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Monday, April 12, 2010


Omega doesn't like the word punishment.  He prefers correction for smallish offenses.  Harsh punishment is for big issues and very rare because for the most part it's not needed.  Correction on occasion is.

All day long last Thursday mouse felt super horny, in fact while the work was being finished, she put on one of O's dress shirts (it smelled like him).  Even at one point she contemplated sending him a text message asking for permission to masturbate.  Still, mouse kinda enjoyed the feelings stirring deep within her and didn't want to let go of them.  Not sure how long, but sometime around lunch, Omega sent a text message asking about the day so far, which led to a volley of text messages between ones.  He said I could use the Hitachi Magic Wand for 10 minutes externally, and not orgasm.   

Happily mouse complied thinking that might help take some of the pressure off...silly only made it worse and by the time Omega got home, mouse was a fluttering jumble of nerves.  Dinner was nearly ready when he slipped his arms around her..he said to mouse that she forgot to thank him for his generosity earlier in the day.  Then he whispered softly into the other ear that was a mistake to take him so for granted.  It was; mouse agreed.  He kissed her forehead and asked for a drink.  After a gin and tonic, a wonderful meal and pleasant enough conversation, he explained that for the next several days mouse is not allowed to speak, unless needed or spoken to first.  He believed mouse needed a lesson in being thankful.  Mouse is always thankful but often becomes so excited that she forgets herself and to say the words, "thank you Omega."  

Those were the words he wanted to hear and frequently over the course of the weekend.  Each time mouse wanted to speak to Omega, she had to permission and then thank him for granting it or not.  

Omega, may I ask a question?

No mouse not right now.  Later.

Thank you Omega, I'll wait. 

Eventually he'd let me ask whatever it was, then mouse would thank him again.  She thanked him a lot over the weekend.  It wasn't a game; it was a lesson in respect..mouse had gotten a bit sloppy in that regard.  Going through the process of thanking him mouse hadn't realized how many other times she should have said thank you and routinely didn't.  By the end of the weekend, mouse was feeling horrible about how much she takes Omega for granted. It is such a little thing really mouse never considered it.  It didn't cause mental panic or distress, she was just made to see that she was in fact being a bit disrespectful.  This is not the first time mouse has forgotten to say thank you.  Sure, he brings mouse a glass of water or something, of course that she'll say thank you for, as it's second nature.  But she often forgets to thank Omega for other little things, like leaving her the morning note with duties on it.  When he reminds her to pick up something extra at the market.  She forgets (sometimes conveniently) to thank Omega.  Mouse suspects many of these albeit small infractions went under his radar, and mouse's.  

Mouse has spent the weekend in deep reflection and high service to Omega.  The mouse was reminded for that weekend that nothing is her's and she must wait for his invitation and then thank him for the privilege.  Sunday evening we had guests over for dinner, and mouse was in full hostess and service mode.  At one point Omega came over and kissed gently mouse's forehead and explained how pleased he was with her and the mouse didn't have to think twice before thanking him.  

Even today mouse is still reflecting on how this weekend has affected her.  The being still and spending time in quiet introspection helped mouse a great deal.  Renewing in some ways her focus on what is exactly important.  Much later Sunday evening, Omega and I went through our evening rituals and we talked about expectations.  He asked mouse if she was happy and she was very happy.  While the reason for the correction bothered mouse a lot because she would never want Omega to think she doesn't appreciate all he does or anything like that, she also realized that he really didn't feel that way either.  Omega understands mouse gets busy with all her duties, and the weekend was just his way of returning the focus back in many ways onto herself and her service.  To shine.  

It seems each time Omega has made mouse take a time out to be still she takes away something different from the experience.  Each time it seems she learns something about herself that she's hidden or refused to acknowledge.  The onion is peeled revealing another layer.   

If there was any part of all this that is frustrating, its within deep the fact of learning something new.  Discovering or uncovering a road block, and pushing through it, driving fast and still slowing down to consider the block.  The process feels unending and never complete but with each step mouse's mind quiets.  It's funny because she often wonders can he mind become so quiet that she stop thinking?  Omega laughed last night when she mentioned it to him.  He assured mouse he didn't think that would ever happen. 


  1. I do enjoy these sorts of posts because *I* learn something, too.

    It is just soooo easy to lose sight of being grateful for what one does for the other. We all manage to do that sometimes, and it is something I will pay more attention to myself.

    And, I love it when a dom/master/husband/whathaveyou has the good sense and skill to actually *teach* within the correction. What value would the whip have been in this case? I say none.

    Ohhhh, and the word 'correction' is much more suitable in many cases, in my opinion. It's a "reminder" and a "lesson" but not really "punishment", if looked at in the right way.

  2. Sounds like a very profound lesson learned.



  3. Vesta,

    All I can do is nod my head and say yes!


    it was.


  4. Being quiet around other people is a special experience, quite different from being quiet in solitude. Lucky you, you get the good part of the deal without having to go to an expensive retreat. :-)

  5. MsLennoxx...

    excellent point. I hadn't thought of that.

    Damn O is really freaking scary smart.

    It also just occurred to me I'll probably never get that spa day now either..

    "mouse just put some cucumbers on your eyes and be still for the day. With those cucumbers you can just pretend your somewhere else."




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