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Friday, November 5, 2010

Orgasm denial

No, mouse isn't on any kind of restriction, but since she received Master's gift of piercings excess moisture for a time is not a good thing.  Of course Master gets a lot of oral attention but the mouse is discovering that she's missing...attention as well.  When Omega has restricted orgasms, mouse has felt very submissive...and then as it builds it is a wonderful release.  This time however knowing that she just can't, is driving her crazy.  This has led to some mild corrections from Omega.

Saturday for example, she was prohibited from talking a good part of the day because, honestly sarcasm is something Omega doesn't find that least not all the time.   Saturday night tho there were no problems and mouse stayed with her protocols very well.   Sunday wasn't too bad either of course mouse was kinda still with the after effects of the intense flogging.  Monday was a different story tho again and mouse was caught being sarcastic (and downright rude) once too many times.  That evening Omega, before her evening bath, made her wait for him in the shower, nude and he urinated on her (this is something mouse truly hates and it always makes her feel somewhat worthless).

Worse still, Omega demanded to know what mouse's troubles are.  All mouse could think about was taking a shower and was a shaking mess.  Omega crouched down in front of mouse and pulled her close to him, honestly she really couldn't explain why she's been off lately.  This was a strong feeling of failure.  He pulled her into the shower and helped her wash, then put her into the tub after for her soak.  None of this helped the mouse though and she was sniffling, full of regret.   Still mouse couldn't explain what the problem was...was there even a problem?

Later, in bed cuddled with Omega he asked again what the problem was, and listened carefully while mouse explained that she didn't know and as though NOTHING earlier had happened she snapped at Omega.  His response was quick, he told mouse to leave the bed and sleep on the floor.  He tossed her a blanket but no pillow.

Tuesday morning she woke, and began her ritual to wake Omega.  He refused her advances only telling her to start his shower.  Again overwhelming feeling of worthlessness creeped inside her and she found herself begging Omega to make use of her.  That was when it occurred to him what the problem might be.  When he slipped his hand between the mouse's legs and noted the way she shuddered...perhaps a light came on.   Yet, still he wasn't sure this was the problem...and honestly neither was mouse.  He stepped up the maintenance in a hopes that it might help and that did a little bit. Until she found out about the trip and that seemed to pile on her heavier.  However the stepped up maintenance did seem to help a little bit on Wednesday but mouse also was determined not to say much about anything.  Too much on her mind, her feelings, the emotions, the snapping even before she found out about the trip, all made her too aware.  Being still was a much safer choice.

Then Thursday evening, as he was checking her piercings, he began to gently touch her down there with his finger (staying clear of the pierced areas)...and soon mouse was writhing under his touch.  The intensity of the orgasm hit her in delicious wave after another...soon she screamed as her body shook.  He checked again the area, slipped on a condom and took mouse to new and exciting heights...yet it was a bit painful (there were some tugging as our bodies moved as one), but none of that mattered.

Today the mouse feels oh so much better, relaxed and not at all snappish.  Could it be the unintentional loss or orgasm, which caused mouse to react this way?  While even Omega admitted there was no way to know for certain, it's possible.  Even the trip angst doesn't seem to be as bad.  Tho mouse remains uncertain how she will get through the next several days without him.


  1. I get snappy after only 4 days. I completely understand.

  2. mouse,

    Perhaps all this demonstrates how far you have come since we were first together. You have gone from being someone terrified at the thought of orgasm, to wanton slut about it.

    I enjoy that profound change greatly.


  3. mouse, I'm sorry you had such a rough week. I can empathize a little, I get sexually frustrated very quickly sometimes, and it does make me very edgy. Keep thinking about how great it will be when O returns home :)

  4. mouse, I'm right there with you, Mindset, and Ally. I get "snippy" after only a few days. I need W to take the edge off, masturbation just doesn't cut it. I'm sorry it has been so tough for you.

  5. mouse I can really empathise with this, I get really snappy and snarky and rude when i am frustrated and my body is in need. I wish I didn't but sometimes, i don't even know i am until i get release and the calm comes afterwards.


  6. Mistress doesn't like it when her Slave gets snappish either. It's something I try to avoid. Mick

  7. Mindset.....honestly mouse didn't have a problem with it before or maybe it was just more obvious and therefore controllable? made mouse blush...thank you! Love you!

    Ally...mouse is keeping her focus on O, at least until he leaves...then she'll be counting down the minutes until he returns.

    KellyRed...ya the snippiness...mouse wishes she was just snippy....LOL

    kajiradreams....Totally understand that...mouse often wishes there were just an off switch inside somewhere...

    Mick...welcome to mouse's little corner...And honestly O doesn't like it either...unless of course he's the one doing the denying. Then it's totally different.

    Thanks for all the comments,

  8. Ugh... just another reason to not look forward to getting piercings down there. I can be a downright bitch when my *ahem* nether regions are neglected for too long. Glad it has been taken care of, though, before you got yourself into too much trouble!



  9. turiya,

    The oddest part was that we didn't notice *that* was the problem...

    Guess it was kinda new for both of us since it never used to bother mouse one way or another...argh...something else O's right about...



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