. It initially reads something like "if someone gives me their opinion on one of these subjects , or tells me something about a religious or political group, I can't accept it without Master's permission". And that confuses me because you can accept that a person has a certain view without adopting that view yourself.

Or do you mean that if they offer to share their views with you, you cannot accept their offer without checking first?

Awesome question.

This was one of those things Daddy used to stem mouse from running her mouth at social events. Many times, quite honestly mouse has very strong views about varied topics. More often than not, people just repeat things they've heard (which are sometimes wrong). To keep mouse from embarrassing herself or him (accidentally of course).he made this suggestion as a way to remind mouse her place.

Also, it's probably worth noting that when this came about. The US was in the midst of a presidential election, so opinions were flying everywhere. Daddy never tells mouse how to vote and yes we do argue at times, between us, about politics. Most of the time at events or parties it's not an issue, people rarely discuss religion, politics or money, except when there are events going on around the world, which becomes fodder for discussion. Religion, Daddy absolutely frefuses to engage in any public way, as he truly believes that to be private matter.

Publicly Daddy really does believe mouse is a reflection of him, how she carries or holds herself within the public.