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Friday, January 1, 2016


Happy New Year! Can you believe it's now 2016? Our celebration was simple this year. Small bites, some cocktails, a few friends and lots of laughter. When the last guest had finally left, and the last glass was loaded into the dishwasher, Daddy whispered to mouse that this would be a year of exciting changes for us.

Then he led his slave upstairs, undressed her, he thoroughly examined her body and used her, taking his time. He took out his strap and marked her body as his. It felt complete, almost surreal. Everything mouse could ever ask for. It's like he's the answer to the question that mouse never really thought to ask.

It was made very clear that mouse's body is solely for his enjoyment. As he spoke the words, out loud, direct, without beating around the bush, made her warm and wet. He expressed perfectly his desires and knew that mouse agreed. How could she not?

We've been moving slowly in this direction for a long time now, looking backward it seems clear. Evident. Simple. The past few months he's observed a calm, secure, completely at ease mouse and it's all because of him. The comfort and mental freedom of slavery. The lack of fear and worry that something is wrong.

The mindfulness, the keeping on task and finding pleasure in all those dull things we all must do each day. A renewal.

All this has been said many times before, with him slowly pushing mouse forward on our journey. Each time, was left thinking, 'well this is's all perfect now.' Perfection of this kind is never achieved. He will forever ask more of our relationship, he will change things at his whim and he knows that mouse will always follow him.


  1. Happy 2016! There's always further, more progress that we can make, yes?

    I wish you guys all the best for the upcoming year.

  2. he's the answer to the question that mouse never really thought to ask... love this!
    Happy New Year to you and Omega
    hugs DF

  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR! mouse and family. I look forward to reading about your deepening slavery with Omega. How brave you are to live your life on your own terms. I bow down in admiration.

  4. This sounds awesome Mouse :) Happy New Year to you, Omega and family. Wishing you a wonderful 2016.


  5. "he's the answer to the question that mouse never really thought to ask"

    I love this too! Your thoughts are so beautifully expressed.

  6. Happy New Year to you both. :-)

  7. Awesome Mouse. Wishing you both peace, prosperity and happiness in 2016.

    Happy New Year.


  8. I don't get why your daddy isn't punishing you for not blogging?

    1. the past he'd learn about what was going on with mouse by reading the blog. Recently there's been a shift where mouse expresses what she feels to him before thinking or considering it for blogging.

  9. Happy New Year! It was so nice to hear what a wonderful place you are in. I hope sometime I can be this happy too.

  10. Thank you for answering mouse!
    I thought you had to blog a certain amount for your Master no?
    We do miss your posts..

  11. Happy New Year mouse!!
    I can hardly believe it's 2016, these last 6-7 years have flown by!
    Big hugs honey, I think 2016 will be a wonderful year.
    <3 mg


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