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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Newbie Tuesday: Slavery

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This is more an opinion post than a "How To Guide" for the would be slave. The subject is something very close to mouse's heart. It bears repeating again, know the character of the person you offer yourself to. Make certain you are sure that you don't only want the collar but the person who you'll be bound to. Make sure you like them enough to spend a good deal of time becoming their idea of perfection. Slavery isn't about fulfilling your own ego. It is about being what they would choose, not always what you would have for yourself.

On the surface, it sounds very eligant does it not? Just simply learn to button your lip, turn off all your emotions and become a doormat.  It can be that simple but for a few women it's how they wish to live their lives. To them it is intoxicating to be under their Master's control. It's not about having your spirit broken. It's about becoming more than you thought you could handle. Instead of being at the top of the heap in your Master's life, you might be somewhere in the middle or even at the bottom. While you might give your power to another, they build your confidence and in many ways set you free. It takes great confidence to remain silent when you know a wrong turn has been made. To trust they will correct the course. In their own time. To know, by their guidance when to speak up and when to remain still. While still understanding that even if you are technically right, if they think you're wrong, then you're wrong. 

Slavery is not for the faint of heart, its not about making them perfect or into the ideal Dominant. It's augmenting them. it's a symbiotic existence between Master and slave, rather like a dance. They might test your submission, only because they've been let down in the past by pretenders. People who thought this was what they wanted only to learn later their own expectations were ill-aligned. That can be disastrous on both sides of the power exchange. Both are wounded.

Honestly is a prime ingredient. Without that nothing will be accomplished. If the Dominant's interest has faded, they should have the integrity to let the slave under them know. The same is true for the slave who, after a while might desire more than the Dominat can provide. This isn't failure, to be clear it's learning. We never stop doing that. However if you are an unhappy slave because your dominant isn't the dominant you thought he was, you might want to take a closer look at why you thought that to begin with. A slave has no expectation to anything. If you can't accept that then maybe you should rethink "slavery" as being for you. 

Love, however isn't really needed. It sounds odd coming from mouse, since she is over-the-moon in love with Omega. Some dynamics are really built on many things. But love isn't needed. The slave might feel "love" for the Master, but it's not returned -- at least in the same way. He might not ever express that kind of affection for his propery. For us, mouse and Omega do love each other, but he admits freely our relationship is different than anything he's had in the past.

Consent is a huge issue that really shouldn't be downplayed or ignored. In many dynamics consent is offered and reestablished each time there is deepening of submission. Often, as with mouse it's a silent process. Omega usually doesn't want to remind mouse that she has consented to his slave. Once that happened, mouse was left more or less at his mercy. Bound by his good judgement, character and vow to never do anything to cause intentional physical or mental harm and mouse holds him to that.

Now we all know "slavery" isn't exactly legal. Some might feel that because of that what we have must be fantasy. Slavery is a huge commitment and in a sense ongoing submission without conditions. That sounds scary but it's the true nature of a power exchange. You give your power to another. They have authority over you. They decide what you do and even how you do it and to some it's irresistible.  


julie said...

What a wonderful post and for this girl it is something that rings so true. She is near the beginning of her slave journey, but trusting that the right decision has been made and knowing that this girl has the love of her Master she feels ready for whatever life brings along. Helped, this girl must say, by blogs like this one. Hoping you are all having a wonderful vacation.

Roz said...

Very well said and thought provoking post Mouse.


Anonymous said...

Very well written. This was something i needed to read, to understand more of what i've really gotten myself into. Thank you mouse