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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Today, there is nothing. There isn't a song, there are no words. There's just been a lot of cleaning, cooking, taking care of the kids; there's been birthdays and holidays mouse hardly understands. There's been blow jobs and sex. Rope and meditations. There's been exercising three or four days a week. There's been brunch with good friends, phone conversations and party planning. Fall yard cleanup and decorating. Busy weekends and obligations. There are bags of of items to go to charity and more to follow. Lists are being constructed and winter clothing examined.

Yet, throughout it all mouse is calm. No feelings of being overwhelmed or that she can't manage. No struggles or emotional outbursts. Blissfully unaware of the problems around the world (not completely unaware, but forbidden from dwelling on the vastly unpleasant). The focus, of late, has been on Daddy, our family and most other things fall by the wayside.

Each night, mouse cooks dinner, puts on soothing music and lights candles -- when Daddy gets home it's his turn to be pampered and adored. It's comfortable for mouse and hopefully agreeable for our family as well.

.Sometimes nothing can be bliss.


  1. No song!!! this is a first i think since i have been following your blog.

    You sound relaxed, and yes sometimes nothing is bliss, my problem is im a worrier and i often worry over things that are out my control to do anything about so i dont know why i worry.

    Hoping the rest of the week is relaxed for you all.


  2. I'm very impressed. You're first paragraph made me feel nervous and I wasn't even living it. That great that you can remain calm and centered among all the busyness of life.

  3. Your nothing sounds lovely. Congratulations.


  4. This is so sweet, mouse. Being held in the palm of someone's hand is lovely, and insular and safe and you say, bliss.

  5. Not nothing - not at all. It sounds like life - like living life, not just enduring it. It sounds wonderful.

  6. mouse: Now *that's* what I'm talking about it ('The Philosophy of IT') - the ability to be peaceful, calm and serene regardless of how busy and distracting real life can get!!


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