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Friday, July 17, 2009


I don't know if they are really rituals or routines, but I think we all have them. Morning and evening are the most practical. Some religions mandate prayer at different times. When you walk into a catholic church, you dip your fingers into the font, and make the sign of the cross before entering the actual church. You also kneel slightly before taking your place on a seat. I actually like the catholic church (I was raised catholic) for their rituals, even though I'm atheist in my personal view, I still respect religion.

I have a few personal rituals I do nearly daily, I generally wake before Omega does, and go downstairs to check my email, and maybe update my blog. I make the coffee. Generally I drink one then go back upstairs with a full cup in my hand and sit on the bed watching Omega sleep, until it's time for him wake. It's close to being my favorite time of the day since the house is quiet, rather dark, with just the birds outside making noise. I'm not going to say how I wake him but I do each morning in the same way. I like it. He likes it. Life is good.

He always showers first, it's like his rule. Then I shower after him (sometimes if we have extra time, we shower together). While he's showering, I kinda get his things ready for him, and make the bed. He drinks the rest of my coffee, dresses and heads downstairs for his breakfast a meal he's still encouraging me to try. Depending on how the drive will be, determines often what he'll eat. He rarely wants a large breakfast, most mornings it's nothing more than cereal, or something like that. At some point I join him downstairs, usually just as he's finishing his daily note to me. He kisses me goodbye and he's off to start his day, when I return to work, we'll probably be carpooling in most days together. I'm kinda looking forward to that.

Evening rituals are very different, we start by going into the basement where I am tied up, but now not gagged, or hooded. He touches and plays and does his thing--right now it's nothing painful yet difficult for me. Sometimes I want to crawl right out of skin. But I'm also learning to accept his touch. I find it easier to let go.

After we do our "work" we go upstairs, and we talk about it. My thoughts and his. Then he will go check his schedule for the next day. Make sure he has everything well organized and he will generally head to bed. He reads there for a time, mostly work reading, and rarely for fun. I do my evening ritual. Brush, floss, wash face, apply cream, and he glances often in my direction as I do these things. He watches and I find it kinda exciting even though I'm not doing anything I would say was exciting. Depending on the time, I might take a bath. But normally it's too late for that, and just climb into bed, put the hand cream on. Again he watches me do that. Then I snuggle beside him, and sometimes he'll read out loud to me. That's funny, like a boring bedtime story he tries to make sound interesting. When he's finished with that, he doesn't tie me up in the bed, just wraps himself around me. I meditate then, filling my head with thoughts of him. I repeat mentally a mantra about being a slave and serving her Master, it centers me now before I drift to sleep...


  1. We all have our rituals. And that sounds like a lovely way to start and end your day. :)

  2. I agree with Gray sounds perfect

  3. Beautiful!! I just dont think i have another word for it...

    Be safe on your trip!!


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