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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Messing Up

On the day before St. Valentine's Day, Daddy and mouse were exchanging sexy text messages about our plans for the evening. We hadn't played much. The anticipation seemed to bubble up in mouse and she shared some with her followers on Twitter. Then Daddy sent a text saying we'd have to put off our plans. Something quite unavoidable came up and he'd be working later than normal at work, then more work at home later. Naturally, she replied at once that she received and understood. But then she took her frustrations to Twitter.

What she wrote wasn't horrible, but it was sarcastic but mostly openly venting her frustrations over the change of plans...

Daddy saw the Twitter messages and wasted no time reeling in mouse. After ordering her to put in the large plug and apologize for airing her frustrations. He never once invalidated her feeling sad but only wished she had expressed it properly. Of course she could have expressed feeling sad to her friends and followers -- but the sarcasm and anger wasn't the right thing to do. He saw it, even if no one else did -- but he's known mouse for too long. There's not a movement or gesture she could hide from him. To him she's completely transparent. We read each other well -- we know all too well, what it means privately when mouse looks at him and mutters "whatever," or "wow." He knows what she's saying -- if she's being respectful or otherwise.

Sometimes it's hard tho for mouse to keep her tongue in her head and not flap it around. What she most often forgets that Daddy is far more proper and refined and intensely private. He has high expectations for his mouse!

It's best that mouse keeps that in mind. When he got home, he had mouse remove the large plug. We discussed the issue as he ate dinner and later had mouse sit quietly for the remainder of the evening. In the end it wasn't a huge incident. There wasn't a punishment. There was a correction or change in attitude. Wearing the large plug forced her to remember that she does belong to him, and with every movement she felt that submission very clearly. By bedtime the matter was forgotten completely.

Valentine's Day morning, as always mouse made heart-shaped everything (including eggs benedict for Daddy). He shook his head seeing the plate. The bread was punched in the shape of heart, as was the salmon -- Daddy doesn't do canadian bacon or ham.

For Dinner we had steak (not heart shaped), with some asparagus...but dessert was a nice heart-shaped red velvet cake (mostly for the kids -- Daddy can't do sweets much).

After kids were in bed, Daddy bound mouse's wrists and had his way with her! OH that was fun!

All in all a good day!


  1. Gosh, my mom always used to do a heart-shaped cake on Valentine's Day ... which I had completely forgotten until I read that!
    Thanks for the sweet reminder, miz mouse. :-)

    And I'm glad the little slip of the digital tongue was corrected easily enough that it was still a wonderful day for you both.

    1. slip of digital tongue....Absolutely LOVE that!


  2. Oh i get this. I know i can be terribly sarcastic and yeah sometimes its intentional, i also know its not very "ladylike" as the bossman puts it.

    My problem is i dont think before i speak and often that spills over into my writing but i also will admit that yes sometimes what i write is aimed in a particular direction...and he sees through that, although its not necessarily aimed at him.

    We recently had a heated discussion about how i respond to posts, situations etc to the point he refused to allow me to contribute further on this particular discussion/post....and i was livid..i do not like being censored.

    It took me a while on reflection to realise that it wasnt that he didnt want me to have a voice but it was how i expressed myself that was the problem, he didnt like my 'attitude', and my opinions/behaviour to a certain extent reflect on him.

    I do think though i do well at times to keep my tongue still coz sometimes i really really want to say exactly what i think.....and i dont...because it would more than likely cause offence.

    Your Valentines day sounded wanderful, we didnt mark it any way..didnt even get sex!! and i can confirm that chocolate does not in any way compensate for it even if it is delicious handmade chocolate..and that was bought for me by my dad!


    1. A good friend gifted mouse a tin of wine infused chocolate truffles. Guess she made them -- totally want to recipe.

      (can't imagine how great they could be with a better quality wine and chocolate says snobbish mouse).

      But yes, they certainly know us don't they? The sarcasm was totally missed by others but he zeroed in on it like a lion sees the young limping zebra.

      And yes, had mouse simply said it to him..he would have responded that it is what it is or what can you do?


  3. Ahhh the infamous "whatever", it's sort of like saying "F you".

    Whatever has now become banned from my vocabulary, I did try replacing it with "uh huh" but he caught on pretty quick to that as well.

    1. LOL Oh yes...and wow translated can mean "are you that dumb?"

      And yes he knows these little tricks we use....

      Just recently he said something and mouse replied, "whatever," and he said "What was that?"

      "What ever you wish Daddy." mouse replied brightly. It didn't really work, from the glare mouse received did pass.


  4. mouse,
    one of the hardest things for me in a D/s exchange is having to hold my tongue. I can have a sharp mouth and although I have learned to control it, for the most part, it can get the better of me and I know from hearing others as well as reflecting on myself it is not pretty when sarcasm and petulance takes over. Still, I believe this is why I have a personal hand written journal that only I ever read. Not even Master reads it, he has granted me that privilege because I want a place to vent without repercussions. On those pages I may say anything without restriction because only my eyes will read it. I am a private person, contrary to the fact that I have an on-line journal and I do share a great deal there but not everything. I try to keep not so pleasant feelings aside, ones near to my heart because I do not wish to expose my life, mine or Masters imperfections with the world, especially when I am feeling hot tempered. For me I think I would be a lost girl if I did not have that outlet. I would be bottled up with anger and that would eventually spill out into my relationship with the one I Love.

    We all have our own ways of expressing disappointment. I hope you find a way to share yours that is acceptable but also not limited.

    Much warmth,

    1. Dear ~cockdoll,

      How timely your message. I suggested that mouse return to keeping a private journal where these missives can be properly contained, however she appeared rather dismissive. Perhaps now, seeing a fellow "sister" give credence to the thought, mouse might be still and consider it.


    2. Oh yes definitley in support of a private journal (sorry mouse) i find it useful when i want to get my thoughts down that perhaps in the public forum might cause upset/controversy, or i simply dont want opinions or other thoughts, its more personal...and the bonus is he doesnt ever need to censor it because its private..he might not like what i write and its discussed but it brings up 'issues' that he feels needs addressing.

      Its mostly about personal things between us that i need to get down or vent that i wouldnt feel comfortable doing on my blog.

      well as you can tell i natter on a lot! [smiley face]

  5. Glad things got better


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