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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fixing a hole

Greetings from mouse,

It's weird not working anymore. The first week home, mouse slacked off her duties with Daddy's approval. With Daddy's blessing, mouse took up knitting, downloaded a few books and over all just enjoyed it all. This week, her regular chores were back on her to do list.

So much of the week has been spent in cleaning, cooking and everything else that needs to be done. But Daddy is careful not to let mouse become too isolated. He encouraged her to brunch with her girlfriends and take time getting her hair done. The truth is that he wants her happy but he wants her there for our family.

So far it's working out nicely!

Recently, during a very public discussion with Vesta on her blog we discussed our lives and Dominant counterparts. Her owner seems very similar to Daddy and it's nice to be able to exchange our thoughts, since we are both in power exchange relationships. During our exchange, mouse recounted the story of this passed fall, when the trees needed pruning.

Our problem seemed to be what to do when our Dominant partners refused to act on a task. In our case it was pruning the trees, in her case it was painting the garage. In both cases, we asked nicely to do the task our selves. Yet we were both put off. In our case, Daddy just couldn't be bothered, and there is only a small window when it is appropriate to prune the trees. Still, mouse didn't want to nag him, she asked, he said he'd think about it or was too busy at the moment. Eventually, she asked him if maybe we should ask the landscapers to do it. He agreed to that at once and telephoned them the next day. In Vesta's case her owner insisted on helping, tho it took longer than Vesta might have liked, the garage was painted and her owner enjoyed the results.

Now this bugged mouse. Why pay for something when mouse was willing to do it? Was he afraid it wouldn't be done correctly? That he'd end up taking it over?

So this will end with a question. What should she do when Daddy is less than enthusiastic about a task, even when she offers to do the task herself? Obviously, she can't keep asking him, at least not without being accused of nagging, but what else could she have done?


  1. Acceptance is in order, IMHO. Master's and Daddy's don't always verbalize all the reasons for their decisions, but at least in my case I do always have reasons for my choices.

    In this situation I'd make the same choice as your Daddy, pruning trees can be dangerous work, I'd rather have a submissive I was responsible for watching safely from inside while professionals do the trimming.

    It's a case of being protective I'd think - which brings me back to acceptance!

  2. Michael Sir,

    Omega smiled when he read your comment and mouse growled just a little. Will try to practice a little acceptance.

    Thank you for your comment,

  3. Precious mouse,

    While I do understand your and Vesta's frustration, often time being still can greatly beneficial. We sometimes simply do not share your enthusiasm, just as we have strong opinions on how a task should be performed. You may feel you are up to a challenge, we however might know or at least better understand the job in question.

    Now mouse it took three men several hours to prune those trees correctly. Frankly, I felt it was beyond you and dangerous to attempt alone. I simply did not wish to give up a Saturday to do the task.

    I love you mouse

  4. mouse,
    interesting situation especially since, as one who is in a power exchange relationship, I would not ask to do a task I simply do it. If painting needs done, I do it. If the bushes, trees, shrubs need pruning, I do it. I do not ask to do it, it is a chore that has to be done and I feel full within my power to act on it. I do not ask to do the laundry, nor do I ask to make breakfast, lunch, dinner (super) or snacks. I do not ask to vacuum, I do not ask to dust, wash windows or change the sheets and duvets on the bed.

    I believe 24/7 total power exchange relationships are different for everyone. For me and the one I have with Master I do not ask to tend to our lives, to our home just like I do not ask to wash/detail our cars. In fact I believe Master would expect such things of me. Should a task be dangerous Master expects me to know better and to not attempt to do it without proper help or calling someone who is a professional.

    I would be beyond frustrated if I had to ask to do a task or if I had to wait for my Master to do the task because quite frankly household repair and maintenance is not something that, in my opinion, should be delayed. It can cause damage to the home, to the foundation and structure of a building. Although trees are not a "need" if you want to keep them alive and healthy and to ensure your investment in them is proper then pruning within a proper time frame is necessary. The same goes for painting. Painting helps in maintaining structure, especially if the paint is meant to coat the wood for protection against natural elements.

    Every couple is unique with its own rules and expectations. For me though, I would not happily live in such an exchange - having to ask to tend to life's necessities.

    You and Vesta both have a tremendous amount of patience. All the best to you.



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