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Friday, August 28, 2009


Leaving today for the weekend. I would have preferred a nice B&B with antique shops nearby, but instead I get a tent, in the middle of nowhere and it will probably rain.

I used to enjoy camping as I get older not so much. If you go for a week, a month or weekend, it's always the same amount of stuff...OMG the stuff. See ya Monday!


  1. OMG Mouse, Omega really IS a sadist LOL... I HATE camping too!

  2. Haha Have a lovely time! I am so not a camping girl. I shall keep my fingers crossed for lack of rain!!

  3. Ohh, I got so lucky this year. We did camp. The weather was perfect. We spent every day at the beach, came home to the tent to sit by the fire and snugle and talk. No bugs. There will never be another camping trip like it.

    Good luck with yours.


  4. OMG yes the amount of stuff you have to take along! I love camping, never did it as a child perhaps that is why. And yes the mess if it rains, drying out everything for days afterwards, is never fun! Well enjoy probably wont have cell phone service either. *smiles* Have fun!~briseis~


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