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Monday, April 29, 2013

Tell Me What You See

It's hard to write when you don't know what to say. Daddy's been busy with work lately, so there hasn't been much playtime. It's a lot of routine of late, each morning waking Daddy with her mouth on him. Warming his towel, setting out his shaving things and watching him. Making breakfast for her family -- tho she wishes we could all eat together instead of feeling like we're running a restaurant.  It's just the schedule right now...It will improve in a few years, we hope.  

It's all very routine...errands, gym, cleaning, cooking dinner.

Sometimes it's exhausting keeping the house quiet when he's home working in the evenings. Daddy never complains. He will ask mouse to stop hovering over him, and it's hard because it's only done to try to please him. The hovering can get annoying -- trying to anticipate his needs.

The truth is maybe, when he becomes super busy, mouse starts to feel neglected a little...left out...

Going to bed alone is kinda hard -- but when Daddy does come to bed, he pulls mouse close to him (of course she's awake -- or sleeping light enough so waking is easy) and we make love. That's the nicest part of the day that time when we can, for a short time, reconnect with each other. We talk after but it's light talk...he's exhausted so it's not the time to throw the world's problems at him. No, it's time to snuggle into his arms and feel loved.

In a few hours it begins again.

There are times though, mouse will try to shake things up...wiggling her rear or flashing him suggestively. Yea, begging and pleading for Daddy to give mouse some good smacks on her rear end. It doesn't escape him -- he gets it.

The other day mouse stuck this post in the draft folder and Daddy noticed it at once. He read it and validated everything mouse wrote. Still mouse felt the need to clarify her thoughts. Does mouse feel neglected? No -- not really at all. His focus is on work and family. There is no one else usurping or causing his energies to be divided in anyway. So when his attentions are focused not on work there's only us left and that's very nice.

As a family we all have our own needs and agendas. Still he does a magnificent job of meeting most of those needs. Now, here's where mouse becomes pouty -- not really but yeah. It makes mouse actually feel guilty for feeling that way.

For something that happens each year, you'd think mouse would be used to it. You'd think mouse would be able to just go with the flow and submit to it. Yet, she balks at it. Part of her does want to act out, to stomp her foot to get his attention -- to be naughty and earn a punishment.

Why is it so difficult to just ask?

The other day, mouse changed the title of this post and put it back into the draft folder. Ending it with the question, which Daddy read.

The following morning Daddy laid out mouse's clothing for the day. Sexy stuff underneath the most conservative shell. He pulled out the firm medium plug, lube and instructed mouse to bend over and deftly slid it into place. Then he watched her dress.

When he presented mouse with her list of chores, he added 'being still' to the list. He also scrawled what he wanted for the evening meal. For the next several hours every movement reminded mouse that she belonged to Daddy. That evening, long after the house was settled, Daddy had mouse lift her skirt and lean across his desk.

He warmed mouse up with his hand, before switching to the belt -- when he knew mouse was mentally lost in that place...well mouse isn't entirely sure but she thinks he stopped. Do remember vaguely sucking him -- more strongly though, mouse recalled the sense of being contained and the crying....the relief of just letting go. And just being allowed to "be."

The following days Daddy maintained those feelings in mouse and admitted he was enjoying our special time together more than he realized. It provided him with a worthwhile break from his own thoughts. He did explain it to mouse, but she wasn't in a place to really focus on his words. When she was -- he replied that it's just good for both of is.

And when she looked into his eyes, what she really saw was him.

Song Selection: Tell Me What You See


  1. It sounds like you both got to let go into each other. That is really wonderful and i'm glad you were able to reconnect. :)


    1. Thanks Jade! It is nice when it works out.


  2. you are so good for him mouse. He needs you to remind him that life isn't all work. ;)
    this post reminds me of me mouse. I think our men need reminding now and then.
    hugs mouse,

  3. Why is it so hard to just ask? I struggle so much with that. For me I struggle with the insecurity of 'what doesn't go well...he doesn't have time'...the rejection tends to get in the way of my asking.

    Glad to see you make the time for one another though and can reconnect even when things are busy.



    1. If you figure it put please let mouse know the secret! It's so hard at times!


      This is why blogging is so wonderful, it lets mouse know that she's not alone.


  4. Every time I come here mouse, I end up crying! This is lovely. And I completely understand the feelings. I crave Daddy's Dominance so much at times. We all have our ways, and sometimes the asking is hard, but I think you did a most excellent job of communicating your need for his Dominance and the freedom of submission to him.


    1. Yep June! And mouse feels the same way when she goes to your blog!

      We're lucky ladies!

      Love and hugs

  5. My husband works at home. I hover, wondering if can get him anything, and usually he's deep in thought and not wanting to be disturbed. Sounds great having him at home, but it is also lonely; there but not there. I have to imagine he's not there when he's working. However, when's he finished he there's for me. I'm glad you find your time together, it's important to find that time.

    1. The hovering is hard not to do! And you're right it's very important to find time.

  6. Oh mouse so much here i can relate hmm yes i find that i know when he is busy its when he most needs me to be 'good' and to make things easier for him, but its not always easy...the last time he was really really busy and distracted and i wanted his attention i went off and had my hair chopped off without permission....went from being right down to ass to just off the shoulder....yeah well when i do defiant i do it big time lol...(not that im proud of that)...he threatened to shave me bald in a really horrible mind-fuck!

    Asking is hard, but i try to focus on that he would rather i ask than to let something eat away at me (which i have a habit of doing) and get out of hand.

    that feeling of just 'being' when nothing matters is a wanderful place to be.


    1. Holy tori. Yes when you do defiant you really do go all the way. The minute I heard you say cut..without permission my jaw dropped and I actually felt my stomach sink. You were a brave(?) one to return home. I am happy for you that you did not end up with no hair. Yikers. ~cockdoll

    2. I would say stupid rather than brave lol

      I sound really bad i guess. Although i have to say for the most part i am good, i dont have an excuse other than that yes it was full on acting out (seeking attention), the thing is as i was on my home, i sat in the car crying my eyes out because i knew he would be disappointed more than anything else...he loved my long hair.

      and gosh yes im happy he didnt follow through with shaving me bald, but in that moment of torment i was so convinced he was going wont be something i would do again!

    3. Loved your comments tori and good girl! This was wonderful!

      Thank you both for adding your own distinctive voices!

      Much much love,

  7. I think it's hard to ask because then it wouldn't be much of a punishment. Don't you want it to be against your will? Don't you want him to force on you something you don't want? Seems to me that's how the dynamic works much of the time. If you are really naughty, you can earn a real punishment, not a fake one, and that is so much more satisfying.

    1. This has been hard to answer, but mouse tried to address it in a recent blog post called "Comments"

      Guess there is a time for pushing and a time for just waiting for mouse to catch up to him.

      Not sure if that makes sense but thank you for the comment because it's really made mouse think!

      Hugs and <3,


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