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Monday, September 23, 2013

The Funny, The Bad and the Lovely

Part 1
The Funny

The kids were out of the house by 5pm. Daddy said to have some candles lit (it was Shabbat after all), but said mouse shouldn't worry about cooking. But he had very specific ideas for mouse. He said he'd be home a little later than usual, but not to worry. He wanted mouse wearing her black corset bra, garter, hose and black strappy stilettos (the ones that make mouse terribly unsteady on her feet -- and possibly could give her nose bleeds) and kneeling by the door. Arms behind her back. Pearls around her neck...

So mouse went into back yard earlier in the day and stole the last of the late blooming roses off the bushes...

Somehow she thought kneeling on some rose pedals would be sweet. Took a nice soak the tub, put her hair up...used the perfume Daddy likes. Totally rocked the smokey eye look. Jazz on the iPod. Soon it was time for mouse to get into position. Daddy sent a text for mouse...5 minutes from home....he said he picked up dinner.

Bottle of wine chilling in the fridge...yanno just in case.

Sprinkled the rose pedals and settled rather indelicately (thank goodness there were no witnesses to that mess) onto her knees (seriously those shoes threw off mouse's center of gravity). Trying to look serene. Demure..getting into that fantasy slave headspace. Hands behind her back... When...

Old man dog came over -- thinking mouse wanted to play. He brought her toys and bounced around playing...

Attracting the attention of the newer stoic guard dog, who (and she's totally not shitting you) stuck his wet nose to mouse's butt and made her jump. Old man dog decided rose petals were tasty and began eating them.

It was horrifying.

Next time we send the dogs to the kennel.

Daddy walked through the door to find mouse shooing dogs and yelling . And standing.

Not the picture of slavery.

He said he wondered how mouse would manage the dogs.

He put the food in the kitchen, and returned.. He lifted mouse's head and kissed her forehead, saying she tried. Then he herded the dogs into the sun room. And ordered mouse to her knees.


She barely made it up and down the first time. Daddy snorted a laugh.
He said he needed to gather a few things, maybe mouse could manage it before he returned.

This was a lesson in humility. Or something like that.

As she lumbered forcing her knees to bend the right way and choking down her fears of falling on her face.

The second time was easier...and mouse sincerely hoped he wouldn't make her get up. Crawling is can crawl.

He returned and walked around mouse..tis-tisking her.

The fuck?
The riding crop came down on her hand.
Placed her hands behind her back.
Did you light the candles?
The house was dark..
Yes mouse forgot and totally can't blame the dogs.
"No Daddy sorry."
Daddy, slave?"
Ok that got mouse's heart thumping
"No Master, sorry forgot all about it."
"Stick out your tongue slave."

He attached a mouse trap to mouse's tongue. Surprisingly it really didn't hurt much, he placed it gently and didn't let it snap...but talking was impossible. Closing her mouth was impossible and soon mouse was drooling.

Rules for the weekend he explained while walking around her. No more clothing than what she had on now, except....

He took out a corset. All mouse could think was oh crap.

He told mouse to stand.

He did help her. Then said the shoes, although lovely, were a problem and wouldn't be needed. He took them off her feet.

He cinched the corset super freaking tight. He took the pearls from around her neck, saying he had other plans for slave's throat. He put placed a length of rope around her neck. Leather cuffs mouse didn't know we still had.

He ordered mouse to lay on the dining room table!

More tomorrow....


  1. Ohhhh....clapping...clapping and smiling in anticipation!

  2. But tomorrow is so far away.

    And yes those dogs problems have happened to us too...less the roses which was pretty hysterical.

  3. Sounds like the start of an amazing weekend. I can't wait to hear more.

    And laughing hard at the dogs. I can only imagine -- our is like having another kid sometimes.

  4. mouse,
    oh you delicious tease. ;)

  5. Wait... don't stop now!!! And total props for not falling on your face in the heels. I love wearing tall high heels, the taller the better, but I would be flat on my face or on my bum if I tried such a thing.

  6. I know i shouldnt have probably laughed but i did chuckle...although your getting your revenge for making us wait lol

    ps my curiosity about mousetraps has waivered since your description!


  7. Oh, Mouse! I wish you had lit the candles and been in position, however, this is looking like it will be a lovely read for us, and a weekend for you sure to make the rest of us a little jealous.

  8. mouse,

    Funny and erotic all at the same time. I am looking forward to part two.


  9. Totally taking the easy way out and just sending a group hug to eveyone who commented!

    Thanks everyone.



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