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Monday, May 11, 2009


I call him Omega because, hopefully, he is the last. He is wise and his soul is beyond his years. He's had his issues and demons to battle and freely admits that the struggle is never over. After writing about the cliff and in some ways exorcising my own regrets and fears from the past, I found myself. I stood alone and jumped. There on the path after being cleansed by the water, I saw Omega, as I always hoped he would be. I knelt before him. Omega reached out his hand for me to take, for me to rise and for my eyes to meet his.

There were tears from both of us. This doesn't mean my issues with trust are done, but it does mean that I feel I need to take a chance. As I mentally turned myself around to gaze back, a final time, at the cliff and I found it vanished. This path is unknown to me. Omega has taken my hand and is leading me. For the first time in nearly a decade my thoughts are clear. I know what is expected of me, what I am to offer and what will be taken. Omega will claim me as his and his Mastery of the past, present and my future.

He never had to say it aloud, I knew it when I undressed in front of him, knelt on the floor and assumed the position of a slave. My head buried into the carpet, my back straight at an angle, resembling prayer. My arms stretched outward, bearing myself in the position first taught to me by Alpha. Now truly offering it to Omega. He took me, in the place once loved by Alpha, and his use was thorough. I knew he would do this, to mark his Dominance over the past. I expected to hurt more than it did. While it was physically painful (it's been a long time for that); I expected it to hurt mentally. After, he pulled me close to him, and stroked my hair, whispering soothing words that I couldn't comprehend at least at first.

We took our time getting to each other physically, which seems odd but not. We showered together, upon exiting, he grabbed the towel and dried himself off, then handed the towel to me. I dried myself off as best as I could while using a wet towel, glancing at the remaining towels. Something in Omega's eyes told me not to touch them. My long hair was dripping against my semi dry body, and suddenly I felt very self conscious. Wordlessly he walked toward me and pressed himself against me. He kissed my neck, and then my lips.

He put on a pair of pajama bottoms he had, and opened the door leading into the hallway, the anxious dog not used to being excluded ran into the room, tail tucked between his legs and claimed his spot on his chair in the corner. Omega chuckled and walked down the hallway past the large uncovered arched window, which overlooks the houses across the street and the mountain not too far beyond. He went down the stairs, leaving me nude, still dripping, completely uncertain what to do.

I distinctly heard rustling in the kitchen. So with still dripping hair I threw on a bathrobe, and headed down the hall, the dog naturally followed. He was bent over, looking inside and going through my refrigerator, and throwing away things he didn't approve of. He didn't approve of much I noticed from small mountain of food. He did admonish me a few times, after finding something unrecognizable way in the back. I wrinkled my nose. He repeated the process again with each cabinet, and pantry, though there were fewer of those things, I noted with relief. When he found the secret stash of peanut butter cookies, the dog sat and wagged his tail. Omega shot me an odd look, causing me to lower my eyes, and explain that the dog and I like to treat ourselves once in a while. "So these are dog treats?" leaving me to only reply okay, and watched as he replaced them into the cabinet. "Does the dog eat tortilla chips too?" his voice now bathed in sarcasm. "Sometimes!" I shot back.

He returned the bag to the cabinet and chuckled. I opened the fridge and found it effectively empty. A jug of milk, some various mustards and a jar of pickles was all that was left. I opened the freezer and heard him say that he hadn't gotten to that yet.

He unceremoniously threw all the stuff into the large plastic garbage bag leaving me to nearly protest when he tossed the brand new jar of mayonnaise. Then he started on the freezer section, again losing all of the frozen dinners, while I was mentally calculating how much money he was effectively throwing away.

He started to carry the bag into the garage where the large trashcan was located but paused, turning to me and said that I could remove ONE item from the garbage bag. I sighed, and began poking around the various chips, cookies, bacon, until I found the mayo jar. Rinsed off some muck and placed it back into the fridge. I said nothing. He took the bag and threw it away.

He sat at the kitchen table and started to construct a shopping list, of healthy foods, then he found his suit jacket and reached in and retrieved his wallet, taking out some money and placing with the list. Tomorrow I was to buy the things on this list with money provided and nothing more.


  1. I wish you nothing but happiness

  2. Thank you Sir J,

    I am very happy for the first time in a long time.



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