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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Daddy's Loving Arms

Since mouse had her crying jag a few nights ago, Daddy's been encouraging mouse to let go more of her feelings with him. He doesn't want the walls to go back up, so he's been extra loving. Deep down mouse feels depleted. Not in a bad way at least. The anxiety when he's around has dropped off to nothing, apart tho, it's gone up. Daddy's been helping mouse calm herself as needed. When he's home, no matter what goes on during the day, when he walks through that door each evening, and mouse kneels at his feet removing his shoes -- her stress just vanishes.

Odd dreams have invaded her sleep. Dreams she can't readily explain, or even recall, but fill her with the deepest feelings of submission. Daddy, held mouse several times after such dreams softly cooing and soothing her fears, but also reminding her that needs them too. He just says that mouse isn't used to being so open and vulnerable to him. In the morning she wakes him by offering him pleasure. Sometimes he'll allow or reward her with loving and worshipping, other times he'll grab her head and control her.

When we're alone, in his study, mouse sits at his feet, her blouse open to him. At night, during rituals he watches. It deepens the fact she hasn't a choice. He controls just about everything and honestly mouse is enjoying it. The summer months are in full swing, the strong scent of jasmine fills the air, and mouse is kept very nude at night. Daddy's body is the only source of warmth, his body shields her from the blast of the ceiling fan. And mouse sometimes wishes to burrow within him. He covers her, snaking his body around her own. Trapped within his arms, mouse feels safe, protected and loved.

As she begins to pack for the trip, Daddy looks over what mouse will bring. No fancy dresses, this trip is simple and very casual. One nice sundress, for a party we need to attend. The rest are pretty tops and capri type jeans, he of course picked out. He's debating about undergarments. He's already said maybe to a nighty, since we might not always be alone. Privacy will not be expected, and some modesty is expected. Next year he mentioned we will not be going on a family vacation.

Song selection: I Will Take You Home; Grateful Dead


  1. I really do admire how easily you are able to talk about the initmate moments between Omega and yourself, has it always been easy or has it just happened over time?

    I find it difficult, i wish i could post with ease about interactions between the bossman and i, i try, i have some saved but i dont know i just have this reluctance to post them...silly i guess.

    Not long until your off then, im sure and hope it will be very enjoyable and relaxing for you all.

    tori xx

  2. tori,

    Sometimes it's so easy. Like stream of consciousness, mouse simply lets go, forgetting that people will read this. Other times it's harder, but Daddy will pull these thoughts out of her, because he reads them, sometimes before anyone else does. When she writes about these intimate thoughts, she's also letting Daddy inside her mind. So much so, she doesn't use our private journal at all.


  3. Going to miss you guys, but hope you have a wonderful family vacation!!

  4. It's sounds lovely, how Omega can calm you and it seems so tender. I wish I could just let myself fully go and open up for "H" and have Him take over, calming me. Sounds lovely and sweet.
    On another note - I hope you all have a wonderful trip! We are recently back form a trip and I was feeling wonderfully refreshed. I hope you get some relaxing time.

    1. It is very nice, mouse feels very contented and happy right now. Definitely more at peace and excited to see what comes our way next.

      Thanks Emi for the vacation well, wishes.



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