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Friday, June 12, 2009

Tell me...

Omega has this way of drawing out information out of me, and it finally dawned on me how he does it. He doesn't questions that can be answered with a yes or a no, at least not often. He rarely asks simply, how was work; your day; it is tell me about your day or work. This can lead to simple answers like it was a normal day, boring, horrible, whatever but for the most part I find myself going through a mental inventory of the day. He will ask sometimes if he suspects something will be difficult for me, if I want to talk about it, but more often than not, it's tell me about this or that.

To me, the usage of the phrase tell me lies somewhere between a command and a leading question. He's ordering me to tell him in a very non-threatening way, and subtle way. I like it.


  1. ah the question...that is the thing.

  2. mmmm, questions. I am super nosy, my Dom says so and he can't be wrong can he? Of course he is a Master at asking his own questions and at ignoring some of mine.


  3. That's how I always lead my witnesses and clients to tell me everything I want to know. I simply start out with, "Tell me....." It's how I was taught to interview informants and witnesses, and now it works really well in court room examination too.

  4. LOL to Sir J and cutesy pah,

    Yeah Omega sent me a text saying that he read my blog and replied only asking me if I was having one my blonde moments.

    I think maybe it's time to assert my right against self-incrimination.


  5. sin,

    I am a super nosy too, but I think I would have a hard time with someone that refused to answer my questions. I dunno, I guess it depends on the nature of the question and how badly I want to know.

  6. Asserting your rights?????

    You do realize that I would appeal [to myself] that decision, on the grounds that as my slave you relinquished such rights. Now, I am aware of what you'll argue to that end that since slavery isn't a legal distinction, due to the passage of the 14th Amendment; however I would maintain that since we're not actually in a court of law, your argument, while highly debatable, is ultimately moot.

    At the end of the day as Judge in this case, I would have to rule against you and hold in you contempt of court for the false assertion and further impose proper sanctions for wasting the court's time.

    Now, are you quite certain you wish to assert the right of self-incrimination?

  7. Justice Omega,
    Since I don't have council and cannot afford one (batting eyelashes). I would have to ask exactly what type of sanctions the court might impose, and then consider throwing myself to the mercy of the court.

  8. It pleases the judge when you beg for mercy.

  9. Ahem. Cutesypah, appearing on behalf of Defendant renea, your honor.

    I must point out to the court that my client has done nothing for this court to, sua sponte, hold her in contempt.

    My client had been most complementary of this court's manner of accessing her most intimate thoughts and feelings.

    My client incorrectly believed that she should assert her right of refusal to incriminate herself as to having a blonde moment.

    Asserting those rights was improper, and justice would be well served if this court would recognize that my client spoke out prior to speaking with legal counsel.

    She now recognizes her error, and is, in deed, most repentant for wasting the court's precious resources.

    WHEREFORE, Defendant renea prays this court: 1) Reconsider its contempt order, and dismiss the same; or 2) Enter an order of nolle prosequi; or 3) Accept her plea of nolo contendere, should the court uphold its contempt ruling, though there is no factual basis to require a plea; and 4) for any and other such relief as this court deems necessary and just.

    to my client (not waiving privilege here but in confidence) this should REALLY count for something as two submissives begging is always better than one!

    now addressing the court and defendant: hugs to you both!

  10. LMAO....Omega is soooo thoroughly amused by this whole thing.

    Hugs back to you, you really helped to lift his funky mood!


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