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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

He's Home!

Omega's plane landed and I was there to meet him at the airport. Truthfully I couldn't wait to see him! His kiss lingered as he pulled me close. I couldn't stop smiling. He admitted almost too freely to having several cocktails (er ah shots??) on the plane. He was quite lubricated by the time he landed. When I saw him at the airport with that doofy smile of his, I laughed. We picked up his luggage, and I drove home. I listened as he talked about the meetings and the old friends he saw. He mentioned he was good and stayed in last night despite the pleas to do otherwise. He said he was exhausted, more than a little drunk, traveling from the Pacific to the Atlantic is miserable, though he mentioned that he wouldn't have minded a little more time, so that he could visit some family members that still live there.

When he got home, he opened his bag and displayed gifts for his parents and everyone including the dog and I. The dog sat and thumped his tail waiting patiently. The dog got two gifts some gourmet dog treats (peanut butter and cheese) and a toy. He tossed a treat to the dog, who caught it, then he tossed my gift to me in the same manner.

It was a small box, which I was also told NOT to open until this weekend.

I have no idea what it is. Yes, it's driving me crazy! Yes, I have shook the box but it makes almost no sound. It's not very big. Not flat like a necklace, but it certainly could contain one, more square in size, maybe more like a bracelet box. It's making me crazy.


  1. You have to wait all week?!

    Omg that is torture.


  2. My thoughts:

    I would guess a collar, maybe an anklet?

    Maybe some Gorean styled bells?

    What if it's a ring?

  3. The box isn't really big enough for a collar. An anklet is a possibility. Gorean styled bells though isn't him.

    I doubt the ring.

  4. OMG Gray you have no idea how hard it is. I just look at it and I'm so tempted to touch it.

  5. Ooh I wanna a vial of his blood. Or maybe know like an OMEGA?

  6. LMAO a vial of his blood?

    Now the watch is interesting...hmmm

  7. a key to a new car????


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