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Monday, May 30, 2016


Omega gave mouse a list, of course, but she hadn't gotten very far when he suddenly showed up at home. He hadn't given much instruction, do the regular chores and fill four boxes. The boxes were put together and the bottom taped the way he showed her to do this, but they were still empty.

He wasn't happy about that either. What was his slave up to all day anyway? Well, mouse stammered out a list, she'd gone shopping, went to the dry cleaners, dropped some more things for charity. He stopped mouse and asked where the donation slip was. It was on the table, but mouse hadn't yet filled it out. He slapped her bottom hard, which of course made her flustered and moist. Seriously?!

His little interrogation continued, filling out the card himself. Asking about contents, numbers of items, all which mouse answered. Then he said,"You realize that in three weeks the movers will arrive, will you still be placing items into boxes then?" Another slap to her bottom, and mouse set off to work on the hutch. It was silly to keep those things out, since they are decorative -- but yet, mouse was balking. Maybe it just feels too real?

When the boxes were filled, the hutch emptied, there was a sense of accomplishment. He's feeling stress too, mouse needs to remind herself of that and he wasn't really angry -- just never lets an opportunity to punish mouse's backside.

This week the goal is to somewhat finish packing. All the things we won't need for a few weeks will go into boxes. Music, movies and things like that -- a few movies will be left out, but Frozen has already been packed. June is looming....


Monday, May 23, 2016

Closer Still

Work is finished, well nearly so, just one final meeting today. The project mouse was working on is complete and there's no point in beginning a new one that she won't be finishing, so that's about all there is. The time line has needed some tweaking, to accommodate all involved but it seems the house will be finished a week early -- of course that can change to two weeks late in a heartbeat. Also, a scheduling snafu with the piano moving company...

They arrive a full week ahead of the planned day. Sigh. Which means, the piano will arrive a week before we do. Well, no. We've adjusted things so now we arrive the same day. Meanwhile we are looking at what we must bring and what will be packed.

Really mouse is learning to just "go with it".

The new mantra is, "it will all work out" and she's been repeating it under her breath frequently.

Daddy has kept mouse's bottom painfully sore lately, which oddly provides her with a whole lot of comfort and keeps her focused on her tasks.

This week will be the time to get the vehicle serviced, get the animals to the vet. Daddy began packing up his study, and moving unimportant things. He will be staying with his mom, who is happy to have the company and not feel so lonely between her trips. The study furniture will be going with us, because it's too large for the smaller den-like room he'll have. The large wardrobe will go into our bedroom to provide a bit more closet space and his desk, we're pretty sure will fit in the new addition part (a small room just off the master bedroom separated by French doors). One way or another mouse will make it work.

In many ways mouse would love nothing more to just fast forward through all this and wake up at the lake (with everything unpacked and settled). Other parts of her wants to scream are we crazy and stop the whole thing. We got the little one's room mostly packed (opening the boxes of toys and books will probably feel like Christmas). The kitchen is planned for next week, leaving just what really need.

We have just about 4 weeks to go.


Monday, May 16, 2016

Complicated mouse

Yes, we're just plugging along with the plan, packing things and working slowly toward our ultimate goal. We're already mid May, in just a month and a half we'll be packing up the family stuff and starting the adventure. At the moment, although the excitement is huge, mouse feels as raw and exposed as a rock layer, compacted and weathered by the elements. Not hardened, but brittle and easily broken.

All and all, Daddy is very quick to remind mouse, things are going very well.

Last night as mouse packed away and realized we're still bringing too much, so all the other boxes were opened and more things donated to charity. The biggest problem, while we are going to be gaining a bit of square footage in the remodel, it's still less than what we have now. Can you say significant downsize?

Still, it hasn't been all work and no play, in fact, play for Daddy and mouse has actually gone up a little -- if you can imagine that. The other night, he placed some alligator clamps behind the nipple ring, then filled mouse's bottom with the medium-large plug. It was a bit bigger than she's used to wearing, but got her in the right frame of mind. After slapping various body parts to his liking he took mouse from behind for a nice deep screw with the plug still in place. We don't play often with double penetration, and it took a while for mouse to settle and relax into the sensation. The pain of the nipple clamps, coupled with that full feeling seemed to build more than usual excitement in mouse.

After, we remained in bed for a while, mouse was quite happy, and her whole body seemed to respond to his touch. Removing the clamps though was a huge ouch, with the nipple rings attached, as the blood returned made the nipples just tingle in the most dastardly delicious way. A nice handprint size red mark was on her breasts from where he squeezed. There's something about seeing the marks after. Still today her area down there is sore, but not as bad as yesterday.

Overall, mouse is doing a little better at expressing her fears, or other issues to Daddy, and has settled nicely into a routine that works. Daddy has taken mouse more in hand, letting her know in no uncertain terms when she steps out of line. While some days are better than others (it feels like she does or says nothing right).

Next week more things change, last week of work for mouse. We're selling some extra furniture and more trips to charity with bags. Practical things too, like getting the vehicles serviced before the big, last drive. Daddy has forbidden anything new being purchased, he said, it can wait until we move to see what we really might need.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Sounds of Silence

A friend wondered if mouse still wakes Daddy by sucking him, and then wondered how he'll get along without it. Yes, mouse does and Daddy said he would manage somehow.. Recently, maybe because of all the impending change, mouse has begun to need to be super close to him and has started again to suck him at night. Sleeping with her on him or close to him.

We began filling a few boxes with things we don't use, of course the moment it's packed, mouse feels she needs it.

On Sunday mouse woke and couldn't find any of the magic morning wake-up juice, known commonly to most as coffee. After ripping the kitchen to shreds mouse grabbed her car keys and drove to the local coffee shop. When she returned home, there on a shelf in the garage sat a bag of coffee beans.

Apparently in mouse's case lack of coffee causes temporary blindness.

Naturally she confessed the whole thing to Daddy when he woke up. Naturally she was punished -- because she left the house without telling him. What if she had gotten into an accident? Also, she didn't pick up a newspaper, which even though it's a dying thing, it's the one thing he truly enjoys, blow jobs aside.

Meanwhile the countdown continues. It's been difficult.

Submission and slavery to Daddy is usually quite simple, even with all his "Expectations", it's rarely felt difficult. Sure there have been times when mouse has struggled, being honest about aspects of her, past and present, things haven't always been easy for Daddy -- or for mouse.

We did discuss, we made the pro and con lists, we moved slowly and carefully, and now we're at the point where all Daddy can do is ask that mouse humbly submit herself to this. And that's when she began balking. It's like putting something into a box she uses maybe twice a year and suddenly having second thoughts about it. Because there just might be a cannoli emergency.

The other day she packed away some guest towels, and thought, what if we need those? An emergency guest that needs to have homemade cannoli! What if we have an unexpected cold snap, and need to the ice scraper or snow shoes?

Of course we can't just forget the packing, there's far too much to just wait and it's highly unlikely there's going to be an unexpected cannoli and guest towel demanding visitor, bearing flowers. That's a good thing because the vases are packed in the box under the cannoli forms and guest towels.

Monday, May 2, 2016


Somehow mouse blinked and it's now May! Seriously, 3016 is nearly half finished. At least we survived Passover.

We have a timeline, in early July the movers will arrive and empty the house. It's been scheduled so it happens regardless if the lake house is ready or not. Lucy and Schroeder will go down with us, driving the extra vehicle and help mouse get organized. Schroeder will also make sure the piano makes the trip safely and is properly moved.

Daddy's been assured the bulk of the work will be completed by then, but there's a pressing issue. Daddy has already leased our house, so it must happen regardless. As if mouse's nerves weren't already shot. Moving is stressful. All the things we have already in the lake house have been moved out and into storage until we get there (this would have happened anyway because of constriction). Daddy would like that emptied by August, but he said he's flexible.

Work took the news well, probably questioning mouse's sanity too, and offered to let mouse stay on until end of May.

Aside from moments where mouse tilted at windmills, things are ok. The area school are small but really highly rated -- there's also a school bus,that will pick up at our house. Also, the area has almost everything we have here (on a smaller scale). The local PTA has even reached out to us, to welcome us to the area and has already put us on the email list for information about summer programs.

There's a lot of excitement, there's also a lot of hesitation in mouse. In fact, mouse was punished recently for not expressing all her fears or maybe concerns is a better word. Daddy wasn't happy to learn they were a bigger issue than mouse has led him to think. Feeling isolated might prove to be too much. Eventually the novelty of the lake life will wear off, then what?

Instead of dealing with those concerns, mouse ignored them until they just bubbled out during a stress argument. The pre-packing set off a chain reaction in mouse, coupled with a delivery of 100 boxes and huge rolls of bubble wrap. Some are already being filled with things seldomed used (like books, photo albums). The movers will pack up the truly delicate items, but the rest is on us.

The reality is unsettling, so when mouse had a little blowout, Daddy was rightfully annoyed. Not that she doesn't have the right, it's just something Daddy wanted to discuss earlier, and mouse assured him it wouldn't be an issue. "Why are submissive women so fickle?" Now a few weeks into this, she's having a panic attack over it. Yes, punishment. Yes it was difficult and painful but a lesson was learned.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Makes me Mellow

We're going through things, not really packing, but going through before the packing begins. Pre-packing. It occurred to mouse that she should have explained things better or differently, but her focus was divided between too much she wanted to say. Today, she'll let work know that she won't be signing the contract offer. That's going to be rough on her, more than she realized.

The timeline that isn't really a timeline yet. The only thing we do know is probably sometime during July. Guess we should also explain, we aren't selling our house but will be leasing it out -- so it must be emptied completely. If after time passes and we hate it, then we can always move back. Daddy's made arrangements to stay with family. While mouse isn't thrilled with much of this...

When we began talking seriously about this, it started as a "why not just do it" was the very kind of thing that after a days, we'd just abandon it. This time though, we kept talking. We even made a list of pros and cons, tacked it with a magnet, and added to it as we thought of things. Daddy insisted on three columns, one for pros another for cons and the third was for questions (what we needed to find out before we could decide).

Weather landed in the "con" category, because it's a crap shoot and we won't really know for sure until we've done it. Daddy would double check the answers before deciding if it was a pro or con. In the end, while a couple cons were huge, the pros really outweighed them. Then we talked more between us and mouse had to be very honest.

It actually was harder than it sounds, because mouse really wants to please him and to be happy with her. This required her to examine her real feelings about it all and worse, express them. He didn't dismiss any of the concerns, but talked her through them and made them less scary.

Yet, there are times when the fears get inside her and she questions our sanity in this.

Today, is one of those days. Maybe tomorrow will be easier.


Friday, April 15, 2016

Dark Clouds Roll Away

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?"

"That depends a good deal on where you want to get to."

"I don't much care where –"

"Then it doesn't matter which way you go.”

― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland


Our unplanned trip to the lake, set off a chain of events. Daddy, while keeping mouse distracted inside with cleaning and quiet submission took his time looking around the house. He determined it needs serious updating. This set off a chain of events -- all very unsettling and exciting to mouse. He wasted no time checking out options for renovations and even hired a architect to help figure out our options.

After lots of discussion with all involved we decided to relocate permanently to the lake community later this year after the renovations are competed -- work has already begun on some parts. Even though it's a heavy tourist area, it's also has year around residents and not too remote from real civilization (like Costco, Target and Whole Foods-like market). We have talked endlessly about how much we love living there and really do get along fine without cable and Internet. Just recently a cell tower was installed so we do (sorta) have cell phone access. But data access is still spotty at best and far better in town.

Like mouse wrote, it's unsettling and exciting -- it's a lot of change. Sure we've talked about this in the past but it was when Daddy retires. He's still more than a decade away from that. We'll be doing on a permanent basis is what happens during the summer months when he returns to work early. He'll arrange his schedule to arrive on Friday evening and leave early Monday morning or Sunday evening. He said that's really the easy part for him. We're working out all the other details. It's going to be hard on us (mouse and kids) being away from him during the week.

Yet, people seem to manage it.

One thought that has occurred to mouse is that she'll have to work very hard to not make him feel like an outsider in his own home. A good friend who's husband travels sometimes for months at a time, pointed out that she developed a routine for the children and when her husband was home, it was hard for him not to feel like he was a visitor. During some extensive discussions we spoke of ways to not let that happen. Daddy is honest enough to realize there might be times he will feel out of place, but also promises to discuss those times with mouse. It will require a change in our demerit and punishment schedule.

Then there's the blogging issue, and what that will mean for mouse. Not blogging or even being able to read blogs.

It's lots to think about.