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Monday, October 26, 2009

My head hurts

The winds of change are blowing through the house, and I know it's just a matter of time before the shoe drops.  So, far I've been able to combat these feelings and ignore the complaints.  Each day I wonder, will today be the day?  Will it finally happen, and I seem to ever more grateful for each day that passes that I don't simply feel total shit.  

There is a nasty cold/flu virus making its way around the office and naturally I was at work a lot last week.  The kind of cold that puts you in bed for a couple days feeling really achy and feverish, then like that it starts to subside.   My secretary has it now and I wonder if I should spray my entire office.  She called me and left a voice mail that she won't be into work today.  

It's odd because Omega and I were both complaining this weekend that we were feeling kinda tired with dull headaches I said were probably just allergies.  However this morning I got up and felt I dunno kinda sweaty and it's got me thinking paranoid thoughts.  Of course this thing starts with a couple listless days, achy body parts, before the fever hits.  

Ya, I even dreamed of a pig right before waking up, of course Pink Floyd was on the radio, so that might explain the pig...

So if you're in the area, stop by my office and say hello, I'll be  the one in the hazmat suit.  


  1. *laughs* I would totally stop by and say hi! Hazmat suit and all:)

  2. I'm crossing my fingers that you don't come down with anything major and get to feeling your old self in no time :-) Drink your juice, eat your chicken soup, and take your vitamins.. almost forgot, sip some tea!! That's all the stuff my momma would say.


  3. Hey, if you go ahead and GET sick, you won't have to worry about IF you're getting sick anymore!

    Yeah, sorry about the twisted logic. It's just how my brain works!

    Seriously, hope y'all both feel better soon, from whatever is causing the lethargy etc.



  4. Celestial Seasoning's echinacea and zinc tea! Don't remember the name but it has a little koala bear wrapped up in a quilt...
    It really helps, especially if you start drinking it early.

  5. Aww stay well!
    It is everywhere here but I'm taking my vitamins and drinking tea like a fish.
    Good luck~

  6. Tell it to go away!!! Tell it you'll spank it if it doesn't leave you alone!!!

    Oh yeah... and all the wonderful advice the others gave you would probably help too. ;)


  7. Gray....LoL

    CK, thanks I am...

    schiava....OMG that is how my mind works too. are the second person to recommend that. I'm going to pick some up. I have been taking cold eaze like two or three times a day.


  8. I think cold eaze has echinacea in it, doesn't it?


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