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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Welcome to The Power Exchange

Greetings from mouse,

We thought about what to call the blog, and we decided that it's really our journey into this thing we call consensual slavery. The meat of it is that it's a Power Exchange. In the past this journey has always been about that but more about mouse than Daddy. However, when reading through all the old posts we realized Daddy's always been there. Now he's really here with it all. He can do his own posts or (rambles - as he calls them), and we can even do joint posts.

It's gunna be different and new and hopefully interesting to read, but really most readers shouldn't notice any deep changes.



  1. Wonderful choice!
    I like the remodel.

  2. Great new look and colour scheme!

    Looking forward to reading your continuing adventures.

    DY x

  3. He certainly perfomed a "girly-ectomy" didn't he?

    The new look is very sleek and clean, I like it, but it seems odd to read your words and pacing and not have something pink or frilly there, mouse.

    Bon Voyage!

  4. I for one have witnessed many deep changes all along your journey. This one in and of it's self may be minor but it speaks to all you to have been through together.

    Happy trails.

  5. Thanks! Glad everyone seems to like the colors.

    Monkey, yea miss the pink! Haha.

    J, Sir,

    You've been with us since the very beginning. Your comment was greatly appreciated.


  6. Looking forward to following your continuing adventures together! As always, thanks for sharing.

  7. I love the look of your blog, colours, layout and name.



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