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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tardy mouse

Good morning (yes, it's still morning),

Daddy sent a text to mouse a few minutes saying, "you are tardy in your post this AM"  oooops.  Honestly, mouse forgot completely.  It's just been one of those mornings where you just want to pull the covers over your head and scream, "Do over please."

Actually mouse could just say its all Daddy's fault, he's the one who wanted to make love this morning.  And that left her a dreamy state...

Well, she could say that but she won't....

Even if that's what happened.

Daddy would say it's just an excuse and mouse would argue that it's a reason.

Then he'd say well we'll see about that and we'd have to do again this evening or afternoon...

Sounds like a pretty good plan...


  1. Sounds like a Perfect day for a do-over! Mmmmmm morning sex!

  2. I like your plan :)

    I bet Omega won't mind your plan either. ;)

  3. So he's going to "make" you do the sex over this evening? "Well see about that"? and do his best to make you all dreamy and distracted?

    What a taskmaster! You poor thing.

    (in a whispered aside,"psst, where can i get one of those"?)

  4. Well, since blogger was done - you couldn't post. LOL


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