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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Fistful

While our temperatures were mild we noticed it seemed to take longer for the real fall colors to come out, so mouse went searching on google for some. Since the huge correction mouse received last Thursday, things have Improved. There's been a positive shift in her mindset.

It doesn't stop her from being mouse at times. During Daddy's morning service, mouse nipped at the tip of his penis, he wasn't amused and grabbed a fistful of her hair, guiding her to properly perform. After as she smiled at him he just pulled her close. We stayed like that for a few minutes but all too soon it was time to begin the day.

As mouse went about her daily chores, she did contemplate her recent punishment. The things he said before it. How he will hold mouse accountable -- just as he holds himself accountable. There's no fear in her over the punishment she'll receive tomorrow. While she's not looking forward to it, it does work better for us when we both fulfill our promises.

This morning while drivng through a school zone, mouse noticed she was speeding -- really she was just keeping up with traffic flow and didn't pay attention. No, she didn't get a ticket, but it did give her pause (and made her slow down). The rules are to be followed, whether someone is watching or not. How easy is it to follow the flow and even innocently forget the rule?


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