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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 6: Magnified

After yesterday morning's feelings of intense regret, the day improved greatly when O suddenly came home from work earlier than anticipated.  He allowed her the privilege of finishing what she had started in the morning hours.  Her heart bounced with joy at serving him.  Throughout the day her intense feelings had overwhelmed her, yet she remained somehow remained focused on the tasks he set out for her; she could not disappoint him again.  

Every thought; each touch or stroke was magnified within her.  Gentle or cruel didn't matter because she craved him so deeply.  He could twist her mind and body to his will and mouse was eager even to play the muse to his sadist.  After dinner again to the basement went mouse and Omega.  The play and level had grown it seems over the course of the days.  It was at times exciting and demoralizing.  He made her count the strokes that fell upon her body and now she can't recall the number, only counting.  Then he made her feel the most overwhelming feelings of pleasure coupled with pain.

The neediness continued into the night with mouse again sleeping with that wonderful part of O in her mouth.  Wordlessly by him she was encouraged to seek that if she needed it and she felt so very compelled to do so.  


  1. Beautiful! It is amazing to me to read about what a masterful job Omega is doing, and your response. I have always enjoyed both your blogs immensely, and feel that I can learn a lot from your example and experience.

  2. I'm looking forward to more.

  3. If this is for real It is getting creepy.Are you able to care for a special needs child when you are in this state?

  4. Anonymous,

    Sir left earlier a quick comment but then removed it, and asked mouse to elaborate since others might have similar concerns.

    mouse is sorry you find this creepy. mouse has found it to be a beautiful experience.

    Regarding "A" he is away for a few days spending time with his grandparents. This too was planned months ago, and seemed to be another reason why Sir chose this particular time. Considering he is not often mentioned in the blog, mouse was surprised by the comment about him.

    Earlier this week, before he left, we continued with homeschooling routine as best as mouse could. While the core subjects were covered, the others were let go.

    A is enjoying the break from his routine and being spoiled by his grandparents.


  5. Omega, please do feel free to reject this if you choose to, I will not take it personally.

    I realize this is well behind the time frame of the posts, but to the creepy Anonymous, I find it telling that you'd remain anonymous while making such comments. One wonders what exactly seems so creepy to you, and what business it would be of yours even if it somehow was. The child is not your responsibility, and Mouse is not your responsibility. Your responsibility in this situation would be limited solely to demonstrating respect for Mouse' choice to share her experiences which he does only because she is kind and generous. She has no requirement to expose her feelings and thoughts to you. If her blog or anyone elses makes you uncomfortable you can always choose not to read it, and should do so.


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