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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lucy in the sky with diamonds

My friend Lucy was named after that song.  Her dad died suddenly on Sunday.  Her mom isn't well and her father was the one caring for her, now Lucy must find someone else to care for her mom, which is actually the priority over a funeral which is also scheduled for next week.  

For right now her siblings and her are taking turns staying with mom until they can figure it out. Lucy's exhausted.  


  1. best wishes and condolences to Lucy and her her family, you are a good friend mouse

  2. I know first hand that the support of her friends will mean the world to Lucy at this point - even if you don't feel you have any real help to offer, thank you for being that friend, from someone who has been there.

  3. my thoughts are with her, mouse- that is a terrible position to be in. Having to think clearly when grief has a hold of you, having to arrange and worry about things other than the loss just suffered. I'm so sorry.

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  5. You are a good friend mouse and my thoughts are with your friend.

  6. Oh dear! Such a very sad situation. She will be in my thoughts and I think that loving thoughts do tend to carry us in times like these.

  7. That's such a tough situation. She's lucky to have you as a friend giving her support in this situation. I hope they are able to make arrangements for her mom soon, so she can have some time to grieve the loss of her father.


  8. I am so sorry. My thoughts are with Lucy and her family.



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