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Thursday, November 4, 2010

I know you've known Omega for a long time. Did you both get into BDSM separately, did you get each other into it (as in together), did you meet through it, or was it just something you mutually were interested in and expanded on?


Thank you for a wonderful question! Yes, mouse has know Omega for a very long time. He's been involved in the lifestyle for quite a few more years than mouse has. Omega was good friend's with the first owner of mouse. That man was abusive to mouse and Omega wasn't very aware of the exact nature of the abuse. The first owner was the one that brought mouse into the lifestyle. Even after being abused mouse knew there was good about this lifestyle, but that was because she'd see how happy Omega's former slaves and bottoms were.

Thanks again for taking the time to write and asking such a great question. This mouse hopes she answered it to your expectations.


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  1. Although I understand it is not intentional, that comment by you mouse about me having many more years in the lifestyle than yourself, made me feel quite old.

    I am certain it was just a few, as I seem to recall you were quite the fetching young thing yourself. Not at all to imply you are no longer as fetching....



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