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Monday, September 27, 2010

mouse thank you for answering my questions. you mentioned "quick maintenance" as part of your typical day. What does Omega consider quick maintenance and is this an everyday thing? Is this something you enjoy?

Hi Heatherone,

Not a problem I like answering questions, plus sometimes I just don't know what to blog about so it helps me out.

Very excellent question, our quick maintenance is usually a few short whacks with his leather strap. No warm up, just several firm whacks. There's also a ritual to it, I must thank him for taking the time to address my masochistic needs, then I kiss the strap. I count the blows (today it was 7), then thank him again. I kiss the strap a second time before he puts it away. I then always offer myself for further use, by remaining in position until he excuses me.

Sometimes on rare occasions it leads to more fun!

Thanks for a wonderful question,

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