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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Walking Collar

Daddy walked through the door yesterday evening and enjoyed a simple meal. He had time to catch up with the family, while mouse cleaned up.  Daddy was reading in his study when mouse quietly entered and asked if there was anything he needed.

"I need to see your corset" he said rather matter of fact way of his..

Slowly mouse removed her sweater and unbuttoned the blouse for him. Instantly, mouse was aflame and quivering, when he stood and lifted her skirt feeling her bottom. There's really something about being exposed and open to him. Even though it's our home, the study door is closed, kids are in bed...don't know...there's a hint of danger. Or maybe naughtiness about it all. Standing behind mouse, he placed his hand on her back, forcing her forward a little and his hands fondled her sex with electric precision sending a wave of pleasure through her. He made mouse lick his fingers and hand clean of her moisture. He removed the blouse and touched her nipples.

Then she saw the barbells, she used to wear before and heard him say it was time for them to return. The nipples had only partially closed, so a firm push and they went though without much resistance. It wasn't as painful as when she first had them done, but it did smart a lot.

In a few months the rings will be back with some new ideas no doubt from him.


  1. Have you fully adjusted/got used to the corset now mouse?

    so jealous, i desperately want my nipples pierced but every time i ask i get "perhaps in time"!


    1. Pretty much adjusted, or at least mouse was adjusted now we've switched to the under bust kinds...and it's been a new adjustment. Sometimes it's true mouse just doesn't want to deal with it at all.

      The nipples hurt like a son of a bitch when we got them done and we've done piercing play.

      The biggest issue is the healing time involved. Roughly 6 months.

  2. Oh wow, mouse - I can imagine it was a bit ouchy, but balances by your Master's hands doing the pushing...amazing!

    So, Sir has mentioned getting my nipples pierced. Can you share your experience...healing time, any issues with sensitivity or drawbacks? Thank you!!


    1. Getting them done initially hurt. They remained very tender for a long time after...then as they began to heal it wasn't so bad. The biggest issue for mouse was (aside from the more obvious) this feeling of being exposed. You've got to be more cautious about what you wear so that they don't show through the fabric.

      Once we switched to rings (we did after about 4 months), they were less noticeable. But in mouse's case her nipples are always hard and in cold weather they can become a bit painful.

      It takes around 6 months to heal so it's a long time to go without any nipple play.

      We anticipate since the holes were technically still there -- just either tighter or beginning to fill in, a month of barbells and then we'll switch back to rings maybe. Then maybe another month of those and he can decide where to go from there.

  3. Gosh what a sexy post mouse - I never knew you had your nipples pierced, but how super hot! ava x

  4. Daddy had me wear a corset the other day and I must say I liked it a lot. It was an adjustment having my movements hampered and shoveling snow in this tundra we're in was a little...different. But I noticed how it made me more aware. I felt more feminine, more his (if that's possible).

    I also want my nipples pierced, but Daddy said that there's no way he will leave them alone long enough for them to heal...dang it!


    1. That's a major sticking point for many...the time it takes for them to heal properly.

      The corset, yes mouse is slowly getting used to it more, with a few bumps in the road but over all actually likes it.

  5. Sir has hinted a few times he wants my nipples pierced... How bad is it to have done? How does sensitivity change and healing?
    How is it to wear the corsets after having the baby?
    I plan to start wearing them again after our little one is born

    1. The baby's 2 now. So the corsets aren't that big an issue. Would totally recommend waiting a while. We really didn't use corsets much after the baby...Or really before...

      It wasn't bad to have hurt a whole lot.

      It's kinda like having your ears pierced except wider..There are odd sensations like itchiness and feeling very tender and yes super sensitive.

      Hope that helps

  6. Mouse:
    I adored this post. Something about the fluidity of your words here, made me smile softly as I read. Happy 2014!

    1. Oooh Thanks and Happy 2014 to you as well.

  7. I love your posts...even this one sea in the outside so sweet and lovely...and it is! But oh so sexy too! Thank you for writing!

  8. I love your posts...even this one sea in the outside so sweet and lovely...and it is! But oh so sexy too! Thank you for writing!

  9. By the way? I have to admit the title..."walking Collar" had me thinking something entirely different from what I read.


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