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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


It's come to mouse's attention that she's been given a few times the Versatile Blogger Award (VBA).  Of course with those awards there are rules...

First being supposed to link back to the nominating party and wow that is a nice idea.  Unfortunately, mouse lost the emails...ya..silly mouse...So if you were kind enough to give mouse this award, she'll be more than happy to add you to her blog roll.

Second supposed to tell 7 things about mouse...  Wow 7?

Ok...hold onto your hats because it goes...

  1. Daddy loves to dominate mouse in ways he  Lately, mouse has been made to wear diapers at night and sleep chained to the bed.  
  2. Additionally mouse must be diapered on weekends to increase her dependance on Daddy.  
  3. Daddy will often feed mouse (when appropriate) and decides what mouse will eat during the day.  Sorry but mouse finds that one VERY hot.  
  4. We've moved kinda in a poly relationship with another couple.  Two tops and two bottoms...cute heh? 
  5. It's weird being owned by someone other than Daddy.  
  6. It's scary being dependent on Daddy for EVERYTHING and comforting at the same time
  7. There's one more secret mouse hasn't shared and isn't ready to yet.  
  8. Bonus, Daddy suggested that mouse share the diaper stuff because it makes her feel humiliated and is supposed to include the part that she likes being dominated in this odd and unique way.  (Screams!!!)
Yes, there will be blog posts to follow about all these things and maybe the secret thing...who knows??

Now, if you'll excuse mouse she's going to run and hide for a little, and hopes this post get lost in the preholiday rush....


  1. *hugs*

    I know all too well the feeling of wanting to run and hide!!

    As for the part you were compelled to share, it's not that bad. Really. :)

    *hugs more*


  2. Wow, I did not see that coming.

  3. From the cage to huggies...WOW! And poly too! Can't wait to hear more!

  4. @mindset. Ha! I enjoyed that.


  5. Just a side note, what mouse and share is between two consenting adults. We have no interest in age-play. I enjoy mouse being a woman. A strong woman who will debase herself at my whim.


  6. Just running by to say it's nice to see you post and now I'll disappear in the preholiday rush.

  7. Hi mouse and Omega,

    Just wanted to say that I was one of the ones who indeed nominated you for a VBA :)
    You can find me at


  8. Gosh. That's surprising. And yes I certainly see how it creates dependency.

  9. Well the poly ended. Still processing it all, but Daddy ended it. We're all still friends, which mouse is grateful for. Not sure if we're all really ok.

    Can't say mouse isn't relieved at least somewhat. Daddy said no more.

  10. Mouse I love hearing all the interesting ways that you're dominated. Don't be scared to share =)


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