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Friday, May 18, 2012

The jasmine in my mind

The other night Daddy praised mouse for no particular reason. It got mouse to thinking, well considering how rare it is we think to offer praise. We are far too easily apt to criticize, than to praise. Those criticisms just kinda roll off the tongue so much easier.

A friend of mouse's recently complained about her husband being completely inconsiderate to her feelings -- now it should be said, this was a momentary thing and they do love each other. However it isn't lost on mouse how often this friend complains, which has led to other mutual friends to consider them differently. Maybe to further complicate matters, the friend remains rather oblivious to these feelings.

Perhaps it's a chick thing, but we tend to be protective of our friends. We don't like to see them hurt or what we perceive as making a mistake. The truth is that we simply don't have all the information. We only know what they decide to express, which in the case of the friend is in the form of complaints and out-right rants about her husband. We don't see what happens later or how they resolve the conflict. It's just added up -- at least to us.

Now, the day Daddy offered his praise was just an ordinary day, where mouse did her little tasks or chores and completed her 5 things for Daddy. Those things were nothing too big or of immense importance, but they brought him great pleasure at the end of his weary day. This was what led to the praise and really, he thanked mouse a lot. It made her feel so giddy.

After the children settled and kitchen tidied up, mouse sat comfortably at Daddy's feet, just quietly resting her head against his thigh. Is it wild that she could smell him? Is it wild his smell turned her on? His musky man-scent does that to her. Daddy groaned a little as mouse ebbed closer to his crotch. Maybe part of him, simply wanted to push her away, perhaps he couldn't see how glassy her eyes surely were as they remained so fixed.

Eventually, he shifted in his seat unbuckled his belt and loosened his trousers, as mouse nearly pounced on him with her mouth. Hitting all the spots, and just leisurely sucking and licking, mouse found herself in her glory! So much so she hardly realized her skirt was up and grinding her sex against his out stretched leg (seriously what a slut). When Daddy told mouse to rub herself, she did so without hesitation as she continued sucking him.

Eventually Daddy took hold of her hair, forcing her faster deep onto his cock, while down below her inside lady places just flamed and throbbed. After swallowing and thanking him profusely for this pleasure, he told her to lean back and masturbate herself for him. He watched as mouse drove herself to orgasm and thanked him again.

Again mouse settled (thank goodness for yoga) on her knees and rested her head again on his thigh. Daddy asked mouse for a cup of warm water, which she quickly fetched. He told her to open her blouse and lift her skirt as she again settled at his feet. He positioned her so he could watch her (away from him) which made her pout a little...seriously at that moment she's sure she just existed to be close to him.

"Tell me slave, did you use the plug today?"

Blinking and coming out of her foggy headspace, mouse replied that she hadn't. Although, she didn't lift her eyes, she could feel him arch his eyebrow.

"Is that not a rule?" he asked calmly

Oh dear, where was this going? "Yes Daddy it is," mouse replied very meekly.
"Run upstairs and strip your clothing, begin your rituals," Daddy said not hiding his disappointment.

How quickly the seasons change, mouse thought as she slowly ascended the steps to our bedroom.

Time passed, as mouse meditated on her error, trying to think of a valid excuse, but came up empty. From outside our room, mouse could hear him making his way up the stairs, opening and closing doors very quietly, and eventually making his way up to our room. He slowly undressed and eyed mouse, as she remained still kneeling, with tears streaming down her cheeks.

All sorts of thoughts passed through her mind, including dramatically throwing herself at his feet and begging forgiveness. But none seemed like enough. Instead she tried to focus on her meditations. He removed the clamps and told mouse to bend over against the vanity. He probed her bottom gently at first, and murmured moving himself over her body to whisper that she would be punished. Fresh tears spilled.

Daddy got out the box holding the plugs and selected the large one, lubed it up and slid it into place. Then mouse felt the burn. It's like he used BenGay as lube. Ignoring her plight, he moved mouse to the bed, cuffed her hands together, then settled her so she could sleep with him in her mouth, while he could reach her tender parts and play himself.

Eventually the burning settled and mouse slept, grateful to be allowed to be so close to him.

The morning after, mouse much calmer apologized again to Daddy for forgetting and promised to try harder to remember. Daddy removed the plug, using mouse there and led her into the shower, having her wash his body before her own. Can mouse just say how much she enjoyed doing that?

The punishment was over, but mouse still felt unsettled.

After the ahower, he again this time himself replaced the plug with the medium one and told mouse to keep in at least for 4 hours. The warm feelings of containment rushed over mouse. All those unsettled feelings just vanished as mouse began her day.

Around noontime, mouse removed the plug and sent Daddy a text thanking him again for his correction. Then set to work on the 5 things.
  • Lovingly prepared his favorite (at the moment) meal.
  • Made sure his cocktail was waiting when he got home.
  • Tidied up the whole house.
  • Fixed an appetizer for him to snack on while he waited on his fish
  • Had a tray arranged with a cool towel, in case he needed it.
Then it was the usual scene of greeting him at the door, taking his briefcase, suit jacket and hat from him, encouraging him to relax with his feet up, while mouse finished the prep for his meal -- which since he was working late was long after the house was quiet.

After dinner Daddy suggested we watch a movie together, The Aviator. Daddy filled mouse's head with fun facts about Howard Hughes, while she filled her mouth and pleasured him!

It really was a grand night. After rituals, he wrapped mouse up tightly in his body and listened to mouse's thoughts.

Song selection: Summer Breeze; Seals and Croft


  1. Im feeling better so warning a long rambly comment lol

    I find that women tend to be more critical of their partners to other women than men are, but is this because women tend to talk more to each other about their relationships than men do to each other? or are women simply more critical?

    I also wander if being in an M/s dynamic contributes to making me less critical of not just the bossman but in general, sure i have my little rants on the blog but i certainly wouldnt outright rant or criticise him to friends beyond trivial moans like not putting the toilet seat down lol and in turn i wander how my friends percieve me because i dont.

    And well just cringing at the buttplugs most definitley not my most favourite things, he has an inflatable one that he uses as a punishment and oh thats just agony..i mean its just not normal to have ones ass blown up is it?

    hope you all have a good weekend

    best wishes
    tori x

    1. Oh mouse completely agrees with your tori. Women are far more vocal about our feelings (especially negative ones) with other women. It's been mouse's experience that men tend to make more jokes about their wife's (Or girlfriend's) shortcomings. But the difference seems to be that men don't really take it seriously. They'll also brag more...what mouse calls dick waving..LOL

      Being in a M/s dynamic really does foster closeness that few couples understand -- let alone achieve. Honestly mouse would NEVER EVER criticize Omega in a public way for anything. While she might tease him a little, mouse always follows it up with something positive. Which is rather easy to do. His biggest complaint where mouse is concerned is probably over-cooked chicken breasts...Someday mouse will master that skill....LOL

      Honestly wearing the plug often gives mouse a deep feeling of submission. In fact, most days has little trouble remembering to wear it. That day was really busy...and just completely forgot all about it...Silly mouse.

      LOL about the blow up...We had one of those..tho not sure if Omega made it himself. It would go in the other place and slowly about feeling out of control...then it would vibrate and mouse would just scream.....He would pump it up manually like a blood pressure thingy...


  2. I agree with you about gratitude. There is not enough expressed. Daddy & I try to constantly thank each other, and be mindful of the small things each other does. Thank you is uttered as much if not more than I love you in our house.

    I have always been mindful of gratitude, though. I'm the weirdo who stops on the way out of a store & tells the manager that I received exceptional service, or calling a store to praise a worker, or when a takeout meal is outstanding. It usually stuns people, but you can tell it made their night.

    1. Dear June,

      Thank you so much for your comment and taking the time to read, mouse greatly appreciates your thoughts on gracious behavior. It's something that probably since the baby came mouse has gotten more and more neglectful about doing.

      Now that mouse is aware she's been doing this or rather not doing, she's making a real effort to correct this. You're completely correct people do love hearing that something was enjoyable, as in your example with the Take Out. Most often the only time they hear back was when something was forgotten! How nice of you to take the time thank them for a job well done.

      This is something mouse is certain to integrate into her daily routine. Thank you so much for sharing.


  3. Hi mouse

    thank you for the peek into your day. I find it comforting that you guys have your ups and downs and are still solid

    it's lovely


    1. sfp - aww thanks!! Omega said today that love is a partnership. Think he's right about that.

  4. What a lovely post.

    You're right, people are so often over critical, and the people above me said it really well - the way we have chosen to have our relationships be makes the criticisms fade.

    Perhaps because we are regularly providing each other with such awesome experiences, the smaller inconsequential stuff just fades into obscurity where it belongs? It's not just forced respect, after all, it's earned, and on both sides of the slash..

    1. Conina - the lifestyle does foster a lot of intimacy, which could be largely responsible for the way we react or don't react. The smaller stuff is let go of much easier -- but it's also discussed! We can discuss all kinds of things...deeply personal things. The little stuff is so much easier to discuss or just talk about...yanno?


  5. mouse, you are so sweet.
    I try to stay away from husband bashing sessions w/girlfriends. Not to say I don't have an occasional negative thing to say about H. HA! One girlfriend in particular that's all she does. Now granted he's no saint but neither is she.
    Growing up I had more guy friends than girl friends and all I can say is...thank goodness.
    Can I also just say that Omega's machinations whether for pleasure or pain make me kinda tingle inside. You're so right, he is a man with a plan. ;)

    1. mg -- thanks for your thoughts. Yes, Omega is very clever...or is the right word devious? Lol


  6. I'm still stuck on the part where you say, "Thank goodness for yoga"...

    1. Jz -- Hate to admit, you were right about it. Have gone once a week for three weeks now and have noticed a difference...Even the bad knee doesn't hurt as much!

  7. Mouse,

    Thank you so much for sharing your day. I agree that the D/s or M/s dynamic connects couples in a very special way.


    PS Thank goodness for yoga.

    1. Joey -- you're more than welcome!! Yoga rocks!!

  8. This post was so beautiful. Made me cry, because I want this so badly, and can't have it with either man in my life, sadly. You're both very lucky to have each other, and I wish you both much continued happiness together.

    1. Tamar -- Aww sorry mouse mad you cry. It's hard when you want something badly and feel you can't...but sometimes there can be a way...

      Life is really like that, just when you give up or think it will never work out. Suddenly something will happen....and change everything!!


  9. You're so right about how people complain about their significant others. We do need to talk about the good with the bad, or it just seems negative all the time!


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