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Friday, November 5, 2010

Can you suggest a few good sources for BDSM articles?


Good sources for BDSM articles? Most that mouse has come across are mostly subjective. There are some good books out there, but even they tend to describe things in very black and white terms.

There are some good blogs out there that talk about the lifestyle from a real world perspective. A Dominant Character comes to mind, Slave Isabelle's Journey, and Spirited Meanderings jump to mouse's mind.

Actually all the blogs listed on recommended on A slave's tale, are examples of healthy dynamics (or mentally healthy people). Regardless if they are into DD, Daddy/little girl Master/slave or Dom/sub.

Thanks for the question and if mouse does come across any she will certainly list them on her blog at some point in the future! Might make an interesting feature space.


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