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Monday, August 24, 2009

More to life than this?

The weekend was boring. No play, no real fun.

But still, I dunno, maybe there is something to the "stillness?" The quiet, the uneventful, the, yeah, dull and boring. I have a hard time being still. Yesterday Omega was kinda laid up with his knee bothering him so I just cleaned. I cleaned the whole house because I didn't know what else to do. Of course, Omega was thrilled with me cleaning anything, and I think he got really excited when I took out one of those Magic Eraser things by Mr. Clean, and started using it on the baseboards around the house.

I know he was joking and yet by joking I continued cleaning, like I had to or something. It was obviously touching his inner neat freak, but he would make a comment and I'd run off like a Stepford wife. I hate cleaning, it sucks, and there must be something better to do on a Sunday than clean the house. Even writing this now I'm kinda shocked at myself to admit that I was happy to do it. I was thrilled to please him.


  1. I love the line in the Jack Nickolas movie where he is in the lobby of his therapist and says, "What if it doesn't get any better then this?" and then walks out.


    This 24/7 lifestyle is not all Hollywood, IMHO. In fact, from my view, very little is like described on the brochure. It is different, but better then I imagined.

  2. Boring weekends have their place. Though the only time I clean the house like that is when I'm mad. I can't sit still then hehehe.

  3. OK, I admit it- I'm ADDICTED to Mr. Clean Magic Erasers- I LOVE them - they clean stuff so WELL -

    Cleaning in my house is endless, repetitive, boring and inevitable. But I actually LIKE doing stupid things like filling his vitamins for the week, but i love cooking - when we used to go away, I LOVED the whole servitude thing .. silly but somehow just doing something FOR them can bring with it a deep, quiet satisfaction.

  4. s-h,
    You are so right. I think a lot of people believe their lives are very unsatisfying. But me, I get amazed at how satisfied I am! God knows it's not all "on your knees wench" all the time. Often it is not exciting but even in those times there is a measure of excitement, just waiting to bubble up.

    it's true, it's true! Boring weekends do have their place and yes I'm normally one to clean when I'm mad too.


    Aren't those magic erasers the most incredible thing?????? And yep, while normally I'd rather drive nails into my skin than clean, because of his encouragement to continue, I found it much more enjoyable.

    Oh and he's the one that introduced me to the magic erasers...LMAO.



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