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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Where mouse remains Thankful

There's no reason for this.  No special day, nothing going on, except that I'm feeling overwhelmed with this intense need to express to Omega (and to everyone else) how incredibly happy I am.  Life is interesting at times, we can have our lives mentally mapped out, and then suddenly, there's a change. It can be major, but sometimes they're just subtle.  You don't get the job you want, but instead you find a job you're not as happy with, but turns out to be the best thing in your life.  

My friend was headstrong about homeschooling her son when he was born, she just couldn't imagine ever letting go of him.  It was all she talked about and she even started gathering supplies.  Then as her son approached the age of 5, she changed her mind and sent him to school because it was actually what he wanted.  See, a couple moved into the house next to them and their son was around the same age, and had older brothers.  This child talked about going to school and how he couldn't wait.  His infectious enthusiasm rubbed off on my friend's son and he started talking about when he'd go to school with his friend.  They could ride the bus together and take turns sitting by the window.  In the end my friend saw she had no choice but to let her son go to school.  She became very involved in that school that just a few years earlier was not good enough for her son.  She became president of the PTA.  She never regretted it.  

That's that subtle twist you just don't see coming.  

My life was like that, maybe Omega's too, but I was just going along, thinking I was happy.  I had a great career, a house, a dog.  It was my slice of the American dream.  I would go to lunch with friends, dinners too.  Drinks after work.  I played the game.  Sure, there were times I wondered, what if?  Then Omega came back into my life and I really started wondering about all that what if stuff.  

Was I happy?  I would actually ask myself that question and really, if you have to ask it, it's probably not true.  

So this early morning I'm thankful.  I'm thankful to Omega for bringing so much chaos, fun and love to my life.  


  1. My mouse, I love you. You are correct the life path we often see ourselves somehow diverges from the original, onto a different trail.

    Life is truly a journey.


  2. mouse, you are so right about those odd twists. Ours wasn't so subtle...Three years ago the company my husband worked for let go 17,000 employees nationwide. W was one of them. It felt like total devestation for us at the time. Now? It might have been the best thing that ever happened to us, besides meeting each other in the first place.
    I started this morning grumpy and out of sorts. Your post has rstored my perspective. Thank you.

  3. Mouse,
    These are such great things to think about. For everyone really. Thanks

  4. I was the same with Tornado... well even before she was born I was determined to homeschool my kids. I had two things happen, though, that altered that decision (one being she really wants to go to school). At first I felt really resistant to it because I thought she'd be better off at home, but the more I look into it, the more I believe that school is the best thing for her right now. I feel really good about that decision. And the best thing about the schools out here is that they really encourage the parents to be involved in the school's daily activities. They want the parents to visit the school and be a regular presence in the kids lives there. That makes me feel even better about it.

    It's funny how your path in life can be so dramatically altered from your original vision and sometimes turn out better than it would have before.




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