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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hi Mouse what would you think are typical traits of a submissive?

Greetings and what a thought provoking question. Honestly, mouse isn't sure there are any real 'typical' traits of a submissive. Through the years mouse has known many that actually surprised her that they were submissive. Having said that...the one thing that screams to mouse's mind is this:

They must be willing to serve someone. Not everyone, but that one person that makes them glow and brings out all those qualities. It's true some are just wired that way and strive to be pleasing to everyone, but more often mouse thinks they really choose one person. Through the years, mouse has come to know a great many incredibly successful people (both male and female) and to look at them and their character one would consider them Dominant. However when they go home, they strip off their responsibilities and immerse themselves into the pleasure of serving. There are other qualities but they all hinge on being willing to serve someone. To immerse themselves into that place in that other person's life.

When a submissive finds the right person to serve, they glow inside and out. There are no limits that cannot be dealt with and no goal they cannot achieve. With that one (or group) they flourish.


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