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Friday, November 6, 2009

If Not for You

I don't know what to write about.  I thought about posting just a song, but decided it was not me to do that. 

I thought about posting a quote but couldn't find one that fit my mood.  I wanted to say something about Omega but there's nothing much to say, since he's still in his funk.  I will say it's really hard to feel someone in pain and not be able to help or not be allowed to help.  

I know he wants to protect me from himself and his emotions but I'm not afraid of them.  

In fact I've done something very uncharacteristic.  

I'll fill everyone in on Monday...

Just a short note for Master...I'll be at your office at 5 sharp to pick you up.

Have a wonderful weekend....I hope we will. 


  1. Oooo secretive. Can't wait until Monday to find out what happen this weekend. Hope both of you are feeling better.

  2. Hope you guys have a great weekend!



  3. im seriously intrigued....

  4. major eyebrow wiggling going on here...

  5. *hugs* for you and actually kudos for Omega for not revealing all to you. I am sure he will when the time is right, and the waiting is hell, but if it isn't right for him, it wouldn't be right for you. It's so incredibly hard to accept that though.

    Good luck this weekend with your secret project. And one more *hug* for the "road".

  6. Ahh it sounds like you will be having a wonderful weekend~
    Enjoy and oh sure.. share!

  7. Well now goodness sakes girl, I am sitting on the edge of my chair anxiously awaiting to find out what you have been up to and can't report until Monday :-)


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