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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hi Mouse!! You talk about your nightly rituals a lot. Could you share what that routine is and why Omega has you do perform each part?

Hi HisHeaven,

Thanks for a wonderful question, and mouse will try to answer it. Recently Omega allowed mouse to add a special tab which describes the rituals in more detail. The evening ritual involves mouse undressing in front of Omega, because she is to be open to him at all times. She will sit quietly for a few minutes and reflect on the rules of the week. Omega has lots of rules for mouse to follow but he wants her to focus on just a few of them (usually 10 or less) each week or so. These are often areas he feels she requires some extra attention or help to deepen her submission.

Nobody likes their flaws pointed out to them and mouse often in the past viewed these as Omega pointing out her flaws.

After that mouse waits a moment to see if Omega wants to apply the clamps to her nipples and then she's allowed to slip into the tub. During her tub time she can think about whatever she wants but mostly continues reflecting on her rules, because as she recently was reminded they are important to Omega and therefore important to her.

After drying off she puts on a light body spray because Omega enjoys this one fragrance and dress for bed if she sees bedclothes laid out for her. Then she must ask permission to enter the bed. While she waits for permission to be granted, we discuss the rule of the day (an extra special rule Omega feels needs more addressing than the others) and Omega will generally pick a rule for the following day or decide to continue with the same rule if he feels that's required.

Then mouse is invited for snuggles and pillow talk.  

Thanks for a wonderful question and mouse hopes that she answered it.  



  1. My mouse,

    I believe you covered the evening ritual very well.


  2. Ooooh thank you Master!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mouse is thrilled that you are pleased!



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