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Friday, April 24, 2015


Good Morning friends, we've got some yummy mushroom omelets, fresh fruit and lots of hot coffee. Our weather has again turned, not terribly cold, but not nearly as warm. Wednesday morning mouse noticed something strange and can she say she hates it when things don't work like they should or used to? Figuring out the trouble and the solution took much more time than the task should have required. Breakfast was rushed, the day felt hurried.

Daddy had mouse in the plug again all day which just gave her that comforting thing, to mouse it's really an ass binky. Without being aware of it, mouse will often tighten her ass around it, sort of like a baby sucks on a pacifier. By midday however,it began annoying mouse and actually contemplated sending Daddy a text. The distraction, the disjointed thoughts came to the surface and mouse went to the bathroom to just cry. Then she did send him a text -- saying she had a little meltdown, a good cry and felt better. Not sure why she bothered with that -- perhaps part of her hoped he would take pity on her and allow her to remove the plug?

Of course he had no way of knowing the plug was an issue. He replied that he understood and that he knew it must be difficult to feel so invaded. It might be worth mentioning that while mouse is very used to wearing a plug, wearing it all day is rather new to her. Daddy slides it into place, and he removes it. He mentioned he would rather mouse not handle it at all -- except to clean it.

Two more mini-meltdowns occurred later -- emotions just bubbling to the surface. While cooking dinner however, it did occur to mouse that she did feel much calmer -- tears aside and it became more clear, she cried because she needed to. He came home from his day earlier than usual and looking a bit tired. He said he'd like to sit in the hot tub to relax a little. He asked mouse to follow him upstairs. He removed the plug, watched mouse use the bathroom as he changed out of his suit. Then he had mouse help him with swim trunks. When she kissed his dick, he told her that wasn't helping. He found the large plug, added a healthy dollop of lube to it, and told mouse to bend over. When she hesitated he gave her a short slap in the face and repeated the command to bend. He worked it into her, slowly as mouse cried.

Dinner, despite the distractions was actually on time, but really mouse felt teeny bit resentful about the plug issue. After mouse finished the nighttime stuff (kitchen, kids) and things were settling down Daddy said we were going upstairs. He took out a vibe and slid iit into mouse, the fullness of the plug end her cunt made her moan and it edged her quickly before he stopped. He fucked her ass, and groaned that she was perfectly opened. When he finished, mouse cleaned him. Then washed herself and the toys and left them on the counter to dry. Daddy pulled her back to the bed, spread her open and toyed with her using his fingers. He had her draw her knees up to her chest and delivered a few wicked slaps to her bottom.

He didn't allow mouse to dress but after we talked about her day, the tears and emotions. He knew or sensed it was plug related. He also admitted her corset was tightened a bit more than usual. Funny, but mouse hadn't noticed that. Shortly after he removed it, and called her to the chaise and began to paddle mouse's behind. Soon mouse was again in tears, and even to her surprise orgasmed. He had mouse ramped up and after she was really exhausted and felt the familiar fog settling around her. Again he bound her wrists and let her sleep.

Thursday morning her wrists were free, so mouse began her day as usual. Put on her bathrobe to go downstairs to start coffee, get breakfast organized before returning upstairs to wake Daddy. Morning oral is the high point of mouse's morning. Feeling his semi-soft cock awaken in her mouth is such a joy. He made no effort to stop or to take control of it. Occasionally, mouse would look up at him and the foggy feeling returned. After, Daddy gets up and starts the shower and mouse follows him, arms above her head, he soaps up her body and washes her, except her hair, which he leaves for her to do after he's done. He did tell her to shave her puss. After he always rubs some lotion on it, which makes mouse moan (he also inspects the area to make sure a good job is done). He did put the corset on her, but skipped the plug, in fact they were all gone in the morning.

After breakfast the house was quiet, mouse began a few chores and just kept moving through the day. Just as the previous day mouse found herself clearly overwhelmed more than once and went to the bathroom. Daddy said for mouse text him each time she felt like that, so she did. He didn't reply with much.

Dinner was uncomplicated and Daddy was home at the usual time.

Later Daddy called mouse into his study and had her undress. This had her a little nervous, because she was certain she earned a punishment. Yes and no, the only demerit was for hesitating that time. He explained that her body belonged to him. He felt the slap was enough but he wanted mouse think about that. He sent her to the corner. After a long time, we talked about it again, and mouse promised to try harder. He had mouse dress, and wait for him upstairs.

More thinking time, mouse assumed and did her bedtime rituals, and waited. He hadn't said to go to bed, so despite feeling very tired mouse waited. Much later he came up. He brushed his teeth, calling mouse to the chaise, where he spanked her until tears flowed again. After he held mouse, telling her he was really proud of her and that made her cry more. At last he cuffed her wrists and put her to bed.

This morning is more or less normal, except he had mouse enema, and the plug is back for the day. Daddy said he'll be home early.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Like a Little Girl

Good morning friends, our weather has been nice, which is completely unusual and it's been a very welcomed change. It makes mouse feel lighter and happy. It also encourages her to delve into corners and clean away the cobwebs. Daddy enjoyed very much our weekend time alone. He remarked about it more than once. It really made mouse happy that he was so pleased.

Monday he surprised mouse by calling her to his study and said he wanted to discuss something with her. He explained that he's noticed a few things recently -- that aren't bad, but observations. He referred to his notes. We've often struggled with if maintenance spankings really made a long-term difference. Daddy being all about data decided to go back over his notes. While it had little effect on punishments, it did create sense of vulnerability in mouse. Like the corset, showering with him, only he washing her body all had an effect on mouse. We still shower together, the corset is still part of lives, although its not worn daily. Maintenance spankings however are more an ebb and flow thing. Sometimes he's too busy or feels rushed to do it properly and again, we were never sure if they really helped long-term.

Daddy noticed that when mouse was calmer, the house ran better (the idea of a happy wife equals happy family). He likes the vulnerable mouse to come out more. The one that cries at happy things and becomes shy when she's aroused. The mouse who's completely unafraid to go to him with an issue no matter how trivial.

Now, it should be said or explained that mouse isn't afraid to bother Daddy with a problem. There are times she doesn't share with him things, but that's more because why bother him? He's not Tony Stark, he can't fix everything. Someone cuts her off on the road, it's annoying, but she's not going to run to him to tell him all about it. No, she'll cuss like a sailor out her window and honk her horn.

Not exactly the picture of feminity is it?

What his data did show was that with daily maintenance mouse calmed, reported less yelling at drivers (which is true) and less flappable. Things just didn't bother her and they certainly didn't fester. That led to a calmer, happier mouse and a calmer, happier, better run home.

It never does, nor does it mean to, take away all her stresses, because nothing will take away the stress of getting the house ready on a Friday afternoon for the weekend. But once the candles are lit, good, bad or whatever, it's over and the stress is gone.

Guess what maintenance did do was let mouse cope better. Recently, some craft glitter was spilled all over the floor and table. Honestly, mouse probably spent more time yelling and ranting about it than it actually took to clean up. Glitter is awful and the ranting was justified, but in retrospect...

He doesn't need to every little thing that happens or goes wrong throughout each day, but then again, mouse becomes used to not sharing that with him, and begins to not share other things. The emotional mouse vanishes and while she's always open to him sexually, he notices a difference in how much more open she is when she does allow herself to become vulnerable. When that need to be inside him drives her and makes her cry. When the desire to please him makes her crazy and when she does she cries.

Daddy wants her tears. The happy ones, the frightened ones, the sad ones; he really wants them all. It makes us stronger and more connected as a couple. He doesn't want a bratty slave, who pouts and endlessly complains.

He admitted this is all his fault. He hadn't paid enough attention to the details. Winter months -- all the holidays, work and family all take their own toll on him too. He let mouse drift too far from him and was more or less just comfortable with how things were going. It wasn't until this weekend, he realized suddenly how far we have drifted. How much mouse has hid from him and not in bad way -- again we were both more or less just drifting along.

We talked for a long time, too long probably, mouse did become defensive in the beginning, he wasn't attacking mouse or laying blame but she felt she needed to validate why. The whole time he held mouse's hands. Calming, reassuring her. The tears fell before she was over his knee, before he coo'd softly into her ear that she needed this badly. The emotional damn burst wide, with many thank you's from mouse.

Tuesday morning, Daddy told mouse to lift her arms for the corset. Now, this caught mouse off guard since she anticipated being told to exercise. He had mouse bend over the countertop and slipped in the plug, saying it should be fine to leave it for the day. He then took out a butcher twine, and threaded through the nipple rings, pulling them together just a little and tied the ends. Then he stood back to admire his handiwork. It made the rings jut out.

Running errands was interesting to say the least and to suggest that mouse felt extremely self conscious is really putting it mildly. The weather was warm, so the top she wore offered no sense of protection, her nipples stood very erect all day and the rings...well you could totally see them as well. The string added to the effect oddly. Added to that she just about died putting on the seatbelt and quickly realized her movements were restircted by the tugging that felt strangely comforting. The plug in her bottom provided her with that swimmy-head feeling. It's doubtful anyone noticed anyway.

Well, the butcher noticed -- that much mouse is certain. Daddy laughed when she recounted the story. After placing the order over the phone, mouse drove over around lunch time. We are good, regular customers, so the butcher bills us once a month and mouse calls ahead with the order to avoid extras, although he'll often tell mouse about specials he's running. He was helping someone else when mouse walked in. He stared -- which was embarrassing to mouse. He stopped and carried the box to the car and put it into the trunk. His eyes never left her chest.

Daddy instructed mouse to remove the string when she was finished with her errands and house chores. Gladly she complied. The plug, he said should remain in place.

"How did that make you feel mouse, being objectified like that?"

"Humiliated and sexy, Daddy."

"I understand."

We talked a little longer about the chores and other things. Then he said for mouse to go upstairs, wash her face, brush her teeth and undress. He quickly added he'd be up soon to remove the corset. He was behind her when she finished brushing her teeth. Almost nude except for the corset and plug, his hands and fingers wandered. He moved her forward and tugged on the plug, pulling it out and then pushed it back in several times, before removing it completely. He told mouse to wash it, while he continued to finger her bottom, then he entered her there, while his fingers tugged on the nipple rings and mouse turned to goo. After cleaning him (and herself) mouse was led to the chaise and bent over his knee. He started slowly, and built the momentum, with some firm slaps to her bottom. In time it was hurting, and he actually did it harder when he heard sniffles. Eventually tears spilled. Having had such a great cry Monday, mouse was shocked at hard she cried.

When it was over, Daddy held her for the longest time. He put her to bed, and whispered in her ear, he would be binding her wrists together. The sleep she had was amazing.

Wish this morning had gone nearly as well.


Monday, April 20, 2015

And Everything Under the Sun is in Tune but the Sun is Eclipsed by the Moon


Good morning friends. We had a fantastic weekend here. We were able to shirk our normal parenting duties in exchange for much needed alone time just the two of us. Friday night Daddy decided to place a collar around mouse's neck and kept her tethered and without any clothing. He said jokingly she hadn't earned the right for clothes.

He ate the food mouse had cooked for dinner, and sweetly fed mouse from his plate. The roasted chicken turned out very good. Daddy untied mouse and led her into the kitchen where he reattached the collar and told her to stay put while he cleaned up. All mouse could think was -- "hey go for it."

On the kitchen table there was a sack that did seem vaguely familiar to mouse, and suddenly a rush of memory returned. MOUSETRAPS!

Not long after mouse recovered from feeling woozy from head spinning memories, Daddy pulled two from the sack.

"Hands above your head slave."

"Yes Daddy." replied mouse with a sweetness in her voice that was more of a manipulation than sincere., it didn't work on him.

Ignoring the Daddy remark, he removed the nipple rings, and then applied a mousetrap to each nipple. Now it should be said the pain of a mousetrap is when it snaps closed. When closed they're really not too terrible. Except for the bendy thing they do. They become heavy feeling. What went through mouse's mind was wondering what he wanted. Did he expect something? Argument? Struggle?

The question was answered when placed gently a third mousetrap on her tongue. Then he spoke about developing the inner pain slut in mouse. At this point tears were pooling in her eyes because he was stepping close and bending those traps on her nipples.

"Oh stop," he smirked, "You love this. You like not having any control and being bereft of options."

Well, yes, that's kind of true now isn't it? For all the balking about pain, deep down mouse was excited. Even recounting this, admitting it in the blog mouse feels a burn of humiliation. More about that later...

Eventually he removed the traps from her and replaced the one on her tongue with a penis gag. Muffled cries of relief from mouse. Even though he said suck the platic thing, she couldn't help herself. He led mouse upstairs, carrying with him a few things, and led her to the bathroom. He hummed to himself and whistled as he got out a plug, enema bag and laid them beside his riding crop.

Wordlessly mouse watched, and wondered how long had he been planning this? He had mouse bend over and he inserted the tip, released the water. Soon mouse was whimpering and was told again, she loved this. Holdong the water wasn't enough, she was made to lie on the floor and rub her clit as she waited. Because, she's a slut. A wet slut. A wet slut who likes this.

Yes, she is. The bloated pain, the throbbing between her legs was confusingly erotic.

"I think you want to suck my cock. I believe you need to."

He removed the gag from mouse's mouth and told her to beg for it. Now she's still in a whole lot of discomfort, her belly is distended and hurts from the enema, yet she begged and pleaded for his cock.

He had mouse sit against the wall with her legs parted wide and said to keep fingering her clit while she sucked him. As much as mouse wanted to float with all this, she couldn't because she had an ass full of fluid. Finally he finished and orgasmed then he seemed to muse to himself about mouse probably really needed to release her bowels. Then he slipped the gag back into her mouth.

"Was the slut told to stop rubbing herself?" it really wasn't a question, more like an observation. But mouse resumed rubbing her clit. It wasn't long after he told mouse to empty herself. All she couid think at that moment was about damn time. He also watched. That always bugs mouse. It's private. It's humiliating, of course he knows that. At that moment however, mouse wasn't about to make this a battle. After mouse cleaned herself up, he inserted the plug.

He tormented mouse more until bedtime. Then when mouse begged permission to enter the bed...


(in mouse's mind the literal sound of a needle being dragged across an album played in her head)

"Wait what?" then quickly added, "Master."

"You heard me slave."

Then he climbed into bed and mouse curled up on the floor. At some point during the night he woke mouse and used her -- then he let her curl up beside him in bed. The plug was removed, which always makes mouse feel empty. Thank goodness he fucked her ass. It didn't feel quite as empty after.

Saturday, sometime after breakfast of fruit, scrambled eggs and coffee, mouse's mind settled into the foggy haze, where her thoughts like words, just flutter away and she can't find them. Words she can hear leave her just as quickly as do things done to her. It's like a snapshot, moments captured in her mind but rather like a puzzle that can't be put together. His hand. The riding crop. Pain. Intense pleasures. The fog envelopes her, consumes her and then slowly diminishes her into a supplicant. Humbled, begging her Master, or repeating words he wants her to say. 'Yes, Master fill the cunt's fuckhole ' as she writhes for him dangling from some unknown spot.

Master is patient with her when she's like this. He doesn't expect her communicate much of anything. In fact often he'll keep her gagged with the penis gag. He can keep his mouse in this altered state, as long as he wishes and it pleases him.

When she did begin to feel the fog lift (which was late Saturday night), Daddy was there, comforting her and being the tether that held her in place. Like the string and weight attached to a helium balloon. Even though her body felt stretched, bruised and invaded, still she felt warm and loved.

There's no shyness to her, after this. There's no need to hide any part of herself from him. If only there was a good way to bottle that feeling so it can be used anytime, when mouse does feel like hiding herself. Or maybe this time thoughts are banished for good?

Yes, one or two tags simply aren't enough.


Friday, April 17, 2015

All that's to Come

Good morning friends, yes, mouse has already begun for our summer exodus and only because there's so much that needs to be done and really only six weeks to get it all done.  This is because she's got so many ideas already about what to pack.  All the winter clothes need to be gone through and stowed or culled.  The kids are growing fast and it's not easy keeping up with their clothes.  

Also there's the blog, and mouse is considering resurrecting Newbie Tuesday during the summer months.  Once a week or so, mouse plans to schedule a post geared for Newbies...the problem is mouse needs ideas 8-10 ideas to be exact.  So, if you have any thoughts please offer them to mouse.  Now, if you have specific questions and you don't want to wait until Summer to get your answer, go ahead and pose them, just let mouse know.  One post mouse is considering is the need for consistency and maybe another on the games people play (like when a Dom deliberately removes consistency).  

So friends what are your thoughts about this?   Is it a waste of time?  No one reads here anymore anyway?  Or Yes go for it....maybe someone will read it...


And there's something else that's weighing on mouse.  Her reign of going punishment free has come to a dramatic conclusion, worthy of a movie of the week (or maybe one 30 minute episode of Laverne and Shirley -- people recall that show right? It was rather like the British show Absolutely Fabulous without all the cigarettes, sarcasm, sex drugs and booze).

Our story begins in mid January.  Let's pour a second cup of coffee while mouse explains...

*takes a deep breath*

One such morning in January, Daddy came to mouse with a task, a very special task.

Wait let's back up a little provide context because we all know the devil is in the details. For decades now Daddy has used the same shampoo.  He purchases it at the place he gets his hair cut at and has for years now.

So on this fair morning, he presented mouse with a task.  He handed her an empty bottle of his shampoo along with $25 and said, "Go forth mouse and purchase this and only this brand, lest all my hair fall out at once.  Take thee bottle with you so ye shall find it and not be fooled by another similar brand."

Ok that's not a direct quote, mouse can't recall what he said exactly but that's the gist.  He made sure mouse had the bottle so she could be absolutely certain she bought the right stuff.  Yeah, we just go with it, because it's a Daddy thing.  So, mouse goes to the shop, finds the shampoo, and compares it carefully.  Making sure it's the right one.  Then turns it upside down and looks at the price.  $40 Now, this is probably when mouse's head exploded.  Seriously?! $40 dollars for shampoo?

So, mouse didn't buy it.  First she didn't have enough money and it's highly unlikely he knew how much it costs because he probably just pays for it with his hair cut and doesn't look at it.  It's just all added up for him and not itemized.

Did mouse mention it's only for 8oz?  Not that it matters but damn mouse would gripe at spending $20 on something that was about 16oz (that's like double...blonde brain says 8+8=16).  Of course, let's also be clear that 8oz bottle lasts him a good long time too.  His hair is short....his head is only so big.  It takes a couple drops to measure enough.  Not to suggest he's bald because that's not it...It's just he keeps his hair neatly cut...there's enough for mouse to muss during sex....but..

Digress over...

At the drug store, mouse smelled the various types of shampoo there and found one close enough.  It's a clean smelling thing, says it even has that tea oil stuff in it - like the totally expensive one.  And mouse might have bought it and filled the older container with that.  And the money....honestly no clue.  There were a lot of things bought along with that $5 (yes it was 5 bucks) bottle of shampoo -- so all the purchases were just lumped together.

Mind you, this was months ago and mouse's memories of the exact events as they unfolded are a little hazy.

Way too long story short, he never noticed.  Well actually that's not true...he did eventually notice that he liked the cheap brand better.  Because a month or two (whatever it was) later he bought his hideously expensive stuff and found it didn't lather as well.

Now, mouse certainly could have remained silent about her treachery but couldn't lie to him and coughed up the truth -- it just came spilling out like a hairball.  Yesterday. Demerit accountability day.   Impeccable timing for mouse.

Yes, finally a punishment that mouse isn't sure really counts because it was before she began actually paying attention to what he wanted instead of assuming what he would do.

This is such a mouse thing to do.  Seriously

Three months worth of punishment...half of January, all of February, All of March and part of April.  He counts fourteen weeks and mouse thinks 13...but he's counting it...and why split hairs?

Yeah mouse said it.

This morning yes her bottom is fucking killing her.  It is sooooooooooo sore she can't begin to understand how she's ever tolerated a punishment like this before.  It was stingy and it hurt...

And despite mouse making light of it, with a scissor run of hair jokes, she does really feel bad that she did ever think deceiving Daddy was a good idea.  It was wrong and she is terribly sorry for it.  

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

All that is Gone

Good morning friends, the week so far, aside from being busy for mouse has been good and we're just going to push through to the weekend.  How many weeks has it been since mouse was punished for demerits? Last time was the end of February...Seriously February?  You'd think there'd have to be a volcano of badness just waiting to erupt inside mouse and at times she's a little worried she might.  

Yesterday, mouse told Daddy about new market that opened in our area and wanted to try it, it's closer to home and might be better fit than driving all over town each Monday, living in the car.  The selection  might be better at the deli she usually shops at but it's not horrible and prices don't seem to be too different.  It's just the overall lack of selection that bothers mouse. Also, they do carry some of the same things, and some even better quality but the prices are good deal higher for that also.  Monday evening over dinner we talked about it, pros and cons, and Daddy decided next week, mouse will go back to the old way and use the new store for extras.  He doesn't want to waste money on things we won't enjoy as much, just because it's closer.  

Nina wrote in her blog about getting into some deep trouble. We've all been there at one time or another, haven't we?  Many times mouse has written about doing something really dumb and getting into trouble for it.  Daddy has made some mistakes too.  It's odd how mouse has hard time forgiving herself for the bigger mistakes but it's just as difficult for her to forgive him for his large mistakes too. And those times can make mouse feel a bit smug.  Like she's going to punish him or make him feel worse than he already did.  It never works, at least not that way or the way mouse thinks it would work.  

Monday, April 13, 2015

All that is Now

Busy, busy weekend around here. Daddy took a little time in the morning to give mouse some much needed maintenance in the form of a over the knee spanking. Then had mouse wear her medium plug for much of the morning on Sunday when she met some friends for brunch.

Right now, mouse is running very late so all this will have wait until Wednesday for the next installment.


Friday, April 10, 2015

All that You Slight, Everyone You Fight

So, mouse did something thoughtless and was forced to apologize to a friend. It hadn't been intentional, Daddy said it wasn't actionable (meaning worthy of punishment) but did give mouse a rather stern lecture about what she says. it was completely thoughtless, offhandedly grumpy and perhaps even rude for mouse to suggest someone's belief, without knowing this person subscribed to that belief system was stupid.

Still, it annoys mouse to no end what people will spout off as "truth" because someone else said this or that about the subject. We live in the age of computers and you're telling mouse that you don't think "science" has an opinion?! Still the whole thing infuriated mouse a little (maybe a lot). This person felt diminished by mouse saying something that she does actually know to be true. The science isn't confused about this and is pretty damn clear.

The apology offered had to be carefully worded, so that she wasn't back-peddling, but really hadn't meant to cause offense (how can the truth ever be offensive). Something along the lines "sorry the words chosen were offensive to you." To keep from going on about how stupid this person is and their belief, mouse literally bit her tongue to keep still.  This was not a religious argument.  This was about something else entirely that is becoming all too common in our country.  People simply don't do their own research before repeating what sounds right in their head.  This could apply to people who deny the holocaust.  

This ties in nicely with a question Tori posed to mouse.

Does it every cause conflict between you both, with you being an atheist and Omega being Jewish, i ask because we are the opposite here, Master is an outright atheist and im a Christian, go to church regularly, i have belief in my faith, and it does at times bring us into conflict.
So i was just curious how or if you do,,manage that mouse?

It takes a lot of fearless discussion.

All atheism is a disbelief in god(s), mouse would add to that supernatural causes as well. No, mouse doesn't hate God nor does she worry about religion too much.  There is precious little else all atheists agree on beyond that disbelief in a deity.  Within that there are people who identify as agnostic, anti-theist and even a few gnostic-atheists as well as the more common agnostic-atheist (which is technically sort of where mouse falls into).  

Omega does believe in god, but is more deistic. He really doesn't believe in a personal god who guides anything or has a specific plan for him. He does however believe all his life experience has made him the man he is. He does believe in evolution by natural selection, he does believe we, as a species, are part of the primates. Hairless bipedal monkeys. He's read hundreds of books (more than mouse couid imagine) on astrophysics, philosophy, mathematics, biology and religions. Omega said recently, "I am Jewish by birth and circumstance. I choose to believe in God, on mere faith. I believe the old testament text and other contemporaneous writings are metaphorical, not meant to be a historical or scientific text." 

Now, we all know that mouse enjoys ritual.  Judaism is more rife with ritual than many religions and is steeped in a rich cultural history that goes far beyond the biblical teachings. This is probably a good reason why it works so well with us -- you bust your ass for 6 days, get your house super clean on Friday and you get 25 hours to do absolutely NOTHING.  While mouse does the majority of the cooking, cleaning during that time leading up to shabbat (which is weekly) or another holiday, she doesn't participate (nor is she expected to participate) in prayers or attend a service or whatever unless she chooses to.  There are times mouse must go to a church or temple -- and she is still considered Roman Catholic.  This is our compromise.  When it's deeply important for mouse to attend something, scoff as she might, she does and smiles.  There are also times when Daddy must attend a service that isn't Jewish.   We all at times must show some deference to people in our lives and often that involves some sense of agreeing to disagree.  Not in a spiteful way or a way that is condescending or placating, but by being honest with yourself about what you believe.  It sounds really silly but looking up in a dictionary what the words "Fatih" and "Belief" can be very helpful to honestly avoid conflict.  This is true even when mouse did believe and would speak to people of other faiths, and think that their belief sounded really crazy. But going further when compared to her own religious belief that to their ears might sound just as nutty -- just as the many misconceptions people have and hold as truths about what Catholics believe, which are totally wrong.  

Having a clear understanding of what you believe is probably as important as why you believe it.