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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 5: The need intensified

Yesterday went by painfully slow for mouse, and even today still struggles with feelings of neediness after last weekend's use.  Normally when Omega uses his mouse harshly it's only for one night.  It's something that she could count on but on Saturday when Omega announced more basement time it threw her.  Her debasement was evident early on but he kept her mind in the present and wouldn't allow it to drift at least not for very long.  Then he put her in the cage, confining her there, then letting her out for more use, only to return her after.  Saturday was intense for mouse.  

Sunday was truly a blur of service with deep feelings of total submission, milder play that mostly focused on service, and honestly yesterday was no better.  At one point during the day O asked that she wear a plug for the afternoon.  This heightened her awareness, her need, and desire all the more.  Quietly she relished in each movement and sensation the plug caused.  Even discomfort was met with edgy sexual awareness she often fears.  There was no fear, only lust and want.  When Omega returned home from work, he asked mouse to follow him upstairs, she trembled as she watched him undress, and then bent her over to remove the plug and take her again.  Oh, the need and desire that burned within her!  He pulled and tugged at her body, and she gave up everything she was to him.  Tears flowed in resignation almost.  After she served him his evening meal, and she glowed when he thanked her for the lovely dinner. 

Then with a hint of his inner sadist, he suggested that mouse might receive a special reward.  He led mouse down the back steps and back into the basement where he gagged her and made her back arch with want....again assuring her complete surrender to him. Certainly he could have done anything to her in those hours.  Outside she was vaguely aware of a thunderstorm covering the area, winds whipping, and heavy rains, but inside the basement she felt cocooned, safe and lost in Omega's world.

She feels pushed and pulled, so deep she's fallen, but not scared or afraid of drowning, but instead lifted high...

The fog covering her like a blanket doesn't seem to be lifting at least anytime soon.  

This need, or desire was so great, even during her sleep she woke to find herself sucking Omega and thinks at one point she was encouraged to just be still and keep him inside her mouth.  In the morning she felt strangled by him, and her own desires, as she had the strongest urge to wake him before she had his coffee.  If she leaves to make his coffee, well, she must leave the comfort of him.  She made a choice to instead selfishly suck him.  To drink him.  Omega was rather annoyed by the choice, because it showed she was putting her own needs before his.  Correction was needed, and upon realizing it he pulled himself away from her.  With that motion she felt banished by him.

She begged his forgiveness and none was offered.


  1. My mouse,

    You are, simply put, being pushed and pulled, but understand there is a destination. I know your mind is indeed very foggy, but soon that thick haze which obscures your thought process will clear.

    This AM you made a choice; it was wrong and you were corrected. There is no need for forgiveness, or apologies.


  2. It's confusing to be on the bottom sometimes. At least until the whole plan plays out. Stay the course, trust Him.

  3. This is very creepy Mouse. I hope Omega is as smart as he thinks he is.

  4. Thank you for all the comments encouragement and hugs...Thank you Omega taking away all of me fears about yesterday.


    I'm not sure what you mean by creepy. I do trust Omega completely with everything I am.



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