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Monday, October 18, 2010

on her knees

So much of submission to another is really mental as well as physical.  Of course the mouse can't spend hours upon hours on her knees waiting for a command, nor can she get down on her knees every time he hands anything to her.  To some people this is an important protocol, but to us it's not practical.   When Omega hands anything to mouse she immiedatlely replies with a, "Thank you Sir."  

Mentally however there are moments where she's on her knees at his feet or watching him from across the room, unfortunately these are deep thoughts and she often becomes lost in them.  Like a daydream and suddenly jolted back with the sound of Omega's voice.  Now, it should be noted he's got a cold, and just not feeling well and O is very grumpy when he's sick.  He was looking for his medicine box (this box contains all remedies for almost any problem anyone could have at any given moment of time), which used to be in the hall closet, until he moved it into his study closet.  Since mouse is in total submission mode she gets up and retrieves the box from his study and brings it to him.  He thanks her and opens the box, and starts digging through it like Indiana Jones looking for an artifact.  He's not asking for help.  But mouse knows that in his haste he's tossed aside the very box he's looking for.   Into the kitchen mouse gets him a glass of water and returns picking up the box she knows he's looking for, and hands them both to him.  

He looks at the box, and the waiting glass of water and jumped to the conclusion mouse was hiding his medicine.  A couple months ago, this might have led to an argument.  But mouse knows he's really not feeling well.  He takes the medicine and mouse brings him a blanket, then carefully returns all the discarded medicines back to the box, leaving out the cold medicine he wants, and returns everything to his study closet.   On her way to returning to him, she stops at the hall closet and retrieves a box a Kleenix and brought that to him as well.   He apologized for yelling at mouse and thanked her.  

This is the way it goes.  The rest of weekend Omega was fine mostly during the day and grumpy in the evening, but by Sunday the worst of the cold was over with.  However it didn't stop him from tending to mouse's piercings and making certain those were healing properly, which so far they are.   

Sunday evening in bed, during our cuddle time, we kinda laughed about he exchange on Friday, and he commented that he was really convinced that mouse had hid the cold medicine.  He laughed at himself.  Then he asked very seriously what if he had punished mouse for that?  What if he had -- mouse thought about that and told him that she would have accepted the punishment but it wouldn't have been easy.  It's hard to not have feelings when you know you did nothing wrong.  Alpha used to do that to mouse frequently.  Except he would use punishment as his excuse to be extra cruel to mouse.  Omega pulled mouse close and she felt him shudder a little over that.  He knew what that meant.  

Omega pulled mouse close and held her all night long, not once did he let go of her, even when she tried to wriggle away, she was pulled right back to him.  


  1. mouse, I hate to think of someone being cruel to you. I am so glad you are with someone who takes good care of you.
    (My husband is grumpy when he is sick too.)

  2. sometimes the mind can play wonderful tricks on you. It's important to always think twice :)
    Glad you understood that it was just b'cause he was ill...

  3. Ally...mouse really believes that all men are grumpy when they're not feeling well. And yeah, Omega feels the same when Alpha comes into a discussion.

    Alujna...It's not always to stop and think twice but this time it was very obvious.


  4. I think everyone is pretty grumpy when they're sick. I know I am. I'm glad O is feeling better now though.

    Oh and I ended up getting that stupid cold... gggrrrrr....




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