This blog contains information that is adult in nature. If you are underage please leave at once.


This is a little guide to That Thing We Do (TTWD) this should not be confused with a generic guide to slavery, or Mastering a slave -- it is what we do, not what everyone should do. This is generally written for the benefit of newbies or vanilla people who stumble upon this space.

  • Questions or comments can be directed to Daddy and he'll forward to mouse or even reply himself.
  • We are involved in a Master/slave (M/s) dynamic. Daddy makes decisions and is Head of House (HOH). It is mouse's first duty to serve him.
  • Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, and Masochism (BDSM) is part of our dynamic. Non-painful punishments, erotic play with mild pain are sometimes part of this, but not the sole purpose of our relationship.
  • This is not blog about sex, or erotica. It is about a real-life relationship between two consenting adults.
  • This is not a role-play or occasional play TTWD, we live this 24/7 - 365, it is our purpose, Daddy as Dominant Master and mouse as submissive, slave.
  • Yes, there are children in this house, they are not in anyway aware of how we live our lives -- don't think they really care either. They only know we love and care for each other and for them, deeply and that's the most important part. For further thoughts you can read here.
  • Daddy is not domineering. He is Dominant, if you don't believe there is a difference please consult your dictionary.

Now that we have that out of the way, mouse is working on a few posts that kinda raise important points in our dynamic that might be helpful to new readers. It might also be just as important to pay attention to the comments (or more so).

The first post takes us back to the beginning and mouse loved everything about it, except the title. It was called, "the care and feeding of slaves," but mouse never really liked it so she changed it. You can read it here and hope you like the name change. Beta Master was Omega ;-)

How we reconnected after spending many years apart, can be found here.


Why he is called Omega can be found here.

Here's a couple posts, the first, here, is about some very early (like just days after we moved in together) difficulties we had. The second, here, is a funny look at our life when we started living together.

This post, mouse had really forgotten all about. But it talks about our friends Lucy and Schroeder and odd time we all had when they learned that Omega and mouse were not only a couple but living together! If you wish you can read about it here, as well.

Newbie Tuesday was a series of posts specifically written for newbies to the lifestyle. There will be more added as thoughts or ideas come up but a link to those is found here.

More to come as time allows...