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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

spreading the love....

It really goes *almost* without saying but I love Gray's blog In Between Black and White  I just love it.  As if we can't spread that love around enough she gave an award.   A loyal commenter award.  

Now I must say that it goes nearly without saying that Gray is first on my list as well for loyal commenters.

Others include....

Sir J, who was my first commenter!  He's just a great guy!

Subservient Husband....He always has something to say and eager to point out my Grateful Dead song references.

Jz....She always there with a joke but she also speaks from her heart too.

Cultivated Discipline...I love the way CD thinks and often makes me think about so many topics.

Sin....she's been here since the beginning, and often makes me take a step back and think about things in a different light.

Cutesy pah...even though she's busy with her Mr. Right and doesn't have time to comment as often, I know she's always there.

And honestly everyone that comments here deserves a hand!  Most of their blogs are found on the blogrolls!  I appreciate you all.

and Omega....the man behind it all.  He encouraged me to start this blog before I ever offered myself to him.  And I'm not sure but he might be the reason the sun rises.  At least in my world he is..


  1. Oh My Goodness, you make me blush :)

    Huggs to you and thank you. You make me think too. I stop hurtling through life to 'listen' to you and to consider your words. You are my teacher.

  2. You are the best, mouse! Don't know where I'd be without you. You've been there for me from nearly the beginning. Even when I'm not posting, I'm still thinking of you, and Omega, and hoping all is well.

    love, and hugs,


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