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Monday, January 5, 2015

Pretty Please with Sugar on It

Good Morning friends it's really good to be back! As mouse wrote in her last post of 2014, Daddy surprised her by whisking her away following the big holidays. The very best part, it was just the two of us, with the kids and animals ferried off to relatives. It was wonderful since everything was still all Christmas-like. We stayed at a nice hotel and is it terrible to say we hardly left the room the first night? Maybe because of the travel or excitement, or whatever mouse felt snippy and snapped at him more than once.

He wasted no time, once we unpacked correcting mouse with his belt across her bare bottom. After, he had her stand in the corner of the room, with her skirt hiked up. In the privacy of his study, or our bedroom it's not a huge issue for mouse, but in this strange place, it made mouse embarrassed. Throbbing rear, which had to be so bright red, he could read by it. What if's played in her mind. Things like what if room service showed up or housekeeping came to bring more towels, pillows or turn down the bed (did they even do that anymore) and the humiliation of the moment filled her. Other thoughts also entered her mind, like what if they did show up? Would they even notice or care and finally wouldn't it be kinda hot? Trying to maintain some level of composure mouse pretended to study the paint on the wall.

Was that a knock? No, it was Daddy placng a glass on the table, but he chuckled noticing mouse jump a little. He clucked praise for holding her position, still mouse felt somewhat mortified, put in her place and aroused all at the same time. Confusing? Very the raw mix of emotions.

Eventually the punishment concluded and he instructed mouse to kneel, marking the spot with the toe of his shoe. He hadn't said she could lower her skirt so she simply let it puddle on the floor. The heat from her rear coupled with the coolness of her feet made her shift a little. Eventually room service did show up, with a tray of food, which Daddy had them leave by the door, and they were followed by housekeeping, where he took the extra towels, pillows and blanket. Noone saw anything untoward.

Then he arranged the food on the small table by the window, and sat down to eat. He tapped his thigh to call mouse to him like a dog and fed her from his fork while she remained on the floor. Once Daddy was sure there'd be no more interruptions, he told mouse to undress and return to that spot on the floor as he continued to cut up bits of food and feed her. He didn't speak.

Later he again took his belt her to body, and pulled out of his suitcase his riding crop. The angry welts rose quickly as he marked her flesh, ignoring the muffled cries from mouse. No part was deemed too tender for the crop, and mouse buried herself into a pillow to let tears flow. The change in her whole demeanor however was profound, and quite lasting.

We did venture out to sightsee, meet up with friends and eat some amazing food.

New Years Eve, mouse was thoroughly pampered, bruised and ready for the night. Hair was in a up-do, little black dress, black pumps, silk stockings (the kind with a line up the back) garter and corset. Daddy looked quite dapper in his tux. We went to a fabulous restaurant with some fantastic friends and then back to the hotel, where we drank, ate, and danced (yes Daddy danced) the night away.

Seriously, mouse became quite tipsy. Slutty mouse came out, as she always does when alcohol is added. Daddy didn't mind it (for once).

Then he whispered to mouse, just about 30 minutes to midnight, "I want you to finger your clit while I fuck you."

With wide eyes mouse moved quickly toward the elevator doors. We got back to the hotel room and didn't pause to undress, he just lifted the back of mouse's dress. He slapped her rear and said to finger her clit. When he entered her, mouse was already ready to orgasm and begging for it. It was fast, furious and full of lust. It was surprising how quickly it all happened. Still there was something fun about it.

We had just rejoined the party as the revelers counted town to 2015. He was as calm and cool as James Bond, but mouse looked like she'd been fucked. We returned to our friends and enjoyed the rest of the evening, with more dancing, more drinking and honestly mouse doesn't know what else.

The next morning however, o m g, the hangover was tremendous. Both of us were hurting. Daddy ordered room service which took forever (honestly we have no clue how long it took, but it really did feel like days). Meanwhile we're sitting in the empty bathtub, because it felt good with towels. There's a reason neither of us drink that much (and so many different things Oy!), anymore.

We stayed in the room with the do not disturb, hanging on the door until Friday morning, when it was finally time to check out and fly back to reality. Our flight was good, the drive home, thankfully long, Daddy didn't pull off or detour, which was a bit surprising to mouse. We ran errands downtown, reality really setting in, we dropped our clothes at the dry cleaners and went grocery shopping for the first Friday dinner of the new year. Then we finally hurried home, and mouse began cooking, ran the washer (thankfully the housekeeper had already been there so the house was clean) and later showered. Kids came home and hugs were handed out. Just 24 hours earlier and we were so hung over we could barely move after a super fun New Years Eve party. And now here we were dropping off the dry cleaning and shopping for dinner at Whole Foods.

Then it hit mouse, a whole new year had just started that will be full of new adventures for us. Our only resolution is to live well, which means for mouse finally kicking a few bad remaining bad habits.

Friday night, dinner, family returned, some stories were shared of our adventure and Saturday was blissfully quiet. Saturday night began the whole going through everything to see what was needed for Monday. Meals had to be planned for the week. A myriad of things to plan for -- it felt overwhelming mostly since it felt like it was all left to the last minute. Still there's a calm in our house that's very nice -- for now. Soon, kids will be grumbling, Daddy will be down trying to seem chipper but quiet, it's a Monday after all and who likes those? Especially ones that fall all too heavily after more than a week off.


  1. Happy New Year! So happy your back I am a lurker who loves your blog

  2. Welcome back mouse! Sounds as if you had a lovely New Year celebration and kicked off 2015 on the right foot. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

  3. Happy New Year mouse and Omega. Blessings for a healthy and full year. :)

  4. What a lovely way to start the year! May it be a beautiful year for you and your sweet family:)


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