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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Recently, my girl came to me feeling distressed and seemed concerned with mentioning to me. Rightly, I sat her down and listened to her and paid close attention to her body language. Nervously, she began wringing her hands, chewing her lip, looking devastatingly attractive. I enjoy watching my girl, but I digress.

As she continued she began to in a clumsy way to compliment me on being so attentive lately. I smiled at her and waited, as I knew there must be more. As the minutes ticked passed, she repeated her statement. Now my hearing is fine, but I did not make jokes. Eventually she got to the point, she was worried about when the sadist returned.

I admit, I was bemused by the statement and my confusion was not lost on her. Carefully, my girl went on to explain. She enjoyed everything we did and whatever I wanted she would surely follow, but she liked me much better the way I am now, rather than when I am on a sadistic bent.  I chuckled at the revelation.

The duality is what was troubling to her and I could offer no assurances as to when the sadistic need would return, as it waxes and wanes.  What I believe and later confirmed was my indifference in between those times, which caused my girl to become rather imbalanced.  The discussion, although difficult for her to bring up, was a necessary one. 

I needed to be more aware of how what I do affects her but the only way I can know these things is if she tells me. 


  1. Lesson learned Master!


  2. Very good point, Sir.



  3. a very good example of the importance of communication Sir, and although difficult for mouse to do, it was good that she did and I think brave of her to do so :)

  4. Balance is so important on both sides. Of this you know I am true believer.

    I will however step outside the lines and challenge you, is mouse telling you in words truly the only way you could know?


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